Three Things in Life #22

Like a tree, it thrives with soil, water, and sunshine, not the fear, doubt, and worry. Like us, we thrive with our dreams not doubt, hope not worry, courage not fear!
Like a tree, it thrives with soil, water, and sunshine, not the fear, doubt, and worry. Like us, we thrive with our dreams not doubt, hope not worry, courage not fear!

22. Three greatest stumbling blocks to success

  1. fear
  2. doubt
  3. worry

The greatest stumbling blocks to personal victory, to awesome success and a wonderful life are fear, doubt and worry. There is a saying those who hesitate lose. Fear draws you to defeat. Doubt causes wrong action and worry bothers you for nothing. Fear, its opposite is courage, there are degrees of courage, being fearless is the zenith of courage. True courage vanish fear just as light wipes out darkness. To some courage is not the absence of fear but the control of fear. Fear must not be the one that should control your life. Understand your predicament, question your fear and most of it, it boils to fear of rejection, and of failure. Therefore have courage is not only face fear but eliminate it totally. Do not focus on rejection, focus on success. Doubt is standing between the right and wrong action. It is like between hot and cold. Lukewarm, no great business sells lukewarm coffee, tea, or soda and juice. It’s either hot or cold. Have the audacity to take decision. Right or wrong is out of the picture. We lose and we win. But the bottom line is the confidence and trust to take a choice and know that everything will be alright. Worry is the lingering thing that pest our mind daily. Without worry people can’t live. People look for something to worry. Worry in our mind is ten times worse that the reality of what you are worrying about. In fact God said do not worry… These three are the stumbling block to success. Concentrate on thing you must do. Focus on the action plan and the solution, deliberate, assess, analyse and act immediately. Do not let the day finish without carrying out your action plan once you decide to do it. The best way is to focus on solution never give your attention to fear, doubt and fear. Be strong and brave ask wisdom, guidance and deliverance in your prayers. Pray truthfully and believe the Lord is with you. I had an interview for my job in one of the biggest private companies in the gulf. I got anxious while waiting for my turn and I had an appointment in my present job of that time. My anxiety was in fact a combination of worry, fear and doubt. Fear because I may not pass the interview so it’s useless to stay longer and so I thought. Doubt that I would not be able to deliver and impressed the interviewers the way I envisioned it to be and worry that this was just another exercise in futility. I actually decided to leave because of all these reasons plus the fact that I have never waited that long in my life for an interview. While I was about to go the secretary called my name and told me that I am next and has to prepare. Adrenaline surged up and immediately I prepared myself mentally. And the rest is history. I spent more than two decades already and counting. God bless this company. I reckoned my DFW did not present itself when I started focusing on my incoming interview. My mental preparation was that I will be accepted in this job because it is fitted in every way to my qualification, skills, talent and experience. This is what happened in the absence of doubt, fear and worry.

All our life we are tortured every day because of the presence of these three to a varying degree, depending on how you approach life, how you look at life and your conviction and awareness that these are the culprits of our self-realization. We are always challenged with these three. The Lord said, ‘do not fear just believe’, he said, do not worry and he said why should we doubt to paraphrase what he was trying to say to Saint Thomas the Doubter. St. Peter was so fearful that he denied the Lord Jesus Christ three times which The Lord had predicted he would do. How many if’s you might have asked now if you had resolved to erase these three pests in our life. The only way to erase them is to pray, have faith and act. Better still you must plan your action and act on your plan like there is no tomorrow. This is easy to say but all of us are probably guilty of these tentative attitude. There ways to eliminate the three of them besides the ones i have already

Fear is the image you put in your mind that is worse than the actual reality, false reality is only true existing in your imagination and more often than not there are nothing to fear about in the first place. It is our negativity we formulate that comes to life and start to scare you day in and day out. Fear is an illusion. Why people are successful, well appreciated because they combined the humility and boldness of being themselves yet giving their best shots. Even how mediocre is your best shot it is still the greatest performance of your life. When you give all of yourself with confidence, self-belief, positive attitude and faith in the goodness of life because God said let us pray to have His will here on earth as it is in heaven. Fear destroys the joy that you suppose to enjoy and soak into while you are still alive. Live your life to the fullest. Let fear be afraid of you. You are a believer be one in deed. Fear is the imagination that makes you feel there is something when there is nothing.

Worry is the brother of fear. Why worry of things we cannot control. The antidote is prayer, it gives us peace beyond the capability of anyone or anything for it is the peace given by God. In full honesty these three are constant and menacing. They attack us every minute.  

Doubt destroys the momentum of realizing your dream. As you desire and fully believe in your dreams, it will manifest by itself. There is the law of faith, if you believe you can move even mountains. We are only required to bear just a small faith and this can be requested thru prayers to the Lord. Faith is not the absence of doubt, fear and worry. It is the presence of that small faith that is bigger than the three (DFW). My journey in life is the power of faith. I am confident because I have faith in God that He will never leave me alone. With proper system in life all these DFW should be under control.

When you please God even your desires according to His will and ways will be given to you. Remember his ways and will is much better than our own. At any rate, God answers our prayers. Ask God to destroy in your heart these DFW permanently for nothing is impossible to God to do.   Remember these verses:

The three greatest stumbling blocks to success,

They are fear, doubt and worry nothing more nothing less.     (1188 words)


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