Three Things in Life # 46

46. Three greatest joys in life

  1. knowing the Lord
  2. love
  3. contentment

Some people looked at life as a story of sadness and grief punctuated once in a while by a passing joy. This is really sad. It should not be this way. Our mind, our soul and our spirit is more powerful than our challenges or circumstances. There is something in us a seed that comes from God which make men a creation above all creations. This include our power to change our circumstances. They said that to be born poor is not our mistake, to die poor, that is our mistake. In the same token to eliminate having a sad circumstances is beyond our school to resolve in teaching but what goes on in our heart and mind is under our control. This is the essence of choice. As my principle, I choose what is good, right and beautiful based on the will of God. The Lord does not give us a weak mind, or fear or hopelessness. He gives us faith that can change our mountain of sad circumstance into a mountain of joy and success. Believe God more than anyone who said you are nothing but a worthless dust. We are a shining dust that sparkles in the night to give beauty to where we are and defeat to darkness. We do not only aim for financial freedom, we aim to have joy in the Lord. If this is your choice, you are going to be truly successful. Success is not being famous even we are long time dead – success is being alive with God. Success is not about having splendid house, posh cars, money in the bank, a roomful of gold and priceless jewelry, art collections and so on. Success is living with peace, good friends, good health, loving harmonious family, with a faithful righteous heart and unbreakable faith in the living God. Success is not how high is your education, how beautiful your face or body is, how popular you are or how talented you are. Success is knowing the Lord which means you follow His will, you have love in your heart which means you do not do to other what you do not want to do to you, you do things like helping the poor, the downtrodden, the orphans, widows and the people in need and you do it with genuine love to humanity and you live with contentment being grateful and happy on things that you have without covetousness and ill will to others better than you. You simply do not see it that way. These are the greatest joys of life.

Knowing God means searching Him with all your heart, mind, soul, might and all that you have. You yearn for Him. You feel Him. You know Him because He knows you first. In fact all of us are known by the Lord. It is up to us to know Him. Go to where you can find Him. Go and help people who are needier than you. Create something that will glorify His name. Do not do any endeavor if it is without God in it. You want to sell food but to supply what is lacking among them with a very reasonable price. You put your price not to get profit alone but to understand that the cheaper you could give your products the more affordable it might be for poorer sector of our society. The more blessed you become the more charity you give. It is not about money it could be in kind, in anything you can give free which will help others to live and grow for the better. Knowing God is only when we do what He commands us to do. Love God with all you’re being. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is knowing God. It is not like daily news we know and we do nothing about. We do things when we know God. We do beautiful righteous and good things in His name glorifying Him. The more we do it, the more blessings come nearer to us. That is the more He comes nearer to us, the more joyful we will become in our heart. That is the greatest joy, to serve and follow God. God is Love, Righteous and all things that are wonderful. He is the light, the truth and everything our heart yearns.

The greatest joy is having the kind of love God has for us. You can pretend or somehow be happy without love but you will certainly be truly happy if you have God’s love. This is not the joy that will knock and visit your heart only, this is the joy that will stay in your heart forever. The love of God is eternal and when your love is the same, your joy will be endless. God’s love is the only way for true joy, nothing else. If we do not focus our mind and heart to what is the bottom line of life, we will be like the wave being tossed here and there not arriving or returning but always going to nowhere. Just believe in God and rejoice in your heart, follow His will and keep yourself away from negativity. People are in grave suffering because we desire wrong things. It is tragic. It is sad. We take our life all alone because we are selfish, we tend to go alone and we become depressed and without even comprehending the reason you went on to worse, you take temporary solutions anti-depressant, bad companies, vices and whatever pleasure or so called quick fix your hand can get into. You go down spiral to a trap that breaks not only the heart but the mind and the spirit. No wonder, whenever we go astray away from the real things in life like God and family we get worse than ever. Simply put find your way to joy to where you can find God for there the true love is. Love of God makes us brave, strong and filled with faith and hope. Soon all these gifts will fill you up for the gift of the Holy Spirit which comes from God are goodies; way and above better than chocolates and nuts. Love conquers all things. It is the best medicine for all sicknesses. It is the best source of our faith. It is the reason why the world is still on its axis. It is the cause why we are teeming with people and resources under our dominion. Keep the love alive, the love of God alive forever.

Contentment is the result of knowing God and having the Love of God. The combination of obeying God and the love of God is full contentment. Whether we have more or less, whether we are abundant or wanting, whether rich or poor or night or day. Or good or bad times. We are always contented. Contentment does not come from what we have in our hands, it is what we have in our heart. Contentment is applying the will of God without deceit or conceit. It must be pure and humble. Contentment goes hand in hand with the grace and blessings of God. No God’s servant go to street begging for food. In the first place, God can move us to do and to will and gain what is needed in life. First is the spiritual food, it is for free but requires faith and obedience while the physical food requires our labor before we get our physical food on the table. With dependence and faith in God. You will have it all. Contentment comes in the simplicity of life. Life is but transient, anyway. Contentment is not the presence of what you see, it is the presence of what you feel. It is not any target to attain, it is a lifestyle living in God’s way.

So let us understand the greatest joy of life. As you see it is not about the family members, the properties and all earthly possessions. It is not good looks, good social status or good body. It is not things you can touch. It is something that touches your heart- the touch of God. Thank God and praise God always.

The greatest joy in life

Is knowing God right

It is love that reside

From God, giving light

And contentment sits beside

Author: Florentino Cruz

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