3 Requirements for A Successful Entrepreneurship



The 3 requirements for successful entrepreneurship are imported must-read. They are easy to understand, no-nonsense guidelines to create and develop entrepreneurship specifically the online business on affiliate marketing, product reviews, and selling of your own products and services.

There is much popular entrepreneurship including Multi-Level Marketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Selling and Training, and tutorials for self Development among others.

Successful Entrepreneurship requires the same 3 requirements though it could be quite different if it is not Affiliate marketing or online business.

The best practices in Successful Entrepreneurship is in the course of actions that are realistic, definitive, and consistent.

So let us discuss first the online business in particular. Here we go.

Entrepreneurship needs micro-leadership and micromanagement.

Micro leadership, it is leading yourself to create results on your plans as you complete successfully your daily tasks consistently. To achieve better results, 3 requirements of successful entrepreneurship. We need to remember and understand these 3 requirements.

It is managing the specif details of every task and course of actions needed to succeed in Entrepreneurship. Management is how we resolve our daily tasks required for the achievement of targets.

In order to take action on your goals. You must have a SMART plan. You should have a clear set of targets on how much earnings do you want to achieve say in a year’s time? What is your mission in doing your goals? What is your vision? What are the objectives of your plans? How dynamic is your plan?

The most challenging is to lead oneself. It has to do with changing our paradigm on commitment, resolve, target, and results. In order to have a powerful journey towards your goal, you must simultaneously develop an effective and efficient three sets of effective tools. Namely:

1. Technical skillset

In our online business particularly here in our platform in WA, we need to develop all the necessary skill set on creating everything about a lucrative online business. The basics are how to create and how to apply the following:

1. Website

2. Landing pages, consistent posts

3. Keywords, content and relevant and engaging information on your chose niche

3. Effective writing

4. Blogging and vlogging

5. WP dashboard (which include images, videos, menus, widgets, plugins, social media, themes, etc.)

6. And we know we are just beginning after we learned the above skills and knowledge.

2. Effective work ethics.

We may have work ethics but we need effective ones. A lot of us have great work ethics, we are focus and we are consistent but there are more than being focused and consistent.

1. Daily Tasks – Things to do, we have to complete the daily tasks because this is your future. The small chains that add up towards the achievement of your goals.

2. Time -You must have enough time required to achieve your plan.

3. Re-assessment – the plan in order to be effective must have dynamism. If you have to change due to new-found incite or opportunities – change it by all means. This way you will have a more worthwhile journey in achieving you goals.

4. Taking the right and effective action. We may work hard but in vain. We need to know where our work is going and does it really add more value and is it the right course of action? The clearer the plan the straighter the journey towards the goals, the more assured its realization.

3. Applied good habits and the right values.

We cannot do it if we do not have these two mindsets and attitude

A. Good Habits. I personally consider the following good habits are important to stay more stable in the right course each day.

1. The habit of reading. A person in order to be on top of his niche should be updated with knowledge and current events on many areas of our lives including economic policies, opportunities, trends, and breaking news.

2. The habit of taking a break with the family. There is no meaning of getting your goals and not getting well with one another in the family. Family first after God.

3. The habit of continuous improvement. There is no point of doing things without innovation and creativity. We also need to assess our monthly performance. Where are we heading and what we are missing in the journey.

4. The habit of helping others. We are more committed when we help others. It is a daily joyful fulfillment when we know we have done good no matter how small it might be.

B. Right Values. We have to maintain the precious values in our character. While we may not possess some of them, we could develop them as one of our values when we practice them consistently for 21 days and after this it will be easier to maintain those positive habits. According to some experts on creating habits, 21 days. Personally, the values required for achieving maximum results in achieving our specific goals are:

1. Honesty -This is sometimes called transparency, it is the best policy.

2. Integrity – This is who you are when no one sees or knows what you are doing. It still carries GMRC – good manners and right conduct. It should fit to the criteria that whatever you do it should be good, right and beautiful.

3. Resilience – This is when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is when you are still standing when everyone gave up or are down.

4. Fortitude – This is like winners do not quit because quitters do not win. It is similar to resilience and patience. It is the ability to go on even when everything seems insurmountable.

5. Perseverance – This is what we say whatever it takes for the goal because you believe in it.

6. Courage – This is the fire within, the lion in our soul the ability to face squarely the ordeals.

7. Patience – This is self-control, understanding, wisdom, and going for extra mile rolled as 1.

8. Generosity – This is another word for giving, sharing, loving one another, at least for me.

9. Faith – This is the conviction and belief of knowing we are going to succeed.

10. Loyalty – This is called assurance, reliability, trust, and confidence

My friends, let us continue and remember why we are here on this platform. Prioritize your priorities and keep moving forward and upward. One of the best places to be is Wealthy Affiliate.com. This is where the above requirement can be developed. Immerse yourself with the same positive mindset.


We should take advantage of today’s technology. Use them to learn and earn to update and upgrade our skills and knowledge. There are a number of ways we could leverage the internet in creating income. The most important is to understand and improve our know-how in creating an effective website. Websites are by and large are the best investment to develop an online business. This is not as easy as it may seem. We need to Work Smart and Work Hard. Though we have all the free time it is not free to have a lucrative online business. We need to spend more effort and time to improve our level of expertise in this new relatively frontier. I predict that there will be at least a 200% increase in new websites in the immediate future than it is today.

Finally, Do your online business as if you are doing a traditional business. You should be ready to invest time in learning and apply innovation and creativity in order to have an edge against other websites with similar or the same niches. Competition is not many if you belong in the top 98 percent upward of online entrepreneurship.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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