Three Things in Life #31

31. The greatest source of inner peace

  1. Word of God
  2. Holy Spirit
  3. prayer

Peace is a rare commodity so they say. It is not for the greedy and covetous. Peace is not found in a restless spirit. Restless spirit is when you aim many things for your own vanity. You desire things which are not yours. You have more pride than being who you are. You avoid plain and simple life. You have no sense of gratitude.  A lot of people are suffering from migraine, sleepless nights, anger, and despair because of the lack of peace. Peace comes to those who accept their existence and embrace their being putting aside all their cares and heavy burdens in the hands of God while moving forwards to resolve all the issues of life through prayers and action.

The greatest source of peace is God or the Word of God. It is the Word that heals and strengthens all of us. Following the word of God is all about being a saint. Saint is not someone who never makes mistakes. Saint means anointed and separated from the world whose thoughts and focus is to follow God and give people services and help for the glory of God. The word of God takes us into the bottom line of why we are living. There is a purpose for each and every human being far larger than whatever you may think of yourself unless you don’t truly understand what I mean the word of God will do it for you. His Word is the way by which we see the truth and the life that is worth living. The word of God leads us to a peace that cannot be comprehended by anyone. This peace is only given for those who believe that Jesus is our Saviour and the Son of God who mediate between us and the Father God in order to save us from damnation. He sacrificed His life that we may share with Him in God’s Kingdom the peace that will never cease. While we are still here on earth this peace is available if you read his word and practice it in your life. Surely peace will be upon you as soon as you accepted the word of God. For it is the truth. The word was in fact, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit guides and strengthens us. HS comforts us. It is written for as many as are led by the Holy Spirit, they are the sons of God. In connecting or drafting ourselves to the vine, who is Jesus Christ we will not bear fruit, we will not have the Spirit of God. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is peace among many others. If we focus our life and thoughts in the Word of God, He will establish our ways. The long journey of change should start from the total change and full acceptance of the word of God. The word of God will make wise the simple. Otherwise that change is only founded in the dust. It will fall one way or the other. The Holy Spirit will dwell upon us after the water baptism. The Holy Spirit will help us understand the word of God and gives us all the tools and strength to withstand the challenges of Life. The Holy Spirit stays only to those whose heart are humble and obedient in God’s command and has a contrite and sincere spirit. He accepted the hopelessness of his life with the Lord. The story of salvation is so amazing that has no equal. In it is the reward waiting for those who finished the race completely.  A man’s intention maybe for noble causes or for righteousness but this will not prosper without the Holy Spirit. However, without the word of God and the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to be part saved much less have the peace we all want to receive. Peace that surpass any human understanding. The best medicine in this world nowadays especially is God’s peace.  The Holy Spirit does not give you anything negative. It is the most positive. Because its fruit once we practice the Word of God will give us fruit far tastier, exciting, and nourishing than mango, apples, banana and the like. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is not only love, joy, perseverance, patience, faith but also peace!

The thing about life is it should be taken easy for the sake of the future and that is in fact an illusion yet all things happen for a purpose.  And suddenly… out of confusion in thinking there produces more ignorance and foolishness than wisdom and understanding.  I reckon it is in silence, reading of the word and unceasing prayers we get peace and revelation in life’s hectic race towards vanity.

What makes us connect in a two street so to speak with God is through prayers. We speak to Him in prayers and He speaks to us through His word in the Bible. And the gift is the Holy Spirit, it is the power in us to do ad to will what is pleasing in God’s eyes. HS is the seal by which we become a child of the Most High.

Many testimonies were heard on the power of prayers. I think half of the good ness of this world of the peoples’ sincere and urgent prayers of peace among men. I have surpassed many trials and have been delivered from sure tragic situations because of prayers. The effective prayer should be contrite, in secret and in obedience in His will and commands and of course if it is indeed very important in your life, fasting must be added that the Lord will see you in sacrifice and sincerity of things you supplicate. Answers to my prayers were nothing short of miracles. And I thank and praise God forever for them. Be grateful in truth and in spirit, as well as in worshipping Him. Prayer is part of worship through thanksgiving, giving of praises and gratitude. Singing praises from your heart as we obey and love Him, is like the sweetest incense for the Lord. Prayer is underestimated in an infinitely humongous way. Prayer is the most powerful conduit God has given us and is open line anytime of the day and night. It is free and available for God is always there for us.  Peace comes to those who believe in the word of God and who received the Holy Spirit through water baptism accepting the Lord Jesus as Lord and Saviour maintained by obedience and enriched by prayers. Before we end remember these verses.

Peace of mind and the blessing come hand in hand your ability to create subsistence to live a decent and  conducive life for peace and quiet. However, if we do nothave the means to get sources of incomefor our subsistence it will be a very difficult maybe to attain sucg state. So what i am saying is we need to find an extra source of money to cope with the ever increasing expenses in this modern time. We need to go on online business

The greatest sources of inner peace,

is the word of God you have to read,

and receive the Holy Spirit,

through baptism in expressed need,

of the Lord Jesus as our Savior indeed,

and prayers you do because you believe.        (1152 words)


Author: Florentino Cruz

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