Three Things in life #32

32. Principle of change

  1. be the change you want to see
  2. you can’t force to truly change anyone but yourself
  3. change starts from within

Many leaders are precursor of change. Some have made it in the beginning quite successful indeed. But the leader who couldn’t change himself to cater for the hand in hand changes that are needed usually ended in bust and disgust. Many heads of the family couldn’t change their ways in order to reach their dreams for their family. Their weakness and failure to make the necessary changes in their lives have seen divorces proliferated, then some spiraled into drunkenness, including drug addiction and all those vices took strongholds in their pathetic lives that completely kept them from instituting a better future for their family. The change we want to see must be reflective in us. Be the change you want to see. Songs and poems were made on this subject. Change they said is the only permanent one that doesn’t change. We need to change for the better. If we want to reach the dream we can’t attain, it is important to change one’s mind in order to fit with the required change needed for its realization. Albert Einstein said in effect the same problem and situation cannot be solved with the same mind set which caused them. It needs a new whole paradigm to see the change we want to see. In other words nothing is changing because you are operating in the same mind set and paradigm. Never have I got any money which I dreamt of until I changed the way my routine was in the day. I search for something worthwhile to do. I jotted down the things I wished to finish for the day. I check the ones I accomplished and continue to complete my task and mission for the day. I change the way I talk to and see people in my mind. Sometimes those who were simple and not so enriched in their lives were the ones whom you could tap to achieve a result that you require. I began to train people on financial awareness, ad how to network. There are building blocks of multi-level marketing. I ensure that they are aware that helping people do not mean making advantages out of them in return. Those who became millionaires in this kind endeavor showed one common denominator. It is an iron clad consistent perseverance and the willingness to change for the better. Kaizen, the Japanese system of continuous improvement created Japanese wealth which is one of the most prosperous in the world. Many of my friends who were in the same team have become entrepreneurs and stopped being in the employment ‘of go to work come back home system’ instead they implemented what they learn in Financial Literacy, entrepreneurship and their ideas on making business. In due course they have materialized their long-time dream of having a fruitful business of their own where they are their own boss. I thought the change is the reawakening and enlightenment of knowing the futility of the employment trap. The mind-set has change. Truth has been crystal clear. Business needs money, needs know-how and most of all it needs networking and positive mind. It knows the meaning of delayed gratification and value for money. This is the great upheaval of change were change was for the better. Many of the youth of today are business oriented and knows the fundamentals of making money. Robert Kiyosaki created the employee, self-employment, business and investment diagram where the dynamics on how money works was explained. Other Great mind said that before you start you should know and imagine in your mind the end result of series of your action. Be trainable and use SMART in doing things. Make your plan specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. These were my thoughts and the way we move into new things I have realized I needed a novel approach which are needed to get the result I desired. However, I also realized the flow of our mind and the proclivity of the habit developed since childhood were I have found anti prosperity. For one, I am used to enjoy and go for the best thing in life even if my sources of income would not support such a way of life. I thought before and I thought now that lifestyle should n not be stopped but expand the sources of income. Now I know that proper and reasonable spending is a must, a principle that must be applied or anything I established or earned shall go to drain. The law of income and expenses is that our expenses should always be at least twenty-percentage below the income. There must be operating money to be used for creating more income. I also understood that mind-set, change of old thoughts that savings for emergency, for special projects, for insurance for example were not savings but expenses and investment. The black money shall remain black and white will always remain white. Flexibility is a skill and wisdom when to use the money that is set aside for another expense. This would spell the make or break of financial health of my family. Living simply is needed.Cutting down from what I perceive is too grand and a waste of precious money went into direct conflict with my family who are used to a lifestyle that entails spending money like eating outside many times a month which I silently acquiesced because their happiness is above all more important than my endeavor. My thought is to pray and prayer each time makes the challenges solved each day. So I pray before acting on plans. I have become dependent on the outcome of my prayers to God more than the outcome of what I do. I wait in the grace that comes in his perfect time. I found life becomes more placid and simpler. Faith begets peace and this is the change I see in me. And I guess I want to see. Yet like many of us, I remain in the lookout for means and ways to improve the way things are to be a change I want to see.

Do not run away from change. Embrace it with determination to use it as a stepping stone to another lever of adventure, maturity, learning and lessons. There is no improvement without change. Change is one of the few that doesn’t change. I realized while writing this is not the only one that is not permanent.

The rule is no one can do it in your life except yourself, being given freewill you will always have at least two choices, one good and the other is the opposite. Choose what is good. Choose life. Choose to glorify God in your change. Change is only meaningful if it for the better. As we define better it should be more in the light of your life’s mission and in congruence with what is righteous and pleasing – you know to whom. The truth of the matter is you cannot force anyone to really change if they don’t want to. Yes, they may follow you but not in the heart. The heart is the first place where the first step happens. The heart key is always inside not outside. For no one can open it except the owner of the heart. That is why you cannot force anyone and compel them to change genuinely if it doesn’t come from her or him. We could only set an example. We could mentor and explain the things on side effects, action and reaction, planning in the light of the goal, how to focus. How to make things happen? We can talk forever but if the one you wanted to help will not help himself then everything goes to nothing. We could only help change ourselves, we could be a good influencer but never could we compel anyone to do so if they are stonehearted and the heart is forever locked in the inside. I keep hearing good words but bad habits got in the way. DFW are monsters stooping us from opening the doors of change. We fear failure. We fear rejection. We feel the uncertainty. But the secret of this all is action. Act on the solution on all these do not hesitate just to entertain the DFW lurking around the corners of your mind. You are the master of your soul and the captain of your fate, be brave enough to focus on what must be done rather than what may happen as DFW are trying to scare you to even take the first step. Be strong in the Lord and walk the journey of faith and step into the journey of a thousand mile. Take that foot forward and start your first step and when you do not let up walk and run till you reach your destination. A man who is focus do not see anything but the goal.

As we said before be the change we want to see from others, you cannot change anyone as effectively as yourself and lastly you can do all these only if the change would emanate from within you. From the bottom of your heart. Sometimes many of us change dramatically because we need a life changing event and challenges that will slap your soul into attention saying you are falling for sure if you do not mend your ways. This is what happened to me. And I am thankful to the Lord. He said he corrects those whom he loves. Do not be slow, hurry for as long as you could find the Lord for the day will come when the door will be shut and you cannot enter anymore to see him.

Change is decision once and for all. Think, pray and plan, then call; or act quickly on each goal. Focus, pray, plan well, stand tall. Carefully do the plans, be sure. With faith, courage and the gall, face off with the unwritten law, for by faith in God say you will have it all; for the glory of God the merciful. Create big waves not just a ripple, if you changed all things are possible.

So here are the verses to remember.

Here are the three principle of change,

be the change you want to see;

you can’t force to change anybody,

but yourself only, for to change really,

must start from within from you not me. (1756 words)

Author: Florentino Cruz

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