Three Things in Life #35

35. Three best things in life

  1. all will have justice
  2. all things have an end
  3. all you do will come back to you with surprising interest

The best things in life are free. In another perspective, how could we have the best things in life and at the same time we suffer from injustice, people were in agony, abject poverty, hopeless situations and things that could not be good because we just happened to be born in circumstances of abuse, torture and slavery. It is sad to realize that slavery is still much alive today than ever. Slavery has evolved in different versions and forms. People who have been forced to do anything to get his keep they are called housemaids and employees are slaves of time for their company. Is the job OK for you, are harassed or forced to work not yours or more than you can do. Is our pay for the job worth of our time? There are slaves in drug addiction. Slaves in pornography, alcohol, vices for which they are controlled and could not live without, at least by their uncontrollable need for a fix on these menacing vices.

Others are slaves of demonic possessions, demonic possessions are happening due to deviated understanding of God’s worship, by the force of people who abuse other faithful for their own vain ulterior motive like being a person who brought people into the church and made them work and do ‘God’s work’ forcing them to do all. They are people who take no for an answer, oblivious of the feelings and situation of the victim. When we forget how to have balance in our everyday life. When we do not have the power to do what we wanted. When our sleep is too scarce, when we do not have enough rest, when the food we eat is not food to sustain our health and we drink soda and others to erase feeling of hunger when our water intake is so scarce, our body and soul will be very much affected. When we have people who kept on demeaning you day in and day out, at work, at ‘home’ and everywhere you turned to. There is eventually juggernaut erosion of trust, faith and confidence. They started getting sleepless night and started thinking everyone is in conspiracy against you. Then lost of validation that you actually know what you are doing set in. People hurt people sometimes they thought they never did. People who are so mind controlled are in turn controlling others who fell victims of losing faith. When we become empty and bare and we are at our weakest, the brain is broken and hallucination sets in. evil spirit attacks. However, demons attack all the time. But as we are having the Armour of God we are shielded. They attacked those they wished to attack. Especially faithful in the house of God. At any rate not only justice is given but also deliverance against them for those who believe in Him.

People do what they do because sometimes their vices have taken over their freewill. A lot of people are enslaved in vanities. On getting better than the rest. They have been deprived of contentment, freedom, peace of mind. Now here is the best things in life for those who have the courage to face this temporal world much more for those with the faith and conviction of knowing this is not the place for them, be contented and thankful for whatever we are in and pray for things you desire and give praise and gratitude to all things you have. And the mercy and loving kindness of God shall be with you. There is a place for those who believe in the sacrifice and power of the Son of God. We have a place, a destination. We are but transient, a sojourner in this world. Our true residence is waiting for us. In fact, it has been already prepared. Do not believe that there is so much injustice that have not been given a punishment. All will have justice. We have overlooked the fact that while we are in this life, we should remember this is but a very short time if you know that we are going to our true abode that is forever. Be patient and strong. Stand still in your lot in life, anticipate the world of tomorrow where justice is served and justice reigns over all things. By the time of the last judgment justice will be given to all human beings. The believers and non-believers. Do not think that all non-believers will be punished the same. It is written, to those who have been given more is expected of him, more is his responsibility, more he has to answer to his wrong doings. But rest assured there are those not in this fold them too will be taken for they also listened to the shepherd.

Even while in this world justice is given. Beware of looking down on others who are less fortunate than you. Remember that the world is round, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Give the same respect and value to the downtrodden and the poor and powerless as you would give to the rich, and strong for tomorrow you may find yourself in the opposite situation, the reversal of fortune is very real. We could have everything in many years and could be gone in a day. Just in the same way, not every day is a rainy day, not every day is dark. Not every day you are in a tight situation. There will come a time sunshine, prosperity will come down on you. Remember always put your feet on the ground that you may not be guilty of the same mistake committed by those who acted arrogant, uncaring and condescending towards the poor. Beware as the day comes so is night shall come and they will be repeated for we are all subjected by time and circumstances. Pray and be humble that you may escape such wheel of life and that you may be protected from where the grievous wind of change may befall.

All things have an end. The best days of our life will end so is our worst day. The good news is nothing stays forever, it has to end somehow sometime. We are designed to live no longer than the average of seventy years worldwide. While we breathe we think a day is forever, we feel like life will go on. Death comes unannounced. It takes you mostly like with most of us at a time when we do not expect of it. Remember, to bring yourself to proper focus and reality that we can never stay forever. So live to give glory to God and give life to others who will be left behind. The attention we give too much to a lot of concerns in our life are but useless and should never be a subject of worry and stress. We are entangled like cobwebs covering with every strand as strong as cables covering us. These were things exactly pathetically unimportant in our lives and definitely the kind of living we should not have. The earlier you understood this the better you will live in this world. Create pictures in your mind which ones in your everyday concerns should go and should stay. Throw as many as possible. In Japan, they were advanced in the awareness of throwing things or discontinuing things which are not that important in life. They called the way of life as minimalist. They were simple people, they became simpler. Simplicity is gold but to be simpler is diamond. Their abode and belongings are but the necessities of life without sacrificing comfort and convenience. It means that there are many things they have ended in their everyday life. We should not live by bread alone and not by the advertisement temptation of buying useless things. Many things I have bought are absolutely unnecessary. Read the bread of life and throw other reading materials which has only given you complicated thoughts rather than understanding and wisdom and peace. This is why it is better to read the only book that matters in life. The bible is the one. Remember your plan and your plan must have a beginning and an end so keep doing the plan you have decided and you know that in one point in time it will end anyway.

The best thing is all you do will come back to you with surprising interest. It is wonderful to know that once you do good, also good things shall happen but most likely in a bigger package. That is assured as the sun rise in the morning. The caveat on this is if evil deeds were the things you have done to others remember that evil shall come but also in a bigger package. We give ourselves the best possible life so help yourself, do to others what you want to be done to you. In this way you attitude and tendency is only to do good to others rather than taking advantage of others. There are many businessmen who have made big fortune at the expense of others but they said business is getting maximum profit to the least possible capital. That is life. There are fundamental rules in business. Good business operate on value for money. Laissez-faire means let the buyer beware. However, maybe the amount is more yet the buyer is happy and find value on the item a business man is offering and the buyer thought that the thing is valuable enough for her to buy then this thing could be seen as we get what we deserve. Still isn’t it still wrong to get more than you should get. But this is trade and commerce, maximizing profit at all times. That is why it is hard for the rich man to enter the kingdom of God without the help of the one who saved the world from the curse of pain and death. It is for each one of us favor to have a time to evaluate and meditate on things we are doing before it is too late. Do not do anything for those whom you know had extracted so much cruelty at your expense. Neither you curse him nor say good or bad but rather confer in prayers to the Lord up above that when the day comes his injustice shall meet with justice in the judgment God will impute against this cruel man. And also do not wish evil either because we are commanded to love even our enemies. Be comforted that God is just and the vengeance is with God. Remember we get back with surprising interest in all we do. Let us remember:

The three best things in life,

we’ll all get justice,

at a perfect time,

all things have an end,

no matter how long or high,

all we do will come to us,

that is it is good to remind,

this is with surprising interest,

nothing like a simple fine. 1864 words

36. Three greatest source of loneliness

  1. 1. covetousness
  2. 2. Lying
  3. 3. Pride

The pain of loneliness is beset with many complications because of our human frailties and

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