Three Things in Life #37

37. Three greatest joy

  1. family
  2. clear conscience
  3. giving

While here on earth we experienced many emotions. Many of us are under grief and pain because of the misdeed made either by others or ourselves. In between of all these negativities joy made our lives worth living. The joy when we first learn how to read. The joy of love being given by those around us especially our parents and siblings. The joy of having experienced infatuation, the first love first glance, the first kiss and all other firsts which left us an indelible mark of joyful memories. Joy made things so wonderful in Christmas season, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, feasts. Life is a journey punctuated with joy. And the more stable and strong the sources of joy, the more joyful we become. Joy can be the journey punctuated by challenges in life. But as we go on remember that the most important thing we need to keep is joy. We can only have joy if we have love. Love creates many beautiful things and memories which are the links of a joyful life. Three greatest joy to be had are family, clear conscience and joy of giving or charity. The joy that come from three of them must be pure and solid. There are no impurities in these joy which are fundamental in our existence. The degradation of family harmony were caused by evil we created and entertained on our lives. They are the cause of our sadness. Family brings about stability in our lives. Dysfunctional family happens due to many factors. Either of the parents is missing or the vices gripped any one of the family could cause these sad situation. The joy of family is the primary reason why we are smiling and why we are strong. We made meaning to our lives due to the presence of family most of the time. Nurturing of well-being started from family. The love and respect we have in the family depended on the values and principles encapsulated in the characters of the parents. We brought culture and way of life from the actions and ways of our parents. They were the ones who first taught us the fundamentals of respect and care towards others. Love is naturally part of the atmosphere I the way the parents talk, do things and say things. The thought s were imbibed by the habits and expression we saw and heard. The family structure is very much determined by the presence of both the mother and the father. In our country the father is called the walls of our home and the mother is the light. The walls symbolized protection, support and provision for everyday needs and requirement while the light symbolized the joy and meaning of a happy family. Indeed, the mother is very important. The children shall grow in the knowledge of what the parents instilled in the children. The joy of home becomes the necessity of a healthy and strong children. The love and characters of the parent are the source of genuine joy. We feel the first comfort zone in life started at home. The greatest joy is found in the family. As we grow we learned the fundamental values, principles and right things through our parents initially. However not all families are having the ideal workings of nurturing joy and harmony. Not a few were having challenges in communication and understanding because of the clashes of beliefs, point of views and values. It is also exacerbated by the ever growing gap of misunderstanding due to impregnable ego or pride of either, through the years of divorces of parents and dishonesty and unfaithfulness of one side or both sides. The ones who suffer and the first casualty are the children. The joy is gone. The spirit of love and caring were replaced with friction, nagging, arguments and going separate ways living in the same roof. The home becomes nothing. Children got confused, became rebellious, filled with hurt aches and anger and they responded in escapism through bad companies, drugs, premarital sex, and plethora of delinquencies. The teachers suffer abuse and hard work. The parents remedied the problem by indifference, and lack of concern by just splurging things rather than love and understanding. Quality time is thrown out of the windows and eventually divorce happened. This is why the whole society infested with dysfunctional families created the biggest reasons of social problems and the number one cause of poverty. The whole scenarios are repeated in the next generations with a much graver consequences. America is doomed because of this. There are solutions if only the whole nation return to the joy of family life because, respect. Tender loving care, understanding rule the hearts of everyone. If we could throw sin, selfishness, and pride out of the house then it will happen. This is asking for a miracle at this juncture.

The next source of great joy is clear conscience, this is the offshoot of proper up-bringing and the right choices made by any person. There were unbelievable criminals who actually came from a decent, nurturing family with history of harmony and loving care yet ended up being a vicious criminal. This is the thing about life. However, this but a few exceptions rather than the major effect of good family. Family produces the most majority of happy life to all and therefore to a nation. The basic unit of society must be healthy and well-functioning in order to create joy our midst. It all starts in the family in every home. So clear conscience comes in if we do what is right all the time and we have the right principle of doing to others what you wanted to be done to you by others. Golden rule means it is gold rather than bronze or trash. We need to create value like gold in order to have value of having a life. Joy comes naturally to those who gives justice to everyone and treat everyone exactly how you wanted to be treated. We do not need thousands of rules if we just do the golden rule and the love of God above all else in our hearts. Nowadays, these true facts of lives are looked down by the people who thought they are smarter than following the old-fashioned out of this world rule and so they thought. They become truly foolish and the result is but we can see in our society. Depression, loneliness, and guilt feeling that dragged us down all thru out our lives. Clear conscience happen when we do everything what right, good and beautiful anything that glorifies God. All good things come from above clear conscience is doing these things all the time. The love of God and obedience to the commandments of God made up the person with clear conscience.

The last source of joy is in giving. Have you experienced being thrilled and happy by just giving things to people? It is so blessed to give than to receive. It is also doubly joyful to give than to receive. The joy of the receiver multiplies in the heart of the giver. We only get this joy if we give sincerely, generously and cheerfully. The three components of giving make us have the spirit of joy which we cannot compare to the joy we receive from other things. This is lifetime while the other joy is momentary. So the joy coming from the family and from a clear conscience and giving are longer and distinct than the rest of joy we know. The joy of having additional member of the family is one, the joy of doing the right thing like giving back the million dollars which is not yours is another and giving to people who are in need is yet another sources of joy. Multiply your sources of joy rather than sources of income. This we can carry to the next life but the last one we will leave behind whether we like it or not. God bless. Let us remember these verses.

Three greatest joy in our midst,

one is our family, filled with glee,

source of everything, giver of our needs,

two is clear conscience don’t miss,

to do only to make God pleased,

and three is giving especially to the least,

with full of cheers and sincerity. 


Author: Florentino Cruz

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