Three Things in Life #43

43. Three most effective way to live

  1. do what you wish and dream
  2. do what you love
  3. do what is right good and beautiful

There is no such thing as the most effective ways to live according to one of my friends. To each his own songs. Some wants rock and roll, some mellow, others R&B, some pop, others hip-hop, etc. One of the most effective ways to live is to do what you wish and dream. Life in order to be effective should have an anchor by which it should stand stable and also to live the life effectively. That is a life which is useful, joyful, and satisfying, among others. We should do what is written in the book. In the book there are precepts, admonitions, instructions, guidance and commandments on how to live a purposeful, meaningful life. In every creation, there is a purpose. Among all creations the most precious is human. God gave men freewill. We are allowed to do anything. But to lead a life that is effective is to abide to the provisions given to us by God which are all written in the Bible. When we were young we started dreaming to be what we wanted to be. We wish many things to have and to do. These were the things that make life meaningful, exciting and wonderful. Once I determined to become a lawyer. I wished to defend the poor and the innocent. I wanted to fight the injustice and the abusive system of society. I wanted to become famous. However, the undercurrent of all these was my frustration and anger to what had happened to me and my family at the hands of a philandering father. I was furious with what I had witnessed and experienced. There was apathy, violence, treachery, callousness. Being too hungry and of need of many things, I realized how unhappy I was when I remembered those days. I did not continue my dream because of the circumstances of that time. I also realize that I would not be good anyway even if I did become a lawyer. My dreams were failures, my anger had been brewing and my heart was hurt. I wanted so much but what I had been so much less. Because my goal was not right in the eyes of God. How could I honor my father if I myself would prosecute him; indeed there were many reasons which brought me in nurturing vengeance against the once philandering father. What he had done at that time amazingly did not have the fate on what he is today. Now I thank God for that. I am happy that I have been given the understanding based on the biblical premise of honoring our parents. For parents, we are commanded to honor them without any pre condition. God gave me my father to be born in this world for a far more important purpose than vengeance in the guise of fighting what is evil in our society. What we can do must be right in the eyes of God. Sometimes what ever happened in our life we need to have retrospection to understand deeper and not fall into the reasoning of the evil one. I could have been just another lawyer instead of what I am today. I have been to many countries and exposed from many experiences because of my teaching job. I also thrived in the company where I have been working for the longest time. I have perks and benefits such as free accommodation which is comparable to condominiums at Rockwell in Makati. I have free gas, car, and yearly tickets for me and my family. It becomes home to me. Warts and all I am grateful for everything, because in my own goals and dreams, mostly I have reached them all. Now I only wanted to become assured of my old age with my wife and child in terms of health, good living, place to sleep, mostly stable sources of income and to do good things for the glory of God. My goals and dreams have changed through time. Now I would say my dreams are all fulfilled basically because I know the purpose of living. That is to be happy and do good to please God always. And realize that when God is in us, we have everything already. I still have some of my little dreams and wishes though. One of them is to have more so I could give more. I do not intend to hoard riches for myself. I intend to give it all to those who are in need. But how would we give if we ourselves are in want of many things. Contentment for what I had become is indeed a great source of satisfaction and joy thanking God. Praising God I am so blessed by the mere fact I am with my family, with good health. I have my parents and my siblings and friends. Mostly I know I have God who is the only Living God and who guide, protect, provide, and deliver all what I need and require. God has given me and is giving me all the best according to His wisdom and generosity. I reckon all things happening are actually the best as it is because with God everything is alright. Through the years, have the minimum of your dreams and the maximum of God’s grace. Blessings come to those who believe. When we believe in God, we should also believe in ourselves because we believe God will deliver us from our endeavor and challenges. Faith is work. But not necessarily. ‘Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.’ Proverbs 19:21. When it is beyond your capability or control faith makes things happen. Remember, ‘As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are His ways higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts.’ Isaiah 55:9 Faith makes things happen even without doing anything. But still we should have our cherished wishes and dreams; they must be planned and must have all what it takes in reaching towards them. Luke 14:28. The greater the perseverance the greater the realization of your dreams and wishes. Keep doing it after completes prayers and resolved on what, how, where, when and why do your plan. Yes, keep praying. Reason with the Lord and do what pleases Him. Be focused, be consistent, and be determined. Cancel any other thoughts and move forward until you achieve it and you will with faith. The dream must have fire burning in your heart. It must keep burning, this is called passion. In fact, it should naturally burn. Motivation is like a lighter that ignites the passion. Keep igniting your motivation to enhance your passion daily. You can do it by reminding yourself of your dreams and what it could make you, by prayers and perseverance. You should know your big why. ‘Never give up even in your dream and in your prayers. God has a plan for us that is to prosper us for sure and never to harm us, He wants us to have hope and a future, Jeremiah 29:11. All that we plan should jibe with God’s plan. Accept the will of God if afterall things happened differently for as long as you are with God you will realize that his ways are way beyond better than our way. Anyway you should inculcate right values and discipline and habit like discipline. Discipline, however, will not last long if you have no passion. Passion and focus makes the attaining of your dream easier and inspirational day by day. Do not talk much. Do not share unnecessarily your plans and goals to anyone except maybe to your closest loved one who would support you all the way. Never have a dream which are against the will of God. You will go to a dead end. In our hearts we keep our plans but the Lord establishes our steps, Proverbs 16:9. Plans need a lot of preparation and knowledge. Mentors are important in making your dream come true. ‘Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.’ Proverbs 15:22. Make God your mentor.

It is said, choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. In other words, find a way to live that you love such as job, mission, business projects, service or whatever and you will not work for the rest of your life. Doing what we love creates joy and happiness. Remember whatever we love we don’t get bored. We disregard time and it would seem time is fast. Time doesn’t matter when you are engrossed and happy in your work. Unlike when you hate the things you are doing, the time becomes long and tedious. ‘Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle as with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it.’, Bill Gates. Life begins to feel like a burden when we look forward towards the time for a break or the end of your working hours. It’s like looking forward to be freed from the psyche of doldrums. When we love what we do no matter how difficult, it becomes doable and possible. Just like loving someone. For example though you went with a poor man but you are happier because you love the person very much you wouldn’t care much other considerations in life. Unlike marrying a rich man you don’t love but only for his money, the life within would be more likely empty and hard. The heart suffers. But things run easier because of money and though in the end it would be alright because money answers everything, Ecclesiastes 10:19. But without love life will continue to be naked and bare. Let us choose a way of love that we love according to what God allows. God allows us to have an abundant life for as long as it serves His glory because anything that goes against God means it goes against us. The enemy, the devil only wants to steal us from the loving kindness and grace of God. ‘The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.’ John 10:10. We only have good things from above. Even the unbelievers and evil ones are blessed with good things how much more those who are obedient and who delight in His word. Our mind should always gear towards doing the right thing so as the blessings of God would always come. For’ every good thing and every perfect gift are from above,’ James 1:17. The greatest thing we should love doing is love serving God, the people of God and everyone. If we do this and it comes from the heart, our life is complete. It is indeed worth living for this is the activities that will give us not only meaning and purpose but eternal life in Christ Jesus.

So the next thing is doing only what is true, good and beautiful. Great people were great because they have done beautiful, good things, things which are truly valuable to humanity. A case in point is Mahatma Gandhi, He espoused and showed to the world the beauty of non-violence revolution. It was beautiful to see love towards others even enemies. It was good for it shows to the world change can happen through non-violence. It shows the truth that love not hatred is more powerful than destruction. When we leave this world we should leave a work of art like Mona Lisa. Like the architectural monuments left behind by Master of Arts in sculpture, paintings, design, and inventions. We honor the names of Michelangelo, Raphael, Tesla, Rizal, the brilliant minds of Indians great civilizations whose works were copied or rediscovered by western minds in a much later year. These are the most effective ways to live. I reckoned I have been doing things which I do not really like since I was young. Now that I am old, I came to love the joy of living a simple life. Being simple is very liberating and being truthful and open to who we are made life more fun and peaceful. Come to terms with everything you are, and you will easily appreciate what you do and what you have. Happiness is not the accumulation of things you buy but the accumulation of truth about life: such as it is beautiful and good if we are grateful, thankful and accepting of things we have in this life. After all we are all in transient, we are in our final destination, the Kingdom of God. So let me leave this with verses.

Three most effective way to live



one is do what you wish and dream



two is do what you love not just whim



right, good and beautiful must be in



this third thing is to do for Him (2220 words)



















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