Three Things in Life #47

Three best ways to live: give. respect
 and learn

47. Three best ways to live

  1. give
  2. respect
  3. learn

First off, let me clarify, it is love which makes the life worth living. It is the best way of existence. It gives meaning to everything. Further, the best three things to live must have the spirit of love in order to activate the truth why it is the best way to live. Therefore, for me it is a given in everything we are, we have and we do. We all know love makes the world go round. That is why we have family, friends. Love of oneself is required but not when it becomes narcissistic, which means everything revolves around you. You become greedy, selfish, self-centred; bad things can only come out from being selfish. However, it may be kind of pretentious to say that giving, respect, and learning are the best ways to live. Let me repeat it again these three are true when there is in each of them love. I have thought about it. When I was young our neighbors and us, my grandparents and my parents would give what we have cooked or what we have been blessed with, maybe some items we bought from the market or something like souvenirs, fruit, and just about everything. We would give our neighbors out of love. It gives delight in us, the spirit of sharing was so much delight. It is filled with love. You cannot be truly be delighted without love in your heart. I wonder what we will all become if first and foremost no one give us life, sustenance and the basics of life like education, values and dignity if no one gave us in the first place. You see the good thing about life is the giver has the power not to give. But the wonder of it all is that we as humans we love to give especially to our loved ones and flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood so to speak. In fact, many times you give everything to others. Giving is a kind of built-in values human beings are programmed to do till today. Even animals and trees have cycled of giving. The pollen grain is given to bees and the bees give it to other flowers to generate fruit. Animals give themselves for others like some insects. They will let their newly born offspring eat their bodies so that they will live. Jesus Christ gave up His life for the redemption of our sin. ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him hall not perish but have an everlasting life.’ Because the wages of sin is death. The Lord wants to give us eternal life through Him who loved us even before we love him. Giving is in the story of our lives. It is in our DNA. The joy of giving is one of the best ways to live. We give before we take. We have been doing this through an eternal holy cycled of life. Giving is the secret by which many live happily and richly. God through our parents gave us life and before that it was God who gave us everything and so we follow doing the same thing, we give before we take. This is the cycled of life. Giving is. When we give our best we take rewards, the cause and the effect, the action and the reaction. What we throw will come down. What is given, it will be taken. What you give, is what you will take in some form maybe ten times more or so much more. That is why we continue to grow because in giving we do not get less, we get more. Whatever we give, we will receive in some ways. Karma is alive. The unwritten law of the universe. In giving there are more blessings than in taking. God has blessed Abraham because the gave obedience without questions. Now his children are like the stars in heaven. It is the law of business. When you give you will take more. The world of technology, Apple gave us the world’s first smart phones, in return they take so much profit from it. What we give must be of good value. And all those who gave with no value are bound to lose big time. Giving must be positively useful or delightful or both for the receiver. When you produce illegal drugs and gave it away for business, you are bound to lose your life one way or the other, because it is not positive, it negatives for our life. It is neither useful nor it is delightful in the truest sense of the word. Delightfulness concerns only when it is good and right in the eyes of God. Because if it is not, it’s by product is grief, misery and death. When you give money taken from public funds you will not live well it will be a curse that will run through generations in your family – jinx, blood, complications, confusion, evil consequences will stay. Look at the Philippines corrupt politicians – they gave dishonesty, lies and sufferings to ordinary Filipinos – in the end all of them shall reap what they sow. Tragedy, pain, despair and downfall is the fruit of evil like this. Jose Rizal gave his life for his country, in return the has received the nation’s gratitude and reverence. If you truly give full focus and action to anything – you will get the fruit of your effort. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I have been working to a company called Saud Bahwan Group under the late Sheikh Saud Bahwan. He lived a life of giving. He had helped his fellow countrymen from food such as meat, fruit, vegetables and milk to indigent family monetary support. Even the had provided student monthly allowance at school, free air conditioners to all schools of the country, full scholarships for both the locals and expatriates. And so much more. He gave so many incentives for his employees. He gave value to all those who were working under him. In return his company prospered without compare, took the lion’s share of vehicle business in Oman for many years till today. His revenues continues to grow even after his death. Give generously, cheerfully. Give from the heart. Give without anyone knowing it. The taking you will have is so much more – treasures in heaven. I am working still in this company, but I am giving free tuition to a number of colleagues who have been learning in college. What I received is good will and much more.

Respect is another best way to live. You must truly respect yourself, especially your parents before you can give respect to others. If we respect everyone’s dignity, culture and way of life. There will be total peace immediately. Respect stops us from doing nasty things against anyone. We won’t be giving rubbish like shabu to anyone. We must respect the humanity of all people. We should respect regardless of religion, race and culture. We should respect what is only right, true and beautiful. Respect is based on these tenets. We must be respectable in order to be respected. There are many people who are rude and mean. They must be avoided. We must face them strongly. There was a boxer who did not know what was decency, truth and respect. His big filthy mouth is full of insult, disrespect and grandstanding, maligning almost the rest of the world so to speak. His ending was sad, divested of blessings, and the absence of respect from all. Ignominy rained on him. We could find means and ways to teach these type of people a lesson. The first thing is prayed for their enlightenment and if they don’t change run away from them. After all God is our avenger. Keep your peace and don’t do the same. We are above all meanness and disrespectful people. Respect begets respect under normal circumstances. People would give respect that way. Others, who are not a few gives respect as a matter of outward etiquette. Their mind anyway is theirs, whatever goes on in there is never our business and we keep our peace in this world. We should not be bothered at all from their outward repertoire of courtesy due to social expectations. Indeed, respecting yourself is one of the most important ingredients of a happy life. Remember we are princes and princesses of the Kingdom of God for that we should have the highest character that is noble, righteous and humble. While saying this, it is not to brag but to underline the truth of the word. For those who overcome shall inherit the kingdom of God. We need to overcome anything that is sinful and not pleasing to God. We don’t need to imbibe permanently the ways and negativities of this world instead we need to achieve the positivity and the expectation of the world tomorrow. We need to pray to God all the time whenever we can, not play the game on our gadget whenever we can. Prayer is like talking to our dearest most important friend and loving master. A master who is kind, appreciative, generous, humble and merciful. It is the only way we can surmount so many barrages of negativities being thrown in the airwaves attacking our thinking. Rebuke and cast them out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Adonai Yahshua Hamashiyach. Respect with the whole heart is the crust and the main thing in our worship and love for our God. Respect is believing and obeying. We cannot respect God without any of the two. But God’s so much love understood human frailty that the gives the Saviour Jesus to represent us and justify us when we fall. Or when we come short to the glory of God which is always. The grace of God will cover all what is left from our perfection. The only thing is our heart must be truthful, faithful and honest serving God. We cannot mock God, what we sow we shall reap. Respect creates good atmosphere and harmonious relationship among family, friends, people, and among nations. In dealing with anyone no matter who the might be, give respect. Perhaps that’s all what they were yearning for. Sometimes even how much a person is in hardship they feel re-energise when we give them respect. Respect must be earned as well because a respectful man will avoid anyone who are opposite. It will only mean one thing that if you are not respectful your circle of friends will eventually be zero. Because those who conglomerate with him do not give a damn about him but what they can get from him is why they are around. Money may attract a lot of people around you but you would not attract true friendship. Don’t expect it for a hundred years. They are in the line for the lake of a burning sulfur. Respect is given to those who give their time for the goodness of others. No wonder why the more you could render or give anything of good value like good governance, teaching knowledge, skills or wisdom, the more respect you may get. It is shown that national leadership gain more respect because of their selfless act of leadership which benefited the ordinary people or the majority of the nation. However corrupt leaders no matter how they portrayed themselves as good leader will always come out as a scoundrel worthy not only of disrespect but of jail term.

The last one that gives us the greatest joy is learning. We learn that the Lord is our Savior. We learn that giving is one of the noblest form of humanity to man. We learn the more we love, the more we feel good. The more we understand it, the more we appreciate the value of living and the value of salvation given by the Lord Jesus Christ; the Only name in heaven and earth where we could access salvation and life everlasting. In learning, we open our eyes and eradicate our blindness, destroy our ignorance and broken our innocence to the realities of life and the interconnections of cause and effects has made us understand that what we sow we shall surely reap. We learned that life is not fair so we do not expect anything in return but the love of God and His mercy to us. We learn that humans can be so ingrate that they would even spit the one who saved their lives. Learning the truth keeps us free and made us at peace in this earthly life. We learned that there are many called ones who are quietly waiting for the coming of the Lord and truly worshiping Him in truth and spirit. To live is to learn how to respect. To live is to find out what we can do and get in this world so that we can give it away.

The best way to live is truly to share and give what we have for in giving we live and have a footprint that will be more long-lasting long after we are gone and create a snowball effect for others to emulate and do for the sake of humanity. The bottom line in giving is love one another as the Lord has loved us. While it is a joy to be in connection with the Lord, respect is what makes the whole thing vibrant and operates according to what it should be. As we disrespect others, it is not the others that will suffer more, it is the disrespectful person. He will attract into his life as the practices being rude and inconsiderate of others – controversy, complications and uproar and strife. The fate reserved for them is loneliness and dejection. Learning or the art of learning is one of the three things in the best way to live. In today’s modern era, to be not so, not a learned man is outright laziness and foolishness. Because education abounds in the internet. You can almost teach yourself through internet. Learning now is not confined to the elite or the moneyed people but already is available to all. There will be a university in the internet that will give free education with the best form of tutors but should be given to those who are truly serious in getting knowledge for the goodness of mankind. Let me encapsulate the three things in a few words on the best way to live.

The best way to live

First is to give,

Then live to respect,

and that learning is wealth. 


Author: Florentino Cruz

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