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Skin-nurturing creates skin radiance.

Skin Radiance is equaled to proper diet, positive mindset, skin care and protection, skin treatment, skin health maintenance, and regular exercise. One should create a strong discipline to stick to the prescribed activities in order to have healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle in general.

A lot of people have suggested a beauty routine of a special mixture of liquid or paste. Thousands of beauty gurus advised us to do so regularly either every night or every morning. These concoction of ‘beauty secrets’ are good to some extent but we need to realize that each skin has a different allergic reaction and some have skin diseases that come and go depending on the climate, the food they eat and the monthly cycle visit so to speak, among others.

I am into skin nurturing because my daughter has skin rashes that at times would ‘sleep’ and at times would sprout like a seasonal malady. I researched many issues on skin problems. I found out that my daughter has allergies on most of her favorite foods. One of them is poultry products especially egg and chicken meat, ‘balut’ (chick in a shell) and ‘penoy’ it is just another egg. Sweets has a big impact on her skin and her mood. That is why she has monitored herself. My wife and my daughter make it a point to regulate and control her intake of these products including ice cream, cake, pastries, sweet salads, a traditional delicacy that are sugar based and the like. So her mother has restricted her in case she lost control of eating beyond the allowed amount. She would occasionally ‘plead’ for a little more. Obviously, she’s ‘testing the water’; it has become a normal conversation of the two. In fact, among us three, yes including me, we have to persuade our child and herself once in a while. It was jokingly suggested by her (my child) to eat for more but we know that if we are not going to really show our objection, there is a big tendency I believe that she would still eat those ‘forbidden goodies’. Of course, normally we do not have all those kinds of foods. Well, she would sneak into the kitchen and at times is caught she would sheepishly say,’ it’s but a small bite’.

Not only that we have to carry ourselves sometimes physically out of the house to put our feet walking for a regular exercise but also, we have to stay walking for 30 to 40 minutes. After sometimes we would be grateful we did it again. Most of the time we enjoy it, we actually loved our bonding this way, there are laughter, jokes, lots of chats and reminiscence back then when she was a kid. As a family, I would say we are very close, I am thankful for the unity, love, harmony, and care of my family. I am not an expert in skin care and protection but because of my intense desire to help my only child, I find means and ways to at least mitigate her seasonal rashes.

Our dermatologist said it could be a lifetime challenge. However, he said, with the proper meds, it would be just fine. He advised us to list down all food that has an adverse effect on her skin so that next time she should avoid eating them. We find out that indeed, it can be under control. The only challenge is – discipline, to stick to what should be done. Usually, it is caused by eating sweets. I remember that birthday cake given by one of our favorite restaurants which we used to frequent; she started feeling itchy just after half an hour of eating a bite or two. I remember it caused her having rashes due to her scratching. We always see to it that she drinks the standard amount of water each day. In my experience nurturing skin sometimes when it has greater challenges like allergies, skin issues and diseases parents like me should also find out what is the best remedy from such an unwelcome discomfort. We as parents should actively get involved in our case for the treatment of skin issues. For us, it has become more fun as my wife and I have involved ourselves actively towards finding the control and prevention of such malady.

In addition, skin nurturing includes enough sleep. For people with skin problems, it is better to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, though my daughter is a teetotaler. One thing is, my daughter is a ‘night owl’, meaning she stays awake till the wee hours of the mornight (1am-5am) and it gave a big toll on her when she was living alone and working. Nobody put a check valve on her activities, you see every millennial, I suppose, love to stay awake at night doing many things on the internet. That was one. So I promised myself not to let her be alone for the sake of her health and her future as a whole. You see she is our only child. So we make sure that she sleeps at least 7 hours every 24 hours. It is easier to do now as it is a vacation from her college and she is only having a part-time job as of the moment.

The role of parents regardless of the age of the children must be effective, and consistent. It will be if unconditional love is your compass. So she sleeps well, she drinks enough water and her mother cook a well-balanced diet without making the food boring. Luckily she’s a good cook. We also regulate our eating out as outside food especially fast food, may contain some ingredients we are not aware of which may trigger my daughter’s skin allergy. Secondly, besides exercise, we make sure that we go out together to continue another form of physical exercise. They are window shopping, strolling or finding new things at Walmart and Costco, we also love ‘malling’. Yes, we eat but we eat with caution. We have a list of food at the food court or restaurants which are proven ‘friendly’ on my daughter’s skin. Going back to mixtures of liquid or paste, we avoid it. We found out that normal hygiene will do. Cleansing face with water and soap prescribed by the doctor. (The soap has shown good effect on her face and skin.) It is just more than enough for her skin care. Although she also applies moisturizer and sometimes medicated ointment for her rashes. I realized that our lifestyle and the food we eat spell out the condition of our skin. Not only the condition of our skin but also of our well-being. A good walk in the park could be generally good for our family health and happiness, it makes our day. We are blessed that our daughter loves us so much that she too wants us to be around. I know one day she has to have her own pad but as long as we are around she could count on us in everything even reminding her to do this and that regarding nurturing her skin.

The greatest treatment of skin and for that matter for any ailment is being positive and happy. The mind has more positive chemicals that trigger the healing of many an ailment. Understanding of loved ones should be the frontline support system of any individual is greater than any medicine around sometimes. Sadly, I am aware not everyone has someone to turn to even in little things not even from their closest family relations. I believe we are missing a point in this. Skin nurturing is just the tip of the iceberg, nurturing is fading away even among families. That is why the preponderance of tragic diseases sprouts and unknown to those who supposed to know until the situation became hopeless and terminal.

Anyway, skin nurturing maybe a farfetched part of all these on what I am talking about but just like eco-system they all meet and connect in some invisible importance. It might be hard for people to understand what I am talking about but think about people who lost their lives just because there was nobody to just tell them ‘no sweetheart, not this time’ We all need someone to stop us sometimes with tender loving care. Skin nurturing is just a skin-deep topic the deep message is taking good care of your loved ones, create harmony by being understanding, loving, humble and available. Even some are endowed with naturally healthy skin others have challenges to face either way let us all have radiance both in our skin and in our heart. Skin nurturing is what I chose in my Wealthy Affiliate Website to talk about because it is deeply important to me to find means and ways to make my daughter free from such discomfort. Love propels us to do even those crazy things. But it is never crazy to take good care of our health, of our loved ones and to spend time as much as we can to find the proverbial medicine against recurring skin discomfort.

People with skin asthma is worse than the situation of my daughter.  Skin asthma has a highly allergic reaction to a lot of food and is not good for people who have no physical exercise routine, much more those who do not have proper intake of drinking water, the right food and enough rest.

Eczema is also another problem suffered by many and I will do my research on this plus their treatment, mitigation, control, and proper lifestyle much in the same way we apply among us in the family to consciously do what is right for a healthy life and radiant living. Skin radiance is more sparkling when the heart is happy and cheerful. We should return to old values of patience, unconditional love and being there with one another. If there is a will there is a way if there is no intention there will be hundreds of valid and compelling alibis. Your loved ones are the ones that magnify and mold your sense of well-being and purpose in being. Without the one you loved, you may not have skin problems but your problems are definitely deeper than the skin.

I am a father who would not stop at anything even if they would be thinking why a man like me is too immersed in skin nurturing. To be honest I would not mind this kind of thoughts by others. It is not my business. My advocacy is to find mitigation, control, treatment, solution, and cure not only for my child but for all the children of the world.

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