7 Must-Do to Start A Lucrative Online Business

We need to know the following must do in order to jump start the most effective way of online business. There are practical secret must do in order to have a successful online business!

This is the place for all who want to create online business without going to unnecessary research, training or studies. These are filtered knowledge to be given all for free for anyone who are willing to learn: 7 Must Do to Start A Lucrative Online Business

This is not a hype or trap to get you reading for nothing. This is written in the hope and with full intention to guide and help everyone on how to create a lucrative online business.

7 Must Do to Start A Lucrative Online Business

1. You must learn the mental-attitudinal approach on how to stay and prosper in online business.

Attitude is paramount in determining the end game of all you do. Work Ethics is part of this attitude and will power is another. In fact to have a wholesome understanding on what attitude it takes to stay and win in this endeavor. Learning the mental-attitudinal aptitude on pursuing online business is only but one step.

To be honest applying this particular learning will create thousands of step in your journey that will lead you sooner or later to your destination – That is the achievement of your cherished goals or dreams.

Another key point, these series of learning on mental-attitudinal approach on how to stay and prosper in online business, is the missing link to catapult anyone from just a dream chaser to a dream achiever.

Attitude is the measure by which a man will fall or rise. Mindset is the key that ignite that attitude to not only walk but fly to the realization of his cherished dreams!

Living the dream results in learning and application of the above tutorials and the OEC training of WA.

To assess your aptitude on the question of mental-attitudinal approach on how to stay and prosper in online business.

2. You must know your audience and target market for your niche.


Know exactly what niche it is.

In order to know who will be your target audience for your niche. You should first determine your niche, what it is and why it is your choice?

You will have an unclear future visibility of your online business if you do not know your target audience.

We should know a niche should come from your interest and passion. What it is that would set you apart from the majority of online businessmen?

Knowing the two will give you the 2 huge point advantage on growing your lucrative business online.

3. You must decide your major means of communication for your online business

Each of us have better ability on using our speech or our pen. Are you comfortable in talking with people or are you more at home in writing your ideas.

Deciding which medium you will use to communicate with your audience is the second step to build a successful online business.

If you are at home with writing your ideas there are sites such as WordPress where our own websites are hosted. There are other websites or platform that could support us on expressing our ideas through writing rather than talking

If you are more at ease on using your mouth or the stage, there are facilities in the internet where you can utilize such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others

4. You must know Content composition

Between keywords and content – content will win in the end! Both are important. But content is king! This is both for vlogging and blogging.

1. vlogging content using video in your website or video channel

2. Blogging content using written post in your website

Content must have quality!

Quality must be at least good if possible, very good is better and excellent should be the bench mark. Perfection is an illusion, don’t fantasize about getting there.

I apply the Kaizen philosophy it is basically a continual improvement where in there should be a regular assessment of the following:

1. Quality Improvement

QI is simply about positive and valuable change in Quality Performance. Quality performance is a useful and effective and efficient application of corrective action to produce better and more productive results.

2. Quality Assurance

QA is a system of prevention from repeating errors and of avoidance of defects in products and services. How? through quality improvement. Because mistakes, defects and errors are analyzed in order to produce steps to effectively prevent the same from occurrence.

3. Quality Prevention

QP is a way of assuring and perpetuating quality assurance.

4. Quality Management






QM is a system and commitment of achieving consistent quality. Quality is determined by your audience or readers. The proof of quality is they are willing to pay for it determines quality. It is written or unwritten commitment to a known or unknown consumer in the market.

5. Quality Control

QC is a system of maintaining standards by comparing and checking with the list quality improvement lists to maintain quality assurance using quality prevention.

Out of 100 online businessmen 99 of them will fail. Because most of the online businessmen love the idea of getting money from it but do not have what it takes to get to that point of earning that money.

They said online business is saturated. I would agree, but it is field with average people. You only have to be average plus 1 point in order to be above the average.

Know skills in blogging & vlogging

In blogging, you must have the idea on how to write, what to write and why you write. When to write is sometimes very important.

For Blogging

1. How to write as I have learned from Kyle, it must be as simple English as your sentences. Chop long sentences to 2 or three sentences. The shorter the sentence the better. Not only that you should make the subject as specific as possible.

2. What to write, you should write bout your chosen niche. There are a number of niche earners ranging from weight loss, health, beauty care,self-improvement, technology and travel. You be doing Product Review, according to our experienced successful fellow WA members Review of products or services is where major earnings can come from.

3. Why you write, you should have compelling reasons why you are writing or blogging. Everytime when we write anything, it should have quality content, must be relevant to your target audience, and should make them happy for value, and usefulness. In the end they should buy from your platform. So think first what is the best for your audience and everything will follow.

4. When to write, it should be with regularity, consistency and predictability your audience or followers should know when they can read your blogs or vlogs.

Your content must be engaging and up to date. Avoid writing with obsolete information. In today’s technology a week pass could change the landscape of apps and logarithms.

Honestly, content creation is the most challenging of all. Content is what will make or break your business online. It covers credibility and transparency.


For Vlogging

1. How to Vlog

You should write an outline before A written strategy works best for you. Prepare everything what you will say, what you will wear, the punchline, the keyword and most of all you should be cheerful and not only engaging but entertaining. You must have knowledge and skills in public speaking. You should also know how to edit your Video you may need to use subtitles. All these you should learn.

2. Who to vlog for

You should know who you are talking to. You should make them interested and love your vlog. If you are in your 60s we could be talking about our life’s experiences on Flying Airplanes, or fishing or self-improvement. We must be using language appropriate to your target audience, they maybe middle-aged, retired, love outings. What’s the gender, age bracket, This is a part of your greater strategy, still, I think this topic should be given due emphasis so that you can reach out to the right audience. The audience can be bifurcated into age-specific, gender-specific, industry-specific or country specific. A detailed analysis of your audience can have a better conversion rate than other professions! or even location.

3. Where to vlog

Without a doubt where to vlog is no brainer, mostly it would be 1 billion users of YouTube but there are other platforms like Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc, Your audience should know where to find you so you should have a brand name

Step 4: When to vlog Prepare For Recording

You should know the best time in doing your vlog. Usually day time is good as it gives clear video if you do it outdoor. Light and shadow affects the quality of your video. So Learn all these. In order to enhance the quality of your vlog it is also worth mentioning the gadgets we need to have Proper Camera,SD card to ensure you have enough memory. multi directional mike, tripod and vlog cam stick. A drone is an added asset.

6. Why You Vlog Own Vlogging Brand


first of all you vlog to share your passion or interest . You should be able to make your audience happier, engage, relate and enjoy your every vlog. Because you wanted them to be educated of something you can share. They should feel they have got value and quality from your vlog. And because you wanted to multiply your followers and create bigger and bigger community. One of the main purpose of many is to earn from vlogging. That is why you vlog

Keep moving up: Raise your quality, performance and productivity

  1. Keep learning specifically on how to connect with you audience social media, email list other platforms, etc.
  2. Find ways to connect using engagements, search or shares. You can also join chat group, or interest groups as well as ads though I haven’t done this one as yet!

5. You must have time for online business

Treat your online business as a serious business. If we are very enthusiastic on our job, we should be more, on our own business!

This business is as good as the traditional business. This could earn you like the traditional business can.

The most important part of doing this business is quality time not getting free time. There must be strong discipline on work ethics.

Be flexible with your time. Like any other business you need time, the good thing about online business we are not constricted with particular timing. We should be able to adapt to any given situation So your time for Online business could be anytime in a 24-hour period! I said 24 hours because we need to do something for our business EACH DAY. You need to have the willpower and discipline to complete your task and target according to your DAILY TO DO LIST on time or according to schedule. Without saying therefore, you must have a plan always in advance like for the next 2 months. This plan should be dynamic as long as the changes would be better or the same quality output from the original plan.

6. You must deliver your service or product regularly

In any business, we categorised what we are selling into two massive divisions

1. Services

They are invisible or intangible exchange of value like lawyering, taxation services, teaching, etc. In our field of endeavor, they are: blogging, product reviews, podcasting and vlogging, etc.

2. Products

Tangible products like reading materials, gadget, cooking wares, beauty cream and lotions, etc.

To get the attention of your audience you need to have predictability, accuracy and dependability. You should start on giving quality content and make something of value to your content they can acquire for the betterment of their lives.

7. You must immerse yourself in WA Training

Have at least one hour each day to learn and review WA pieces of training including video tutorials, webinars and podcasts. As a Premium Member, we have unrestricted use of all the facilities the WA offers including the famous WA University and mentors who are accessible 24/7

Learn to make use and take advantage of the knowledge and skill set we can acquire from Wealthy Affiliate. Without a doubt in my mind the best place to learn lucrative online business!

Our membership is not forever so acquire as much as we can and produce earning so that we could pay the annual membership fee from the earnings of our online business.


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