9 Shocking Truth About Money

1. Money can make you slave

We all know and it is quoted many times every time about the trap of money, it is not that money is the root of all evil. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Indeed there is 9 shocking truth about money.

Case 1 – usury create debtors beyond the chance of paying the debt in fool. The person who is lending, in his love of money, create stringent rules and threats to those who couldn’t pay according to their payment agreement.

There is a 20% monthly increase from the principal loaned from the usurer. He loves his money too much he is ready to slander and shame the person, threatened them, and even kill them for not paying. The usurer can not sleep when they didn’t get their money from their clients who owed them.

Case 2 – Because of love for money, the person git onto this mode, they are willing to sell their soul to anyone who could give them money. Money is the representation of the realization of everything they dream of 99% of them ended up into a miserable state.

Avarice, greed is glorified in the business world. Cutthroat competition and merciless forfeiture of ordinary people properties due to technicalities are strictly and happily observed in the name of the business is business. The bottom line is they get more money than the money you would pay for them.

In the end, we should use the money for good things and not you are used for money by bad things. We either become a slave of money or we enslave money to subjection and control. Take your pick.

Remember, money is a slave, not a master

2. Money is everywhere, but you can’t have it

It is the plain truth that is why most of us have loans and debts instead.

These lenders get your money by legal means in the form of charges and all versions of fees. Money is everywhere, but you need knowledge and financial literacy to get them.

This is the thing that has happened to an ordinary person, when we earn more, we spend more. Once upon a time, we get a small income but we were able to fit it in our daily budget, now that you have earned more, you have also spent more.

Instead of getting a good life, the good life becomes a nightmare due to the monthly dues you need to pay. Sadly your bigger salary is not enough for you paying your debts and the like. Money can be made by those in the know and those with the right attitude.

Those who made it getting more than the money they required are people who are ready to start doing things which are not fashionable, selling in the street, in the street market, and in selling face to face. Selling products is the most common way to become richer!

However, when you succeeded in earning more you started to spend more finding yourself needing more money because you spent more than you could. It is stated, you cannot have cash flow if you lack the knowledge to do so.

The cash inflow must always be higher than the outflow by way of payment of bills and your living expenses. being an employee and have difficulties earning n other means, then you lack knowledge.

People can get knowledge about making money from different business activities. And you can learn them in seminars, among others. They are as follows:

1. Real estate business. Becoming a real estate agent could be lucrative. You need the knowledge of the current selling prices of condominium units, one-bedroom, 2 bedroom, two-bedroom, penthouse, studio units have different price tags. What are the best real estate companies to join in to become a real estate agent, broker, or salesman?

There different forms of payments, the size of the property, which is the prevailing price of a square. feet of a condo, a bungalow, a mansion, etc. What are the modes of payment, contracts to learn, commissions, when it will be given, where and who to talk to when you require clarification or for troubleshooting of a client’s concern or problems? Who has the best trust rating when it comes to reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction goes to which company.

What is the sales target every month? What are the materials and information, websites, and access point of classified information? Where and how to avail all of them.

2. MLM or Multi-Level Marketing – is a system of selling quality products and creating your own down lines from whom you get certain commission s and bonuses and incentives.

MLM is a business of getting your down line on the left and on the right. Ensure those under you are skillful, active, daring, well-trained, and have a big dosage of confidence and perseverance.

They should master the complete product knowledge, the company information, marketing plan, and ways to earn. Skills of presentation, of prospecting, of follow up and of closing the deal is very important, thus ensure you know better than any of your down lines.

Your integrity and credibility should be at least 95%. You should earn every week. It is a good way to earn but int needs a face to face encounter with the buyer or prospective down line members. You should have regular training on all the skills and sales techniques among your members under you.

Your product should be of high value with excellent quality and a supply system that could satisfy the demand. So you need to learn the supply and demand required every week. Because this could change every time. You need to learn the art of Direct Selling!

3. Online Business – This one could be the best in the prevailing circumstances. The new normal dictates that we avoid proximity with any other humans. The online business answered this requirement. Online business requires knowledge in website creation, design, and maintenance.

The tools required and the knowledge of your website dashboard is very important. You need to be acquainted with appearance under which are themes. There are plugins, menu, widgets, posts, and pages. The fonts, SEO, and URL The best way to learn is to find the best platform which could give you the skillset and tools to create a lucrative online business.

The use of blogs and vlogs are important. Content is the most important and the frequency of your content publication would have a great effect on your traffic and magnetization from it.

There many things to learn in writing content. They should be relevant, up to date, regular, and engaging as well as interesting, useful, and in demand by your target audience.

Niche is what post you would be writing all the time. Say, self-improvement, you could write all about self-improvement and you can put a like or an image that serves as ads related to the post you have written.

The most effective way to create extra income is to do product or service reviews, selling e-products such as e-training, ebooks, e-seminars, webinars, and the like. It is a matter of giving due diligence to your action towards achieving your goals of earning through online business.

We need to learn financial literacy. The future of business is an online business

3. Money can show your true character.

The first thing it shows how miserable we are about self-control. There are many habits of spending on things which we do not have the money to spare.

We end up using a credit line which is but debts. A lot of us are victims of compulsive buying, the lure of the shiny things, the attractiveness of stuff, and the feeling good of having the same trendy gadgets for example. Indeed, a source of our happiness and sense of fulfillment, even satisfaction.

The truth about it is nightmare and distress to pay off your debts is but a few days away before it hit you like with a brick wall on your head. Depression and anger would set in. You are angry with everyone but not to yourself.

When the truth of the matter is the culprit of your situation now is because of your careless action. This is not only because of your own volition, the subliminal suggestions being bombarded to our unconscious mind day in and day out has a big role to play on your buying habit.

Many become distanced from people without money. When we have money more than we may need, our character surfaces clearer. It could be being proud and too protective of your money.

You become judgmental and stingy to those who might have asked for your help. You even lie and said hurtful words.

A lot of us will be meek as a lamb when we work our way up to the top and when we earn a significant amount, we do the things we used to hate the moneyed men were doing. The time ha has come when you reach financial liberation your weakness is changed into pride. You become an abuser, and exploitative. You degrade people who are poor where you were once one of them.

Very rich people are working on the point of view of profit. They do not understand the emotional and valid reasons for the different predicaments of ordinary people. They corner everyone to grab more on the parameter of the so-called agreement signed.

4. Money is easily gone than being kept in our hands.

You can never have enough money. We are trained by society to spend. We are coached by advertisements to buy. We are bombarded with different companies to buy their products.

We are molded to earn and spend. We are not trained in saving or invest our money. We encourage saving in the bank but that is the worst place to put your money. The best way to keep your money is to a sure investment. You won’t be rich at all if you do not know the right knowledge to invest and/or saving.

So money is like waterfalls from your hands, money from your hands that goes to cashiers or sales assistant. Poverty is the result of illiteracy in financial literacy. The chance to be rich is to actively invest money that will result in the return of investment (ROI).

Ever wonder that a dollar is important to create a thousand dollars. The conscious effort to learning to invest and saving at the right places could create more money and it could actually double or triple the value of your money in a short period of time.

Only the accumulation of money you keep can help you get out of the cycle of want and poverty. We should live below our means so that we can have a fighting chance of saving some of our hard-earned income.

This must be practiced by everyone and should instill to young generations who are addicted to immediate gratification through buying spree from their credit cards. You cannot have 1 thousand dollars without the 5 dollars, which you might easily spend on fast food!

So it is not the question of how much you save, it is the question of building the habit of saving. As a result of losing our own money, we would go to a bank or cooperative even to your friends to ask for a loan and this becomes the trap for a lifetime.

The prevailing situation in Asia is the whole family no matter it is 20 or 1000 members. All of them would be a perennial source of your charity by force.

Many of them would ask for help because of so many reasons. And you are obliged to give because it is in the blood. Unlike in the Western world, there is no way it is the norm.

5. Money is addictive like illegal drugs.

Just like illegal drugs, it is addictive. When you are addicted to it you would do anything to avail it. Since we do not know the real effect of drugs on our life or we pretended not to know, it is also the same storyline in handling money.

We pretended not to know how to budget but indeed we know what we should do but because the addiction on money by what we can buy and serve our immediate gratification creates a shortage of money in our life and with our loved ones, especially if you are the breadwinner of the family.

The more you spend the more you realized the need for money. We run after it by took or by crook ergo – you slid into debt trap permanently especially if you do not change the way you handle your finances.

Money is a necessity to survive. It is the solution to everything. Drugs can be the same for those who are into it. We go as far as selling our properties or put everything into collateral just to get the money you wanted.

6. Money is stolen from you while you smile!

Yes in a sense, money is stolen from you via loans, mortgage, debts, and loan shark

Without the discipline n the right use of money. You ended up going to banks, or friends and become slaves of your financier. The way to get out form this cycle is a complete turn around on living above our means. You have to sacrifice for a few years then to have hopeless financial standing for the rest of your life. There is a saying this situation calls for tightening of the belt.

The idea and mindset of getting money by loans and the like are what the general ordinary people are suffering in a financial nightmare all the days of their lives. Many promos and special discounts are all strategies to get your money and most of it is the profit margin.

You need to be very careful when you send your money. Go to where you can maximize your money. Keep learning how to turn your money to a more amount of money rather than soaked your mind into buying items that are not really of value to our lives 5 years from now.

Spending our money unwisely is letting your hard-earned money taken away from you just like that. That by all means stolen before your eyes. There are places where you can buy the same item but at a much lower price. That is why the famous saying “let the buyer beware” has been given to us a long time ago already. But all these

You cannot accumulate money in your pocket or wherever you wanted to put it f you stay in the same mindset and attitude. Some other gurus would say that there learning how to multiply money is the way forward. Go and learn financial literacy in the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Chinkee Tan, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and so many other self-made millionaires.

Only changing our mindset and attitude from compulsive buying, extravagance mindless use of credit cards into thoughtful and wise use of your blessings in the form of the cash you have in your hand. Do not love your money control it to wise use.

7. Money is a great runner. You would not know where it will go if you are not watchful.

Money is not a man with legs but this is faster than us. It could go to kingdom come and won’t even know where it went. The secret of catching up with your money is to get into the habit of jotting down all the expenses you have made from the 1s of the month till the last of the month.

In order to monitor where your money is going, you need to have a logbook where are your expenses are going. List the items you bought in a month. So when you have to start a new expense, you would have a basis where is your money running away.

You would notice for sure there are expenses you don’t need to buy anymore. This way you can start to have control of your own money.

In this way, you would see where you are spending unnecessarily. Thereby one you found where was the unnecessary coming from then you could start controlling the flow of money in that direction.

The ledger or the output and input or budget plan can now be started in view of consciously watch how your money can be controlled before you lose it and won’t know where it goes!

Thus, the implementation of budgeting and seeing the inflow and outflow could make you aware of how your money goes.

Money can be stopped running away if we stopped letting them go unwisely. Maximize the use of your money by getting the maximum benefits from buying or possessing items in exchange for your money.

8. Money is a curse and a blessing

Money is a curse if you use it to hurt people. Mostly to hurt yourself. How? When you have so much money, Many would indulge in gambling, drugs revelry, in drinking alcohol, paying call girls for a night.

When you started to use your money to something that is truly enjoyable but the long term effects the destruction of your life. Many had the fate of using money in the wrong way.

It is a blessing when you share your money to those legitimate people like the poor, the sick, the small businessman, for the education of the deserving students, giving away a roof to stay and food to eat and water to drink. This is a blessing for it is easier to get help from those whom you have helped wen the time comes.

In fact, the more you give, the more you receive. This is the unwritten law of life. Your heart starts to be joyful, peaceful, and just have the kind of well-being reserved for those who are righteous. True happiness is in the heart not in the accumulations of things

Money is an amazing thing. It can dictate your life or you can dictate money to help others and create more blessing to others and to yourself

9. Money can multiply or can bury you alive

The thing about money is if you have the right knowledge and right attitude on handling money you will for sure create more income. However, this is not the reality in general.

Most people are only good at looking for employment and just to live day by day. There is no mindset on business to multiply the money only to survive for a day. This is what separates Filipinos from other nationalized whose DNA is geared on creating business all the time.

To multiply their income stream. We are here on this platform to start thinking about how to have the attitude and the mindset of creating money.

Because of a lack of knowledge, the people around you would only follow the dictation and subliminal suggestions we hear and see every day.

From brands and billboards and through media both traditional and social media. That is why it is required to have the attention of everyone to start thinking about how they handle their money in their lives.

It can bury you alive in the form of mortgage, loan shark, wrong investment – you would only need to wait for your death in order to be freed from it- from being buried into tons of money emanating from monthly due, bill and loan payments into burying you six feet under the ground unless you opted for cremation.


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