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Welcome to my site. I am delighted you found my website and I hope you find it truly useful and relevant to your needs!



I have been teaching since I finished my degree. I went to different places notably Egypt and Oman where I taught for more than 30 years of my life. I was introduced to the world of Multi-Level Marketing or MLM, Direct Selling, and later became the main coach and the mentor. I taught the marketing plan and strategies of our MLM. I have earned a significant amount of money from both MLM and Real Estate properties. And now I am involved in the online business and my niche is basically WealthyAffiliate and Skin Care and Self- Improvement. I do touch poetry and most importantly Our Purpose in this world.



 Well, my advocacy is financial literacy, financial freedom, and The true purpose of man. To help people, I must have something to give. In my years as a trainer, instructor and teacher, I have developed Soft Skill Courses which I would love to share with everyone who is interested to develop themselves and achieve financial freedom. Most of all we should know what is our purpose here on earth. I love to share my poetry and teach how to create one as well.


One of the goals of rhencruz.com is to create a Referral Platform on Wealthy Affiliate to share the golden opportunity to earn extra income and show how it is beneficial to our personal and financial life.

Another goal is to show to people which product to buy and use for one’s health and everyday life.

Further, I want to show that to live is not to exist. How and where to find the answers, I would guide them and explain the questions of life.

Furthermore, the goal of my site is to be the Useful Source of all important posts about earning, self-awareness, and self-discovery for a better and wholesome living.

1. Knowledge – The main goal of my site is to spread knowledge in self-employment through online business.

2. Financial literacy – it means knowledge on earning and using our earning to earn more rather than to spend and no more – We need to sustain ourselves with all the basic necessities of life namely food, shelter, food, and clothes plus entertainment, social media, and payments for utilities such as your electricity, water, and your internet. Not to mention mortgage, insurance fees, dues, etc.

3. Self-awareness – To improve one’s personality, character, attitude, and mindset we should understand who we are and how we could control our drives, weaknesses, and negative tendencies. It takes a lot of learning and practice which I intend.

4. Self-discovery – It means to know more about ourselves because if we know ourselves we will discover easily what potential we can develop skills we can hone better.

5. The main purpose in life – this is where our spiritual and moral compass are most talked about.


All the best,

Florentino Rhen G. Cruz

Owner & CEO


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