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Hi everyone!


Good earnings to all. Hi, my name is Rhen Cruz aka megawinner.

I am here to help, share and spread good vibes, good life, good future.

I have a number of passion and I have written them as poetry, life coaching, teaching skills, just anything I can share what I

can share. Basically just like everyone. I want to live in peace and return saved and sound to my Maker.

I’ve been working as a corporate teacher since 1986 and in a managerial grade since 2004. In addition, I have been in my

journey towards Direct Selling, MLM, and internet marketing since 2012.

Let me tell you my heart in a poem…

I am the guy in the street you do not know11

but I have also dreams and issues like you11

my goals is to get my wishes and dreams grow11

and not just catch what the fate on me it threw11

I have closed my eyes and my ears from those10

who showed I can’t and say I’m over due10

I couldn’t wait the days of joy and bunch of rose12

greetings me with the life that is brand new10

giving back what I have and make my God smile

to show the Living and the next generation

here once a simple man had trekked the long mile

and reached and stayed in this destination

Let me know the right Way so I can show

Help me to have some goodies to give away

Help me to go on even I go that slow

but let me finish each only Your way

For all my action let me glorify the Truth

for each of my work let it be understood

that I did not do evil but only good

let me help people to live not only thru food

but also lto teach them


– Megawinner

28October 2019

1200 AM

Stone Bridge Boulevard

Toronto, Canada

Author: Florentino Cruz

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