Are you going to be rich? 7 signs you will.


Are you going to be rich? 7 signs you will.

Let’s face it unless you have an innate habit like those people who got rich, you will not get anywhere. I have a personal encounter with people with such habits or character, that brought them to where they are now richer with wealth and health. They are a bunch of special people. Why they know the discipline and conscious effort on every move they make is important towards the result of being constantly ahead of the game. Meaning they know the requirement of creating more money. Money is easier to manifest in your bank account when you are equipped with the right mindset and proper attitude and correct work ethics. Of course, Perseverance, Passion, and Patience are the secret attitudinal tools for success and that your output is  Reliable, Relevant, and Refreshing to be a blockbuster. The 3P’s and The 3R’s

Are you going to be rich? 7 signs you will.

Otherwise, you need to have already acquired the attitude and mindset of people who are on the way to get rich or richer. The mindset and attitude determine the future of our financial status. However, there are some definite signs you could gauge you are on your way to being rich or richer.

Here are the 7 signs you will get rich or richer!

1. They are result-oriented

They love to come out accomplished with positive results on every goal they have set out to themselves. In short, their plans are made to be achieved not to try upon only. They cannot have resulted if they do not have goals and plans and targets. They always create a target. They are always mobilizing their proactive attitude and they stick to their objective to become better than ever. They love to jot down the tasks which they found very important in achieving the target they wanted to achieve. Their strategic plan has an overall impact on their envisioned results. They create and revise plans according to the better plans they have picked up along the way. 

2. They prioritize growing money.

They keep their money to work for them than to spend it on something they like to buy. Their mind does not operate to get their desire as soon as possible and forget about the consequences as many ordinary people do.

When I say growing, it is not a plant or a tree we are growing here. it is for the right word because the more you grow your money the more you become stronger financially like a tree when it grows even a speeding car who crashed into the tree could not even affect the place where it grew. The tree remains standing strong just like nothing has happened. 

They do this in many ways. As I have written in my other blogs the different sources of income, people who are going to be rich or richer think of investing their saved money to some other ways to make their money work for them.

Among other ways to grow their money, they learn the direct reinvestment plan DRIP, instead of saving their money in a bank they turn it into shares or stocks as soon as their extra money is capable of but a decent number of shares, for example.


3. They are great money managers.

When they earn what they do, they deduct already the savings from their income. That is Income – Saving =Living allowances and payments of bills and dues.

I come from a family of the middle class. My father earned his income through employment. His salary was the only source of our living expenses. And my mother, with all due respect, was not that good in handling the household budget. My father would give his salary to my mother. My mother would be responsible for everything fr the food, bills tuition fees, and rent. She was an only child who was: spoiled by my grandparents, she used to live as the rich would. My grandparents at that time were some sort of agent for getting pensions of war veterans from which he gets commission and fees for his services. My grandmother was a midwife of which I reckon that time was very in demand among people in the town since hospital facilities were not that popular among the people in our place. They would rather call an albularyo or a quack nurse. So to have a professional midwife service was quite a status of that time. Needless to say, they had significant sources of income. Both of my parents do not know how to multiply the money they had. There was no financial literacy not only in my family but my entire clan. I wanted to change that legacy. I wanted to transition into becoming a good money manager so that my only child will imbibe the same attitude and practice.

They do not save for anything, Once they have enough savings, to transfer it to stocks or shares, they do it immediately.  That is, their savings are transferred to investment where dividends have way more earnings than bank interest.


4. They are inspired and purposeful.

Driven by a compelling motivation to realize goals. He is not swayed by mood but strong work ethics. They do not wait for an opportunity. They create the opportunity. They create the chances to succeed not once in a while but every single day. 

If there is an emotional element for compelling reasons, inspiration and motivation are sustainable. The attitude and mindset would help enhance the quality and endurance of every challenge towards gaining the momentum that leads to the goals.

No project without purpose. No purpose without underlying reason and the reason with the compelling and emotional elements will create an action that is so powerful and impactful even the goals set out are not enough. Most of the time goals are achieved and new goals and levels upon performance and determination usually follow. You get richer not by one achieved goal but by a dynamic and evergrowing strength and resolve which results in the birth of many more goals. The more of these cycle the more the habit of achievements become the normal norm of those kinds of people.

A man without a purpose is a man destined to exist and exit like a passing wind.

5. They are workaholic and they do it SMART.

They finish what they have set out for the day, for the week, and each month. They have also strategic plan that is long-range, 5 years from now or 10 years from now and so forth.

Work ethics of a hardworking man who has a SMART p well thought out plan and a dynamic plan that would propel this man to financial freedom. As we all know SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound. 

The principle of working is, there is a well thought SMART Plan that is not rigid but dynamic and there is a sustained correct action in the fulfillment of that plan and the result is on time or in time.

Being a workaholic should be accompanied by proper work ethics. Work ethics should observe the win-win principle wherein the client, partner, or any business transaction or anything to do with the agreement should be fair for you and the other as it builds trust and confidence as you accumulate a track record of being honest, transparent and just in your dealings. One thumb rule, never let yourself be scammed by the seemingly good and delightful person. Remember, a character can be faked. Always stick to written contract and clarity and proof and reliability of your partner. The best sign is their track record of business transactions.


6. They delayed gratification.

They have strong discipline in spending. They control the desire of spending out of whims. They do not have the compulsive buying habit they hate this kind of tendencies.

Many of us, no offense, are shortsighted in terms of what will the economic status after a month? What are the priorities for living expenses? The operating strategy prioritizes priorities. Learn to delay gratification and stick the budget to survive well the month with something to look forward to for your future than enjoy on those light purchases and erase the opportunity that has presented to you for your future due to falling into the temptation of succumbing into quick gratification.

People who strive and “suffer”  in the beginning as they seriously work out the plan they have set out for themselves until they achieve the goal of financial freedom will in the end enjoy the fruit of their labor for the rest of their lives. Rather than live a heartbeat rate of up and down never knowing when it will stop.

They do not operate on “one day millionaire”, enjoying so much today and zero for tomorrow. This is far-fetched to happen to those who are going to be rich or richer.


7. They have a positive outlook, has a penchant for details.

While they ensure their steps in doing things, they look at their endeavors with a positive outlook which is supported by their positive attitude.

Their trust and confidence in their capability are beyond compare. They are resourceful on tools and skill set to do the right thing action in every move, and in every step of the way. When the going is tough, they see it as an opportunity. They assess the situation, trend, and the future, they have intrinsic compass where the potential source of earnings can be found. On top of that, they are tougher as a nail. They stick to their goals regardless of what detractors would say. Most of those doomsayers are wishing you to fall without the information and the determination that you have. Keep your cool and focus. That is the way these kind people are

All of the above is common knowledge bonded together in one united prescription on how to be rich sooner than later.

To expand and grow your wealth is for everyone to follow. You do not need to create or reinvent the wheel to do this. These are all tried and tested ways to be richer in the soonest possible time. We know, to live healthier is to follow an effective personal diet, enough exercise, enough sleep, enough positivism, and enough drinks. To be rich, follow the ways of the rich which mean follow the above list.

You know the process of growing is always the same. conception, birth, baby, toddler, child, teenager young adult, adult old age, and death.  To get rich or richer is the same thing, we need to copy the way to it. There is no other way.


Author: Florentino Cruz

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