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are a very important subject especially today where every area of our being should go towards the never-ending changes.

What are the changes?

1. Progress is a step upward, from the good we need to progress to very good.

2. Development is a step forward, developing our tasks, status, our writing,

3. Evolution is like a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly, like a zygote into a full human being.

4. Innovation – is progress outside the box like an Alcatel of yesterday and the evolution to a smartphone that is from being bilingual to multilingual, from being able to drive with difficulty to being driven by a chauffeur

5. Creation is out of nowhere to here like we do not have a Covid-19 now it is everywhere. From being introvert into a powerful speaker and extrovert coach

Before we reach such positive changes we need to understand oneself f 3 fundamental truth and realities about oneself

3 things about self

Know yourself- How can we improve and create changes in our lives if we do not really understand ourselves. And knowing yourself include acceptance of who you are, where you came from why your circumstances are like what you are now. You should love your body, your imperfections and your weakness.

Control Yourself

Before we could heal the wound we should know where is the wound. In order to become a better self, we should know ourselves. What are the things we need to improve, create and develop so on and so forth

Control Yourself

Indicate knowing what to control you. You should know what to avoid so as not to come into the challenges of controlling yourself. There is two major control we need to realize control from doing wrong and control of not doing anything at all. Control means, the ability to channel your energy to productive endeavors and exercises. Deviating your tendencies of committing vices rather than works that will give you a brighter future and a good service to others.

Give Yourself

You may not realize but giving yourself is the noblest of it all. We gave ourselves to marriage, to family, public service, to our job, and to our community. You cannot give what you do not have. Start improving yourself in all areas to bring forth the qualities where you have something good to give. You do not give yourself to anything evil or criminal, giving yourself is only giving for the good cause.

Two Divison of Self Development

There are Two Major Division what is to be improved to the maximum possibility.


When we say character it envelops the equivalent version of a Spiritual DNA, which would not only affect one’s personality but also one’s destiny. Character is a combination of mindset, self-belief, limiting beliefs, attitude, and personality.

Components of Character:

Mindset This is the values, principles, mission, objectives, aim, and goal.

Values are the thing you hold very dear to your heart. The principle is the compass of your soul

Self-belief is the mirror image of who you are according to you.

Limiting beliefs is the inhibitions, shyness, weaknesses, and lack of self-confidence and self-deprecation underestimation of who you really y are. Mostly this is the major factor that is to be revised and cleaned to bring out the best in you instead.

Attitude is how you act and react spontaneously to everything including the challenges of life. You will know a man if you put him in the middle of the deep blue sea. Attitude is the glimpse of the character

The 10P’s

1. Patience is the presence of grit that is why it is not only the ability to stay resilient and endure the challenges but also Grace under pressure. Just as the saying goes when the going is tough the tough get going without panic and loss of the presence of mind but rather having a complete equilibrium of all faculties working together in a clear and decisive manner.

2. Passion this is the power engine, how far, and how long you can stand a day’s work each and every passing day. Passion makes you feel like you are playing when you are in fact working hard in an amazing intensity and yet you still look fresh, strong, and amazing. Passion is a positive awareness of what value you can contribute to your fellow human beings.

3. Perseverance, it is a character of a man when everyone is down and out you remain standing still persevering and you keep going. The challenges of life are a given, perseverance is a tool to withstand the humps, walls, hill, mountain and the sea and still, you walk, jump over the challenging climb the hills and mountain and swim the ocean, yet still, you have a reservoir to continue walking after the swim.

4. Preparedness connotes anticipation and expectation. The thing that may happen you usually covered them The best character of preparedness is prayerfulness. Does he believe when God is with him who fails him? Preparedness is in anticipation f the unexpected, the sudden, the unplanned the eventuality, and the circumstance that may pop out of the blue. All of them are covered by appropriate foresight backed by correct action and fortified by prayers or if there is nothing you could do you have prayed about the challenges being able to escape and subdued them with sheer self-belief, perseverance and resolve.

5. Purposefulness means know what you wanted, and you know why you wanted it. Your purpose presupposes not only for your self-satisfaction and interest but covers the need not just an urge to support others who have a helpless mindset and lead them to understand that they can make a meaningful change first to oneself, then your loved one and then the world! Many are working in a circle because they o not have a clear purpose. We need to find our gift and the purpose of life is to give that gift away.

6. People-Centric it means that you gravitate with human brings not to take advantage of them but to be of service for them. Leaders who are people-centric are the kind of leaders we understood as great such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rodrigo Duterte, Donald Trump, Mother Teresa, The Mayor of Manila, The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew, Nelson Mandela and millions of ordinary people around your neighborhood. These are people who can connect with everyone naturally. They are people who love people. And they could do anything for them especially if it is his countrymen.

7. Proactive means whatever you do is for a just and equal interest of everyone. This is a person who takes the situation in control. A troubleshooter. A master of people relationship. A lot of problems arise when everyone wants a better deal. Even worse some want to take advantage of another. Others would keep the information just to get the lion share of a contract for example. The world is filled with this kind of people.What sets apart a true successful man is the person who always maintain what is fair for everyone without putting himself in the disadvantage position.

8. Peace Lover – this are a person who seek peace more than anything else. As we know peace is like a hard currency. People may have all they wanter materially but their heart and mind are distitute and bothered each day and night. The problem of many modern people is the absence of peace of mind. They are narcisstic and self. A worldly person seeking the accumulation of cutting edge apppiances, super gadgets and a lot of properties camouflaging greed they give a symblolic help to one person or another. They o not reallycare of people around them They are actually so many in this world. But the the more they do what they do, the morepeace ofmind stays further and further from them. The mental prblems in many countries have been increasing in an unprecedented number reating a bunch of people who are breaking inside. That is the result of massacres perpetrated by a deranged man, When the mind is down, broken, depresses, the next lvel are a breaking point towards insanity. Wisemen would have less of money because he deals righteously with his partners thereby he gain more peace because he knows He did justly everytime! Gread and lust do not appeal to this typeofpeople.

9.Power packed – In today’s hectic world you need power in every form and sizes. When we say power packed, it means the following:

power talk – when we speak there is confidence, faith, charisma, passion and energy. More iabout:blank#blockedmportantly it has great sense, logic, irrefutable facts, and honesty. It is so convincing everyone will imbibe the vibes that are so overwhelming you are more likely to agree than disagree.

power dress – does not mean dressing expensive clothes but rather he is always neat and clean and has a fashion sense, like color matching, fabrics awareness, and appropriate for the occasion.

power nap – everyone should know this skill of sleeping in between like break time while traveling or when there is a time for a siesta, he knows how to use and reserved his energy because power-packed is always recharged. They give importance to their health while working amazingly too much at least in the eyes of other people.

10. Positive mindset – This is the best quality of any person. To see the silver lining on a dark dark clouds a lesson on a tragic situation and a hope to hopeless care and believing for the best of each situation and each person with the wisdom not to be fooled of baseless and useless information dished out by some who wanted you to fall into the trap that they may spread the rumor of negative report about you.


THE QUEST stands for Talent, Humanity, Education, Qualification, Universality, Experience, Skills, Training. A Modern man has all these in his sleeves rather in his resume. THE QUEST should be in its Optimum Usability.

This is the second and last division of self-development. Self-development should be reflected in all these factors. The quest is mainly found initially in the testimonials.

Testimonials are testimonies and certifications that you can do and perform for a particular task and work. We cannot earn our employment or our place in this workforce even in the guise of business when we do not have a semblance of Testimonials. This is the best way to gauge initially a person. This is very useful especially for employment and may not much for business people.


Talent – This is called a gift. There is a saying if you have it you have it. It entails that if you do not have it, then you do not have it. Some of them are the voice for singing and dancing. Others like speaking in front of people. leadership, presentations, interrelationship, coordination, teaching face to face are for people with talent. I disagree. People besides dancing and singing are but skills that can be improved. It may take longer to others and shorter for another. We can nurture what we have. And a lot of talented people are not necessarily successful because they have no confidence and foresight of what it could do for them. Talent is a plus. Some people have talent in leadership and in the organization, administration, and management. Still, this talent is possible to be had for as long as we have the discipline to develop what we can. In the end, we should not force ourselves when for example our singing prowess is permanently out of tune.

Humanity – during the first 3 months and during a battery of interviews a person can be glimpsed whether he has compassion, a sense of fairness and empathy. In today’s corporate world these element is not anymore present. The heartless way in terminating the services of many for the sake of the salary of the few becomes the mode for so long. Humanity is important when we deal with people, That separates us from the bottled and manufactured culture of callousness. Doing things for the sake of company profit as the foremost objectives become seemingly for me an obsolete approach in building along with the lasting success of ay given business organization For that matter a to all organizations of the world. We need to come back to what matters. When we start giving importance to ourselves, crime and greed will be alleviated and mitigated. UNtil when the culture of humanity becomes part of our way of dealing with other then and only hen we would have concern for our fellow men. We are synthesized by the merciless approach of cutting off the “life ” of people who more like only depend on their job. It doe not only cover employees. It covers the whole gamut od human interrelationships and dealings.

Education traditionally education is basically found only from the universities, institutes, and colleges. Now we see Education as self-taught for the sources of information and academics know-how are freely found in the corners of the WWW, the internet. Education now is the capability of one person to perform satisfactorily on the assignment give to hi or give to himself. It is more important to understand the two sides of education one from a life where everything they do is education found in the street. and another one is from learning institutions. Street smart and Educated from books are two different education. A combination of the two is the best under the present circumstances. Education is one of the major reasons why we work effectively and productively, so it seemed.

Qualification is when we need to specify the need for what we require. Better still is to be able to get the qualifications we require o certain endeavors. For treating people, we need doctors and nurses. For education children at school, we need teachers. In the same way, our person is meant for something as we grow revealing our calling.

Universality means you can have the ability to adapt to situations, adjust immediately to challenges and create solution under any circumstances. universality is also general acceptance of fellow colleagues and therefore a person who could win business or employment position is the invisible qualification of dynamism and open-mindedness to jell well and immerse into a company culture that is otherwise alien to him. Universality is the commonality of ones person to identify as a part of the whole like in the business partnership, community or organization

Experience just as all would say the best teacher is experience. Experience is the most sought after in employment. The experience of particular jobs is needed because it is a form of assurance that a person can really change the function or the tasks being given. Experience is a shortcut to productivity because there is no need for orientation and practice to run the business and the work at hand. Experience makes it easier for anyone to enter and be accepted faster to a certain business and work.

Skills are mastered by repetitions and studies given to prospective partners or workers for the job. These skills could be very useful generally for all endeavors. We need to understand that skills are not the point of interest of many people who wanted to be self-employed. Nowadays more and more people are turning their time to create money through the world wide web. This is what we need to improve as an owner of online business. A lot of our training is to hone the skills of creating websites, SEO, and all requirements for a website, /content, and blogs that should be regular frequent and with relevance and quality.

Lastly, we need training. The training part is very popular for a vocational job and also for short term courses. This is where more effective persons become in demand in terms of the technical aspect. Today there are many computer know-how we need to learn and a need for updating is a must because previous knowledge could mean obsolete rendering the training we acquired before. Training in creating our online website.

As what other say We all need additional parts of The Quest and here they are:

1. We have to reinvent ourselves when required

2. We need to keep the faith in us as we believe in God

3. Always update your knowledge, the one who does not lose.

4. Compete not much with others but keep improving like Kaizen which is continuous improvement. Always improve your core competency.

5. Always have a set of tasks to be fulfilled and completed each day. These tasks should be interconnected to your main objective. This is why a lot of successful people keep winning because they do not do their project when the deadline is nearing. This is daily exercises of creating value and improvement in the objective of contributing to the final results of the project.

6. Concentrate on one thing. let outside interference be muted and disregarded for as long as it is not basically important in your life. Variables must be screened well in order for your concentration work without interruptions.

7. Have a SMART Plan – for every plan completed you should always have a new Smart and dynamic plan in place so that the momentum of your progress and development will continue efficiently and effectively. SMART as we know is a plan that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and has time-bound. So everything you do should have a strict expiration date so to speak or a deadline.

8. Pursue Excellence, not perfection. As it is a monumental task to his for perfection. However, you have no other choice but to aim for perfection so when you did not hit it you may end up being very good, which is still acceptable but that does not mean you would settle for that standard. Do not settle for less. Aim high reach for excellence.

9 Set your own benchmark. The Japanese do not join the ISO of the world. They set up a new benchmark called the Japanese standard. The effect of creating one’s own quality control and customer satisfaction standard has spilled over to other countries, ditching the ISO, and created their own paradigm of quality.

The end

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