BEST WAY Become Financially Independent

Best way become Financially Independence
Best way become Financially Independence
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The Best Way become financially independent is one of the most crucial way to attain freedom from debts, loans, avoiding installments, commitments.  Start rationalizing the expenses that make sense for daily needs and requirements and for the future graduation to financial freedom. Below are the list of input whereby we could start easily the journey to freedom from encumbrances and stresses brought about by mishandling finances!

Let us talk about the tendencies and compulsiveness of our mind when we go shopping or when we are greeted by the latest model of your favorite gadget while strolling and window shopping at your favorite shops or mall. The results of tendencies can be checked easily because fist thing we need to remind ourselves are the objective and the joy of financial independence.job- just over broke

We cannot be financially independent when we do not have finances intact in our bank account or in our pocket. The eventuality of deficit and loss of budget are most often than not brought by buying spree. Buying spree is like a drunkard drinking that is more than enough but they keep on drinking to death!

In the same token financial tendencies would bring about compulsiveness to buying things you fancy or you maybe eyeing for quite sometimes but most of the time it is just because you are attracted to the item like attracted to a famous celebrity you have been salivating about. You lose control and you become obsessed like in a moment. Without strong conviction to stop yourself, you are, quite frankly, doomed to buy on something, quite frankly, you do not need… that is different from what you wanted or desired like maniac, to say it in a manner of speaking. The remedy would be you should have an active conscious decision not to buy something that is not a necessity or more importantly that is beyond or out of the budget. Another most effective way is to have a reliable partner that stops you from your own self-destruction. That is compulsive buying. I have many people around me who are like this. In fact, a lot of us, ordinary people are not actually in control of our buying habits. Some factors are the commercialized world and the inner trapping of having something newer than the others. It is a worldly satisfaction that dissipate fast after using for a few hours or a day!

Another reasons of losing the ability to hit the plan and the goal of becoming financially independent are the desire to give and be happy for their loved ones who asked left and right – thinking you are a bank that never run out of money. 

The tendencies to give happiness to those that matter to you brings even more happiness to yourself. The feeling is greater than saving the money but the effect is counterproductive because a lot of the time the one you have given your financial resources by buying them what they have sweetly requested would be the same people would attack you or shall I say they would be the one to criticize for being extravagant and careless in handling your fiances. At the end of the day, you are left in a corner, licking the pain and the reality you are broke yet again. The worst is when you have incurred so much loan and debts for something that could be postponed for the future. 

We actually need to unlearn the habit and the cultural value of splurging money to the ones you loved! You have the money, you must be in control of your outflow. Remember no one helps when your broke. If there are, it is a shame on you, why would you have come down to that scenario in the first place. Here are the strategies that would help you easily in returning to financial independence and eventually to financial freedom, the BEST WAY become financially independent are:

1. Be fully aware of your financial situation and if it is in the negative, learn immediately to take resolution and solve the situation as soon as possible

2. Do the budgeting and saving even there is financial trouble. There are the left cash and the right cash. The right cash must not be touched at all cost! In order to do that the left cash must be held with utmost care, only to spend to the most minimum amount. Live below your means. Sacrifice not to eat fabulous food but buy food that is more nutritious in fact but much cheaper to the fancy ones. This ne is alone you have to look at your entertainment budget, necessities expenses. Save water and energy including gas. Walk if you can and leave the expenses behind. Exercises is very heap when you walk and you do not se your car. It saves money and it helps you to be healthier.
Be in control of finances

3. Have the mindset of in control. Do not feel depress because you cannot do what you really want. But remember it is for the better e cause obviously what like doing is not good for your financial health in the long run. You have unlearned values, knowledge that do not help you in your finances. 

4. The minds must have new paradigm: Being cheerful of having in control in your life including finances. It is better to have some little inconveniences even little sacrifices for now than the rest of your future.

5. Expand the means of your financial income, start to learn financial literacy and learn how to earn money in many ways.

Now, we are touching down to the little secret of the modern era. 


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