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Stay Positive No Matter

This is the best time to start Business from home. In this time of global onslaught of such dread full viral disease sprouting everywhere out of nowhere seemed very frightening indeed. Stay positive no matter, business opportunities from home have gained a second serious look. But how we could be positive in this time of trouble. Millions are deprived of their sources of income. Their lifeline is cut off. Promises of the government assistance are as good as if it is written on water to some countries. And everywhere there is a feeling of intense urgency, pandemonium and panic. Food shelves are starting to show empty. People are getting allergy to fellow being. Whatever it might be we have been already impacted negatively with this scourge of the century.

Stay positive no matter.

I listed down some ways you can make this situation a great opportunity. You only need to take action at the comfort of your home. See it is a technological world where internet rule the world. How to monetize from using it. Instead of wasting a lot of time from watching and reading on social media and other apps. Let us take a look on thing s we could do to enrich us rather than to impoverish us in this horrible time. Hopefully when the smoke is gone, you are in a better situation than in a worse one.

Ways and means of opportunities at home:

  1. Mentoring – As people need extra activities and thirst for knowledge is in all time high. We would devour any new things that tick out interest and curiosity. So mentoring is a good one for those who have special ability or knowledge to guide and help people who are looking for it.
  2. Marketing Skills – A lot of us will be bored by now. In order to sharpen out way to online business one way to start is to learn to market skills. There are sites which will help you in a practical and earn money from.
  3. Health care related – Specifically nowadays, we need to have and to know self-care. So we can open up an online business. Physical and mental health care – in a broader sense we could learn and share and monetize from this niche. We need to research more about the health benefits and ways and means to main health both physically and mentally.
  4. Self-care tips – these are directly related to how not to be contaminated with Corona Virus and other diseases. We should become health conscious.
  5. Hygiene – in a more specific way, hygiene is the crux of the matter specially in this situation we are facing now because we do not know where the contamination or this virus is lurking. In order to prevent it we need a lot of disinfectant and preventive measures to combat the infection.
  6. Exercising – this is a lot of good. There is a lot things we can do. We can collect some tips in doing right exercise for out heart, lungs and muscles and for out general health condition. One thing more is gym equipment, all those who loved going to gym are right now inhibited o do so in fact gyms are closed. And there are not a few who would not stop their regimen no matter what so sales of gym of equipment is for sure a viable source of income online. Many indeed will be looking for purchase of various pieces of high-ticket exercise equipment like stationary bikes, treadmills, free weights, etc online. The best place to do so is online. And we may b running out of supply as I write this. There are limited production of this type of business. However, in a few weeks I am sure
  7. Nutrition – health includes out health so we can cover recipes that would be cheap but full of fiber and nutrition. So let us make healthy food through video or blogs.
  8. Delivery – All of us at home especially those seniors and disabled will need extra assistance. To set up a website to help them receive their necessities uninterrupted Yes food, medicine and other immediate requirements. This will lessen human proximity or contact. This is a very wonderful opportunity for those who could be able to do this services and we could be the conduits using out internet!
  9. Online business – Affiliate Marketing, is the best time to promote out online marketing platform. And ensure quality service reliable and relevant content and ensure the delivery of the product is being observed by out affiliate partners. We should be watchful of scam and abuses being done in this platform. The biggest opportunity is the WA or Wealthy A lot of people in the USA and in the world are staying home because of the corona virus, they would lose income when they need to stay home and can’t do anything. Building an online business is one of many solutions can help their situations. Other online business during this time is a great idea if you plan to sell your own items or you become an affiliate for a company that pays you to refer customers to them, such as Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, Word Press, Fiverr, etc.
  10. Medical supplies for the home….& household cleaning products- This is similar above but these are cleaning products and this is very important part of survival. Cleaning products specially tissues are in fact a big headache among the population there are videos we could find they are fighting for a rolling paper for toilets. This is insane. We need to set up an online business to stop this craze. You see panic and irrational thinking are twins and this is the result of that panic!
  11. Order + shipping online almost everything- This is a good one reselling is one way to earn money. Buy low from point manufacturer and resell them resell with a decent profit. The focused items are paper towel, hand sanitizer or disinfectant, masks because as you can see, they are 3 essential things to keep people working at some exceptional companies such as Amazon and Ali Baba. This one should be done with more diligence. We need to know some important answer like you should ask where the items are coming from, Are there any warranty or could you just return when not satisfied? How much and how many days the items can be delivered? And so on. Manufacturer can cope up with the demand. The first one to establish an online business on this has a better edge to earn.

OK, You gave me insight. Next time, I should ask some checklist question like where it is coming from, is there any warranty or could I just return when not satisfied? Thanks.

To add on another opportunity, one of my friends said, “You have likely heard this before – think about this from the perspective of a consumer. So, I will tell you who I was on the phone with last week: Gun Stores. As that is not news to anyone or shouldn’t be that permits went up 300% last week across the US, well those Gun Stores want to be found. The gun manufacturers want to sell more weapons, and a solid Every Day Carry Post – Weapon Free, can get hundreds of thousands of clicks! I will say that an Instagram account based with content on weapons alone has soared in followers recently.”

Another friend said, “In regard to niches, this is what I would do. Anything having to do with living a healthy lifestyle that helps the body’s immune system to stay strong. Like why people who smoke or vape put themselves in a higher risk for catching this virus and others that have to do with anything dealing with respiratory.”

Another one added, “Provide education that helps to empower the people in changing their lifestyles that will eventually ease their symptoms or even reverse disorders like type 2 diabetes or heart disease. There are several books on how this is a very real solution. Basically anything that can get people to live healthier.”

These are all some opportunities and business opportunities you can do from home! You should start learning how to do it now so that before you know it you have a website up and running. It is all up to you and to me whether we could make things right and lucrative for an extra income and who knows it may trigger out new way of earning and dump out 9 pm to 5 pm jobs. Let’s start thinking differently. A shift in paradigm is a shift in lifestyle! Why o you and me try this business opportunities at home.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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