Covid-19 Update As of 13th of July


The world has never forgotten the COVID-19 10 because it is still here. The truth of the matter the people of the world wanted to return to the previous pre covid19  way of life. There is this lingering question does the pre-COVID-19 will come back ever again? It never stops to gnaw each one concern on the prognosis of so-called experts in the coming months. The mundane life of last year is now heaven to most who wish to return in tat set up of life. everyone is hoping for the best and yet deep down inside are panicking or rather worrying about what will happen in the coming months?

The government starts allowing the businesses to open up.

The government of different countries is slowly opening up some places for business and loosening up restrictions in going to public places. Many people venture outside the perimeters of their houses only to realize that basically preventive measures are still on the place and things they have allowed for people were cosmetic changes. many places under the guideline of the World Health Organization have followed the mandate given by WHO implementing to the dot the measures threatening that if it was not observed religiously, a pandemic will worsen in the second wave. The governments have spread out all the social amelioration programs to help support their own people weather the storm of this vicious viral disease. The businesses like basic needs are open from 11 to 11 in some areas. And others have stuck to much shorten business hours. The government put the places into different statuses. Those with cases of infection returns to original restrictions quarantine, lockdown and prohibition of people venturing ourside their houses. Some have gradually get a better freedom of movement.

The government allows people to go out and work and do the normal thing

The government could let the civilians go out with their family and friend not exceeding 10persons per group. They could use public parks and other public domains with social Distancing. Some countries mask is not only strongly encouraged but forcefully implemented with a fine it a person goes our without protective personal gears. So many people are complaining that evn family loveones aren’t allowed to still closer because they said it is the policy of the highest officials in the government, While there are relaxes on going out people are already accustomed and mostly are taking precaution to better stay at home than risk infecting themselves. So generally speaking the atmosphere is hopeful as we could see mothers and fathers have stoic acceptance of what shall be unfolding in the coming few months!

The pandemic theory

NOw many preposterous and rediculous theories on the origin and the motive of this virus. Some said it was man made diseases to deliberately reduce the population of the world. Some of them were emphasizing that China all along precipitated the spread of the virus from the experiment gone awry and out of control. There was silent nervy visibility of soldiers all across the placess of Chine and other countries as well it is therefore with any shame, perpetrated the virus that has spread everywhere in the world. In fact, great nations like Spain, France, Italy, UK, Germany have one of the highest infected inhabitants of their countries are languishing for this dreaded disease.

The effects to school and churches

School opening of many learning institutions from preschoolers, elementary, high school, vocational institutions, and colleges and universities have opted generally via online learning. The students from many countries have been fgiven support and assured that the support will suffice those bonafide receivers of the financial supports. The government is very worried about the children being contaminated withis Covid-19 and peole have been resigned they will study in their own houses. Children are complaing they wanted to enjoy school and their friends. In other countries they have Hi breed teaching and learning. The set up was basically new to traditional students and they comprises the majority of students. In the Philippines  were even given the possibility of not continuing school this year. But Filipis are in love learning. I am happy to all these children where students are good with the situation because they said they don’t want to be an additional burden of the government.

The churches has lost a lot of alms from the user to be churchgoers. No wonder, The officials from the Catholic Church. He was saying to let do their work for the Lord. Their church attendance were almost empty. and No one wanted to have funerl services. For what COVID-19 is intenred for burning the body. A lot of business and syndicated means to earn more money from the faithful are now found useless.

The effects on the bank accounts of Ordinary People

The place called Pandemia 2020 Earth means the level of well to do family remains almost the same but it is the middle class that is the most affected in the economic strata of society. Consiedint it is the middle call that holds the stability financially and economically are beong bombarded should be well studied and covered from the unknowing public. Otherwise, there was a lift on ban transactions according to the guidelines given by the government. Peope become docile and have grown the occurrence of staying at home. Some of them felt tht the house is a jail. I didn’t say that. But as he was able to give evidence to some who wanted to get more freedom have found solace in different games from the generous internet games sites. Most od the young ones have use facetime or video conferencing to get in touch with their buddies. And som closer frined have klety their children sleepover to their classmates. Checkining n this I realized that the people are loving more on food and games.

People trying to get the nomal life

many ordinary people are using their creativity to enjoy the onset of summer. many of them went for swimming in some remote eaches where people can be counted on teir fingers, so to speak. They love to go for a joy ride which is one of the remaining mode of transport are your personal vehicle and you will be in charge of your own vehicle. Other families invite their closefirend to have a barbecue in the back yard and go canoeing on the backyard lake. Most of the barbecues are alsmost gone. The way to show how much those ordinary people missed their simple life and activities. people are more sensitive towards other health. It could be or not depends on how you think. Another form of getting into the sense of normaliry is to go for tennis and golf. others would go towards their boat and spend themselves near the open anchors. Especially to the place where I am could mean rain anytime even if we are in the midst of summer.

The effect to Travel

The effect on travel on long distance is still very strict and people wouldn’t want to go further because of the possibilities of stopping you from entering due to the question you are contaminated or not. let the authirty speak.  In cross boarder beween USA and Canada are allowed for as needed. The food delivery by trailers and other important and other essential requrement of bothcountries are still in palce. The Uniteds Tates of America stopped tourist from coming. Even those who have greencard sor toehrt with work permit are nowbanned entering the country until notice. Th tightness of trave from Busses, Grayhounda dnAirplane both domestic and international and many more restriction are still in place. The airline industry have  been in the brink of bankruptcy f the government will not invervene and save the frail and failing industry from total collapse. many workers related to online industry were als crying and sking for more possibility that they will be absorbed once the pandemic subsieded. but thequestion is when does this pademic shall start to show less and leass pattern of haing vontamination. If the data on the covid 19 is correct. This will mean that the wait could not be as near as they were praying it to be.

The effect on Mental Health

The insidious presence of this diseas has put a big slice of the world populationin different degree of mental probel. The most affected on thisare those who were forced to deparate or be sparated due to this restriction of the gvenment trave andn and movement. The main point in this game is to save as many contamination.but what happened there are spikes b  the incidents of mental health had impacted to people. there are many degrees of this issue.. some have committed suicide. many have panic attack and omany more are in depression in varyingintensity. /most of the world are just stressedon many levels. Imagine poor nations have become more indegent and up to the brink if starvation. this has enlarge in this time of Covid seriously. The depression of somany have driven them to act senseless killing others even their own children. a numbe of the aregotten trul cracked up and have put pressure on the health institutions due to varioous cases of ailemnt related to the Covid pandemic. The health ministry from each country have their version of contingency plan. Some ahve open up some pubic buildings like opera, theater, gym arena and some have created temporary hospitlas while the build ofof more permanent ones are awaition completion.The concern of many are the frontliners. Many doctors and nurseshave lost their lives saving patience with the same. These are serious events that need a no nonsense aproach. Since WHO are now under pressure to come clean and prve to theworld they know what they are doing. The truth of the matter is  vacine is far coming as yet. A lot of people and governemtn are waiting eafgergerly who could provde the first vaccine againts this viral disease. nd the future seemed to look jusrt as dim as before.

The Effect so far on Ecosystem

There is a silver lining on this  tragic situation, The natua=ral fauna and flora have started to ppear on the right places.corals have been refreshed. Birds and other aquatic animals started to multiply and fly much freer because of lack fflight from manmade birds!Many of the environment has shown encouraging improvement even the gas indicator from many of the plolluted countries have been cleansed nothing short of a miracle. Clearer visonof the horizon have been witnessed for the first time. Many tehabilitations shoresare showing promising long term solutions and people are generally excited on this development giving a little sense o wwhat to celev]brate. May cities are now much less polluted like Bombay, Manilla, Karachi, American Cities and other western countries have improvrd ny leaps and bounce.

The hope index of the people

The hope index of many people have gone negligble creating a sad atmospher among the survey intitutions. Many of te citizens of the world have found a renewal in their faith and return ed into the fold of the mercy and love of the Living God. Although a lot of them are returning to their chosen gods, the true living God of Israel and Gentiles are becoming more and more. Many conversion have been made during this crisis than in any other tim There are many people who have procalaimed   their accetance of God  jesusChrist as their Savior. it might not the way i hoped for but for sure a lot of those foreknow are in the fold of the God. There is hope in God. It seemed there are no ther avenues where our hop can be takenc ared of more realistically than in faigth of the true living Go. The basic part of ths is the renewal of the Christian Church, The hope index of the general popualtion per country is abysmal.

The casualties

The casualties of Covid will not give the true picture w=of what we are going through in this time of pandemia. The world has many casualties in the following categories as per country. THe USA, Brazil and Argetina and many other are very much affected. China for one have given their data where a lot of  countries are doubting the veracity of their report on their casualties. the wolrd caualties are in the vicinity of 2million and counting. Tge little countries are already contaminated as well. Continent wise all the continensts have Covid. The attack of this disease is unpredictable, other seemed normal but has contamination, others received fatal effect on their health renedering them in a few days or week. The invisibility of the virus made the causualties even more worse. The death toll show that it  des not respect who are the rich, famous and have power. Famous ones left the world many are in danger to be the next one. This is the challenges on the causalty department. Peoplee started bcoming brazen disobeyig government restrictions sayig it is alread surping their fundsmental rights and was sorsened by the incided of killing a black which nade mant trouble makers to use the emtional grande of the issue do the momentum of being free walking out of the street. and creat chaos and start the act of hopeless remedy, Riots and perverted reasoning.

Teaming up with another potential pandemia

The sad news was latelt there are additional diseases that have surfaced  again from China one is the Swine Flu and the Bubunic flu. Bith of them have alread y had their appearance in different time and year. Bubonic killed the most death in the world arounf 40 milion and HINI swine disease have also killed a significant number of death, that is in millions. Imagining the combinations of this disease that would replicate the viciousness of the novel corona virus have made the people cringe even more and cause mental problem to not a few. Asof this wrting who know if there are more diseases that may manifest itself suddenyl

The secret we never know

Ever wonder whatt has been gong on in this world. The age of inofrmation has stated to surface the invisible group of questionable character whose main purpose is to establish a one world social order. Manyof the plans are so evil and terrifying.For one their leader is obviously the Evil one and the members have no belief whatsoever in God, Moral values. They have macabre ritual evenserving and sacrifing huma life at the appointed time. They have orgies and limitless perversion. Accordingly they are formal and gentle at the outside but within they are worst than the worst criminal around. They have been connected to many more mystery incuding the underworld connivance of Agartha, However people in agartha are not harmful but no knows what they are reall intending to do. The have the connections to Annunaki and Nephilim andcreatures from outside the earth. Recently there was a report of abnormal activintied under the gounf od of Mar and thar if the Mooon. I am not going there butlet them all fall into their own schemes and elt the=m fall wth out remedy.

The line between now and the future.

The abnormality of occurence on following levels are indicative of the nearing tribulation such senario thant it has never been experience before andso hall never be repated again. Here we go here are the line beteen the future. THe introduction of mega pandemic disear we call COVID-19 is just a beggining. Theoccurences of strange appearance ofdifferent objects and the revelation of many steven stranger events like the appearanceof the anti christ who cold even replicatewhat the Lord Jesus cHris have done We are having a more frequent experiences of earthquake, volcanic eryptions, Tsunamis, power appearance of mazing display of strange objects in heaven. The climax shall come suddenly in the birghtest fashion

Is this the gateway to the ends of the world?

The question comes face to face not only to me ut for everyone. In the last day justlike in the book when Noah was building the ark eople just went on doing the moral activities of life. Getting marries, working. mocking the insanity of Noah and his family. until the day when the super deluge came without any announcement but when they realized that the flood will not stop  they realized that Noah have made the right decision and realized their fatal mistake begging to let them in and as much as the Noah’s fmaily wanted to help they couldn’t because it s impssible to help theme antthem anymore.

This is not a question ofreligion or myth or cult or just a write up to warn, it will come for sure and for those who listen and read the manual book for man . ATheneveryone may find the salvation if all will endure in the knowledge of the true source of information, data, wisdom and secrets unfolding events that would come vety soon.Iam not the one to foretell when because in the Book 1000 years is just one day to God and 1 day to God is 1000 years to God. The reality f this cannot be comrehensible by a lot of peole, when the chance and priroty has come and you lay down the treasures of heave, ofcourse this will be trampled up, Like pigs who do not care about gold aor silver but only heir stomach.


Covid 19 is but another diseases that comes from time to time Thorough venmultiplied This is the cukmination of the earth;s fullness. We though t we have the cutting edge technology, we depend more on science ad rational thinnking as if it is not rational to believein the one who have created everytjjhing and say to everyone this is nothing but a coincidence of the so called evolution and law of accidence. The near future has been foretold before with accuracy prven many tims  written from the bible . It has shown everything before they all happend. If you are called donot harden your heat Hear ad follow him Blssd are those who have ears to hear the secrets of the kingdo of God Safety from the Deception of the evil. We are alll have freedom to choose. The choice is yours alone.

The different development ihave been stated and in every paragro[aph somethisnf is there to understand. This is not the Normal time.And it hslal not come back the way it was.Theworld is just beginning to pull us into a spiral of challenges that wak and no ense of belief and faith shall carry the burden of the wrd pain without peace but extreme pain and panic. Have sometime tie to talk to to yourself and ask your self what are you gooing to do What is your choice?

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