Creating A Legacy to All Women of the World

In today’s world the only thing we could leave behind that matters to anyone especially to the future generations particularly your bloodline is more of your integrity. How you lived and how you contributed to the betterment of the world around us. No matter how small it might be. However why make it small when we can make it big, because that what must be done!

Let us start with the most delicate subject to talk about women. First one is sex. I am tackling here this one to show that we could have a sensible discussion on this topic. Sex is beautiful. It is only wrong when it is used the wrong way. No different from using a pot of gold to do goodness to yourself, family and the world or you use it for your own selfish desire. But the truth is, sex is so sweet everyone wants to marry, among other reason, it is to exercise the ultimate gift a man and a woman can give to each other. Nowadays, it is given to those who first bid the highest price, or the first one you caught a fire of fancy and a chance for a one night stand. The values of the present generation has become the sad truth of our time. Media promote premarital sex and promiscuity. Everyone as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, every is a slave of their animal instinct to do what they feel they like doing akin to an animal when it is the mating season, they just do it! Everyone has destroyed the rules and ways how to use sex correctly, morally and at the right time. Marriage is important, that is the union of mind of both female and male. The only thing I could show and I have been doing is to give sanctity to the values of marriage and respect to women being a male and treat them as co-equal partner without being patronizing and hypocrite because that is the way it should be. There is a school of thought on marriage. Let me tell you about marriage, It is when a man and a woman leave their parents and cohabit together in one house as husband and wife in agreement with each other that it is so, that is marriage to me!

I have been in this world long enough and see the violence against women for the lust of man and for the egoistic husband who put their wives not their better half but in subjugation like a literal slaves to attend to their whims and delight of their mouth and the satisfaction of their manliness. I am disheartened and pained to no end why such male counterparts have the mindset of the beasts. Why I am talking about this because the world is synthesized by the news of such proportion as if it the norm and such is not news anymore. I tell you something folks for as long as we give this fact a shrug of a shoulder or just another news treatment. This world will remain as dangerous as ever. The real culprit here is the upbringing of parents and the cold concern of the authorities. We all have a setup of laws and check valves against abuse to humans. Sex is a beautiful thing but not when wit done in an evil way. The sex that has been perverted by media and magazines had relegated women as an object and willing victims of such exploitation. It is time we discuss boldly what we should do about it. I am calling for the world give respect where it is due. We cannot abuse women forever in the name of capitalism and freedom. Freedom without morality is not freedom but perversion and lethal on the minds of the new generations! The results of all these has to be detected with precision. Why does this thing exists?:

1) Poverty – it is the results why we have primarily having such grave incidents of white slavery or prostitution. Money is such a powerful instrument to live and women in many parts of the world are on the receiving end of all that is wrong in society. We need to give women jobs and empowerment to live as independent co-equal human being and strong by giving them jobs. Tn world greedy elite will not change unless a leader of courage and will power break their monopoly on the economy. In today world jobs are proliferating on the screen of your computer that leads me to the second causes of this phenomena.

2) Education – women have been ignorant and illiterate in many parts of the world and has no access to internet. There are about 7 billion and four billion have access to internet mostly women are drawn to online yet again using their body. Education on many opportunities to create sources of income should be given to them. They should gave access to basic education. I want the world to teach English in all schools as part of their curriculum because this is the world’s global language. If we are not well verse i English there is something g that will be missed big time. There is always hope if the world community today will work together and make this project happen in Mongolia, In Africa and in the Jungles of South America somewhere in the squatters of India, The Philippines, Indonesia and the extremist of the Arab world. These are brought by the misleading concept on the truth. It is not confined in this region alone. Everywhere truth are being misled by false spiritual leaders. In fact, in every corner of the world truth is being destroyed! If we all give importance to the language of the world we could somehow teach women and men alike to help themselves by information dissemination on the legit sites for online business.

3) Indifference – this is for me the main reason why we do not have such a good place to live in. People especially those who could help would not do so simply because they do not care or afraid to get involved – cowardice. The problem here in this world is that if we do not care enough for one another that is why there are billions of people who are living even under extreme poverty! Someday it will come back to you in a big way and will reap the same treatment and attitude from others. We must learn how to care for others and this is the basic of the fundamental truth enshrined on the pages of man’s manual for living an eternal life – love one another! Well said by you know who! You should know but alas not so many know. He is the Lord Jesus Christ!

I wanted to live a legacy that ignite the awareness and a movement resulting to the genuine emancipation of women as the weaker humans! Rather, emboldened them to take a stand and leave them to grow and fly to wherever they wanted to go and to be! it is not too late let us help propagate a movement for the purpose of exert in creating tremendous pressure to the world community and to that power to effect change for the benefit of women!

How to do so.

Let the international community and the world’s power who recognize the urgent need to take the role of effecting change for women must act a concerted effort to call all governments of the world to a conference outlining a program of education, and for the information dissemination on laws protecting women and the system by which to give and implementations in protecting women. Give women to be governed by people of integrity and courage who are willing to go extra mile in giving just and immediate action to the complaints and crimes committed against women. There should be a draconian law t to protect the sanctity of woman’s dignity.

All countries must report their performance to the governing international body led by countries with power and good record on their protection and implementation of law for the protection and well-being of women. Including learning English to understand the online business and all information on the internet and create free course for all equals to the education we get from high school and more!

Teaching them how to fish both the conventional and the online jobs is very important. Online business is needed because we must know that only on having your own source of income we can truly be independent and live the life of dignity.

There are many ways to earn money online. Not only stay at home jobs, customer service call center, and virtual assistance, proofreading and writing reports are some sources of income. They are jobs we can do and women can do it as well if they are given the support and the education and training they need to be effective and truly earn from all these opportunities. One of the rising sources of income is actually affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate marketing but we need to be choosy. The best affiliate marketing can be had. Read them well and it has free membership! To learn the means and ways of online business is very important to everyone especially to the women of the world who are basically stay at home mom or jobless because of inequality that is still existing in this present era, a phenomenon that is part of cultural structure of society anywhere in the world except for those who have real laws implementing equal opportunity on jobs and benefits. We need to start somewhere and in my opinion the internet to day is the most important part of the new change we will be having for the women of the world through this internet we can report in real time abuses and crimes committed against women and jobs opportunity that can be done remotely!

Author: Florentino Cruz

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