Dream, dream, dream until you touch it in your hands

The best thing we do in our life is to keep on dreaming. There is power in a dream that is held within the vicinity of your heart and is kept from the knowledge of other people except you and your mind. The power presupposes the inspiration and the spirit that is contained in the heart will power you up to activate the dream into action. A lot of us are like amateur boxers that when we are in action in pursuing our dreams we do not think and plan ahead. You grab what it presents by accident and do what you can. This good and this is bad. A lot of us have wasted the opportunities because nobody coached us t=what the right things to do. Just like a boxer, when they really wanted to win they have a coach to tell them their weaknesses and strength And the weak points the coach remedies them by pinpointing the things to do in order to make the weak point your strong point. They also give you direction on what to do for their fight. In the same token, We must have a coach. Well, A coach should not only be a person, but it would also be the book of the person, or the other media to gather all the necessary information required in order for you to reach the dreams you desire. Here are some guidelines in order for anyone who can effectively achieve what they wanted to achieve.

1. Know your passion and your dream – Usually, your dream is connected to your passion. Painters become great painters because that is their passion. This is very true to all fields of endeavor. A boxer should have a passion for boxing so is the policeman should have a passion for peace and order while the sculptors have a passion for creating masterpieces.

2. Have a plan – if you want to become a businessman what will you do, you will ask yourself what business? for example business on e-commerce. Then you need to plan what tare the knowledge or know how to do the business and earn a lot of money. Most of us ill dream of an endeavor that would create not only self-satisfaction but will bring money to the table and freed you the 9-5 routine we call modern slavery. To have a plan which I always irritated are the following SMART

Specific – you need to spell out what dream are you saying write it down be specific. if you say online business then you have to write about sports, that is too broad if you become more specific and you said football, then you can proceed to narrow them down to more specific details and you may categorize the more specific niche related to Football such as football shoes, ball, exercises, t-shirts, shorts, socks, goals, and coaches. Each of them can be divided into yo categories all talking about football.

Measurable. When you have dreamed you can measure the possibilities you can achieve. When the football niche is open you may know more about shoes and better than other things like exercises, workout, diet, and exercises. You can measure that the amount of money you have is possible to successfully put up capital to buy and sell items related to football. You should know how long it would take to get the business deal closed from payment to delivery of the goods. We should know al the details. Remember the success of a business is through the fine details of ever think we do. We should be able to measure it and continue to maintain and improve it continually.

Achievable. We should create our own plan this must be achievable in our present condition. We should want to become a shipbuilding company owner, you need to go down to something that is realistic as selling football spots items through online business. The greatness of a ma is his simplicity to act towards a bigger goal without letting up until it is achieved. Achievable goals are goals that create confidence in self-affirmation that yes, I can. The things we do is the journey we take to achieve the plan of creating wealth for ourselves and for our loved ones. Achievable goals are goals that will empower us to go for a higher dream. Leveling up is the word and leveling up is the way to go, it should be scalable up to the poi point of realizing every corner of your dreams!

Realistic – We do not dream alone we make it real. In order to make it real, we must be realistic. Start to something we can handle easily or even with difficulty be sure that the difficulty is realistic to our capability to surmount those difficulties. We know that our capability is limitless. However just like boxing before you might and you know you can win, it is rather more work than talk. Talk can help you believe in motivation, it helps you get inspired but work ethics and taking action will take you there on the pedestal of your dream. Realism is pegged on the possibility of greater achievement.

Time-Bound – Nothing is useful when there is no completeness and the time of achieving the point of target. There are a number of steps aim, target, objectives, goals, and completion of the all the following parts of the steps, The steps are as I said 1. Aim – the aim is what do you want to get from achieving your dream. Maybe, money, justification, glory to God, self-satisfaction, fame, or vanity. Hopefully, your aim is noble and good for the people as well. 2. Target. What is your target, a $1000/ month income, and when you are planning to achieve this income after 6 months or after 1 year? The next step is 3. Objectives have the $1000 regularly and more. The minimum must be the objective. And more is fun. Goals are the aim, target, and objectives rolled into one, and o if it is all wrapped up finely the expectation of achievement of the plan is more possible. We should take action it is in itself part of realization. The journey towards getting the dream is already being realized. The journey is the thing we remember not the achievement of the dream long after they have been achieved.

The dream is the instigator of achievement and the great spirit of man. We can become great by think we achieved but we achieve to be happy if we shared our achievement generously and cheerfully. Happiness and love is the end of it all.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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