Economic Meltdown: What We Have to Do Now?

What is going on?

We have to face it. The meat of the news each day is the never-ending scourge of the Novel Corona Virus or the so-called COVID-19. This is the worst virus ever visited mankind in recent memory with a threat of wiping an even more huge number of people around the world. If the world would not be able to check the increase of the spread and lost our grip in the control of this pandemic disease, the World recession cannot be taken out of the eventualities without mentioning millions could directly die due to this serial killer. The IMF has already given its projection on the economic effect and it is based on the premised we could turn the tide of the battle against this viral disease in the next half of the year.

The world will experience the worst recession since the Great Depression. While the conservative estimate of IMF on unemployment, production and services and fuel, etc. could be quite assuring everything will be alright. However, these are but estimates. Human Capability to control the turns of event from devouring our progress and massively decrease the GDP of each country by this pandemic is not fully under our control.

Countries that are experiencing the worst effect of this coronavirus are not the poor ones but the so-called advanced economies such as the USA, and some European countries. They are Italy, Spain, IK, German and France to name a few. Other countries are getting a sharp spike on the upward trend. Some are being besieged by the virus for the first time. And there is a talk of the second wave, the third and so forth. No one is pretty sure when it will ever end.

What will happen in the next two months and beyond?

The global economy has slowed abruptly it’s activities due to social distancing lockdown and now extreme community quarantine. There is also a stringent application of lockdown. Some Government Authorities around the world are penalizing anyone with hefty fines and/or jail sentence if one is found gallivanting in public parks or public areas. A war veteran in the Philippines has shot down dead apparently because he was lingering around. Many countries are now enforcing lockdown seriously. In India, people were hit by baton-wielding policemen and Those returning to their respective provinces were forced to go to their destinations on foot due to lack of public transport. In Oman, they have relaxed the immigration status of alien residents. One thing they really wanted to enforce is to get all people check-up for COVID-19 infection. Some places, people are getting impatient and they started to get out of the house in defiance of the town order to lock down themselves at home. If the prevailing condition will continue, The capability of the government authorities to handle the situation under control may start to crack up if the following factors would suddenly take their places:

Possible Scenarios

1) When people are tired of being lockdown and wanted to be free no matter is the situation. They were not actually believing that the pronouncement of health authorities preventing people from gout is losing credibility due to some pundits claiming otherwise.

The snowball effect of people defying the government lockdown instead started to pour out of the street could have de-stabilization consequences on the social order of society. Even war freak mindset more like brought out by the stress in the minds of some. These types of people who have already mental health issues could be prone to panic and to go out of control spewing violence either in ways beyond we expect.

A case in point what happened in Halifax Nova Scotia, a deranged man had killed at least 16 people randomly. Accordingly, making t the worst mass carnage by one person in Canada History. The impact on the mental health of so many people could not be quantified. If the mind of the populace becomes more restless and assertive, the country will be at risk of chaos.

2) If the government authorities could not carry on the provision of basic support to its citizens such as peace and order, medical services, food, and essential daily necessities due to exhausted financial capabilities. People will go hungry en masse. The root of all crimes and violence is when a group of people is left being extremely hungry.

This will cause riots due to looting and invasion of private properties of well-to-do families. Gangs and criminal thugs may thrive and could endanger a great number of helpless and vulnerable citizens such as the aged, women, and children.

3) Other unforeseen infectious diseases will sprout out. Quite frankly, these diseases were frankly being expected according to experts on infectious diseases. As it is the novel coronavirus accordingly has already mutated into 30 new strains most of which have become immune or have resistance to certain previously effective medicines against COVID-19.

What about if a totally new more savage infectious viral disease suddenly sprout out somewhere in Asia again or anywhere in the world?

4) The totally secretive powerful group that actually controls the whole world is actually having the main agenda and this viral disease is but a diversion tactic for their plan of world dominion. It is an open secret, that this group sometimes called Illuminati, Mason, or whatever, we may never know their group’s name or identity.

In fact, there is an erected monument that spells their plan of decimating the world population from 7 Billion to around 500 million only. They argue that this is expedient to protect the mother earth from decay. This is outrageously fantastic but it has its own viable credence. We cannot dismiss anything now. We need to have a watchful mindset.

We need to have an open analytical mind to weigh everything without going overboard. Who knows, the authorities are actually innocent pawns leading them to act according to this invisible group master plan of global domination. Who could tell?

5) The Bible has predicted all of these things above. And worse. The bible has this mentioned among the 4 scourges in the soon coming tribulations. Natural catastrophes such as giant waves called tsunami, monster twisters, signal number 5 typhoons, cyclones, or storms and we have the Pacific Ring of Fire, were the worlds active volcanoes are located. Volcanic eruptions, global earthquakes, and heavenly meteoric showers as big as houses and cars are foretold!

There will be global famine and pestilence, war, and the anti-Christ. I am not mixing myself with religiosity here. I mentioned this part because we cannot deny things are happening as per the prophecy foretold in the Bible. We better have an open mind to get a clear picture of what might transpire in the near future.

The combinations of either some above scenarios or all of them would spell classic doom and gloom worthy of Armageddon. Indeed, this will hasten the grim prospect of countries around the world particularly the Middle East – the epicenter of the final count down of the end of the earth. The irony of them all is the so-called advanced countries are actually the worst hit of this invisible silent killer for now. Let us cooperate, let us unite and let us work in a great urgent mission to escape these scenarios.

What we have to do now is to strategize in finding where we could go to avoid the grim prospect, if we can afford and have the opportunity to do so. The second one is to immediately pray urgently and meditate on what God wanted us all to do.

This may sound corny to the agnostics and atheist but everyone has the right to profess whatever belief they wanted to embrace. The meaningful plans are plans that cover everything and not deny the existence and the possibilities of other factors. Many have already been synthesized by self-proclaimed enlightenment that there is no God,

And Religion is a myth. At the end of the day when there is no one to turn to you find yourselves kneeling to the one you have denied and refused to recognize Living God. Pray hard and prove He is alive. Read the Book. Sometimes the answer and deliverance from all of these scenarios and present situations are written somewhere in the pages of the best-seller book of all time, the solutions we really wanted behold.

What we must do?

1. Full cooperation by all is required.

2. All concerned authorities must treat their specific duties are a matter of life and death

3. Full support and urgent action in the development of effective vaccine or antidote to all strains of the novel coronavirus.

4. Everyone must share the sacrifice, staying at home for as long as it takes must be observed including the social distancing and going out only for the essential requirements.

5. Active monitoring of government courses of action and active participation of sharing suggestions or solutions to hasten up the defeat of this viral disease.

6. Sincerely pray and prove that God is not a God that does not answer. The Bible said to prove all things.

7. Keep your mind proactive, positive, and busy on thinking positive plans and positive resolutions.



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