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by megawinner

First off, what is the key?

A key is used to open a door, we can also mean to open an opportunity, an operation or a system. The key also can close them.

What is an App?

An app is a software that permits you to execute particular work. Desktop applications are normally called for desktop or laptop computers, and mobile apps for mobile phones or smartphones. Opening an application, means you operate the system. It will only stop if you close.

In the same way, we need a key to where we can have our opportunity to get our financial literacy and especially financial freedom. The key here is the Wealthy Affiliate. It is the home of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is a website where business online can be created and effect passive income which could lead to your realization of a long-time dream of financial freedom.

Apps in Wealthy Affiliate are user-friendly that are available to serve different roles and particular jobs to jump-start your skillset tools and understanding on how to write a blog that has an effective niche and title to create traffic and land yourself in the Google ranking. The ranking is very important as it helps expose your blog to more traffic and therefore create high potential of turning traffic into profit. There are other means to earn, by review of product and services, Ads, links, and even giving comments to blogs that earn you points that can be converted to monetary considerations. All of these have some apps that would help you make your endeavor easier to do.

Wealthy Affiliate created comprehensive pieces of training to let all members understand and apply the means and ways of producing effective websites, blogs, links, network, niche, etc. So anyone who has a passion to actualize their longtime dream is just a click or tap away on your computer keyboard.

The Missing Keys Are Found:

As we see above we have it all. The opportunity is being presented. But the question is, why do we stay is the same as we were a few months or years ago? What makes us slip away from the opportunity day by day in creating a powerful means of residual income from the realistic opportunities presented by Wealthy Affiliate. I understand there are missing Key Apps that need to be switched on to achieve our goals. They are keys, not just one!

The Proverbial keys App lies in our mind and heart. It is empty of the apps because we do not have the key.

The first Keys App is The 3 C’s- Consistent Customer Care

Consistent customer care means our point of endeavor and work is to make our customers satisfied. Do not think first of the money you could earn. That is why we need to learn before we earn. Learn that the customer is the source of our bread and butter. Without customers who would support our effort and would be willing to spend money on our effort, we need to ensure we are giving value for money with rich content, quality, and usefulness for their specific requirements. Always put the welfare of the customer first. Customer is all people who read your blogs, who follow you, who uses your pieces of knowledge and information for their satisfaction. Therefore, the 3 C’s are

1.Consistent customer care means the same for me as customer satisfaction,

2.Customer delight, and 

3.Customer extraordinary experience.                                                             

 The paramount keys App that must be embedded in our heart and 
 soul is the 3C’s

The second Keys App is the 3 Focus:

1. Focus on Learning, a lot of distraction are around even in the Wealthy Affiliate itself there is a distraction, such as the chat and social exchanges with fellow like-minded members in the WA community. I am not saying it is not good. It is very good but we need to be mindful to learn. Learn before we earn. It is the lifeblood of business.

2.Focus on priorities. To stay in the game, we need to know the rules and the mechanics of the game. In the same way, we need to master all the boxes of skill tools. It’s important to work day by day with an emphasis on Kaizen, a Japanese mantra for continuous improvement. We cannot grow without improving our work from last month, last week and from yesterday. It must go better and better. Those who remain stagnant in this platform will not last. It means that we need to prioritize our priorities and ensure that the priorities are the right ones indeed. That is why we need to daily improve ourselves with constant analysis, self-reflection and, assessment on our endeavor. It is your business. It is your baby, for the first time in your life maybe you are completely your boss. At any rate, this is it. The rise or fall of your business is entirely dependent on you. Aren’t you going to give the best and prioritize your goals to uplift your life because your priority more likely is just like mine? – That is to give the best for my family and they could be many other things.

2.Focus on results. Results in our endeavor and effort to be better than yesterday every day. It is the bottom line of what we call production and profit. A meaningful effort needs the required results. We cannot work hard for nothing. The result means it must be the gauge by how efficient and effective is the results we are making. Are the results the right one in the right direction? Is the result we are making the ones that we require to achieve our goals? Do not just go on, see the horizon where you are going, sometimes we forgot the destination because we are going on the opposite side. What I am saying is just because you are doing something for your goals, you are making things happen. Sometimes we are working more to our frustrations and are adding more misery because we don’t take time to see the overall scenario of our direction. We cannot be blind. Open your eyes see where you are going. Not once but all the time, because the world is changing in a dizzying speed, more so the online business. Every time you lose this focus you will be prone to trouble. If we put into application the focuses that we must maintain there are no reasons why we shall fail unless you do not have the third Keys App.

The third Keys App is the 3 R’s:

It is not about us it is about the customer. We must be the bringer of happiness and of upliftment of the quality of life in everything we offer in our online business. So we only choose the finest using our best judgment.


1.Reliability. The customer must have the confidence and trust that the activities of the business organization or platform or website like Wealthy Affiliate are genuine and transparent. What we are offering and promoting or sharing is worth reading, worth owning and worth keeping. Dependability is a twin brother of Reliability. What we offer must be dependable. The information and the products or services should be what they are as what is stated. Quality, value, usefulness are a must. It must be a given. There are no hidden agenda or secret motive or deception or whatsoever. Reliability should be built-in on the organization, products or services they sell, the people who run them and the system. All of them must be getting more reliable through the test of time, not the other way around. It should assure everyone of the positive outcome, positive review of one’s services or product reliability.

2.Relevance is the usefulness of the organization in the current prevailing realities of life. The value it offers and the positive effect on the user. If it makes the members happy and satisfied with the usefulness of the product or services being sold, it means it is relevant to their personal lives. This is the bottom line of it all to create not only customer satisfaction but customer delight and even customer extraordinary experience. The better the experience of the customer the higher is the success rate of your endeavor.

I pledge to give my best to my reader. l would personally endeavor to raise a higher benchmark of commitment on creating and producing extraordinary experience to those who use, apply, or own any of the products, training, services that l would recommend or l would be offering. That is relevance to me.

3.Responsiveness, the product or services address and resolve customer’s requirements. Responsiveness is the right effectiveness and efficiency of products or services to the needs and even the expectation of customers. For example, we need to set up customer care facilities where all questions and problems are resolved in the fastest possible time frame. In Wealthy Affiliate, the question of members has a prominent palace in the site to quickly and efficiently answer them

We have an application from our laptop, desktop, on the palmtop, we call a smartphone. We should also have our personal keys app. And they are the guide and keys to give out a work filled with value and usefulness. It must be satisfying and hopefully gives an excellent or extraordinary wonderful experience.

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