How to Achieve 9 Basic Self Improvement Targets and Goals


Self Improvement is the way for every person to develop into the best version of themselves. One fundamental rule of life is you will never know what you are missing if you do not know. How to achieve 9 basic self-improvement targets & goals?

The first thing to do is to find out what are the areas in life you would love to improve a din order to know that you may want to read something like this in order to open up your thoughts on the possibilities of a much better you in the future. It may give you insight and perspective that you might think of in improving yourself as a toally rounded person according to what you might have perceived it to be.

To start with I will be giving you practical information and guidelines you may want to think about and spark that eureka of yours sparkling in your thoughts. Remember everyone has something special in them. Explore and find it in you. You might be neglecting a talent that could give you satisfaction intellectually and will give financial windfall from your new-found talent. So here we  go:

Guidelines on Achieving the Self-Improvement Goals

Know yourself.

Appreciate the fact that all men have weaknesses and flaws.No one is complete and blameless much more perfect before anyone’s eye. Because your mother or your wife might consider you perfect. Do not believe them. You are not.   As we accept ourselves for what we truly are with warts, pimples, skin tags, and all we shall start from there know yourself means you must accept yourself, you won’t know yourself if you do not accept your identity, your imperfections, your dark secrets you are trying to forget, your physical defects, your character filled with negativity and evil your attitude that is filled with limiting beliefs and obsolete ideas.

You might be having disgustingly bad habits. All of them must face and accept yourself. Accepting yourself means knowing everything about you and as you accept them all you will not have an opportunity to start rebuilding your better or new version of what and who you really are. Do not believe that what you are is permanent. Life is filled with changes, a change of thoughts, and heart is a profound change indeed. Do not ever believe that you do not have a chance not to change yourself beyond your wildest imaginations. Again only if you are ready first to face your self, accept yourself, face all the realities about who you are, and what you are.

Here are ways to succeed in self-improving your life as a whole.

1. Accept yourself whoever you are!

Before someone can truly accept you for who you are you should first accept and love yourself. Because there is no one the same as you. And from there you will have a chance to genuinely assess your way of thinking, way of doing things, of where you come from, where you are going and what you really want to be in your life.

2. List down everything you do not like about yourself.

Assess why you do not want it. Think if it is only out of the wrong perspective or out of the wrong imagination on that thing you do not like about yourself. List them down like procrastination, no initiative, not ambitious, no initiative, too lazy to think about the future.

Who care’s attitude, and there are other things we can say about who we really are. It is better to stary with negative like the one I said. Then write down what is your positive side, maybe you are tall, well built, have a great voice, compassionate, helpful, friendly and other good attributes you may have

3. Make a plan on how to improve the basics of your personality, your attitude, and your character.

a) Personality is how you talk, how you walk and your grooming and hygiene, your charisma, or your shyness with people.

b) Your attitude is how you treat other people, how you interact with people and with life itself. How you think about life and what your courses of action in a given situation.

c) Character is the ingrained part of you either you are evil or good, liar or honest, coward or brave, peaceful or war freak, faithful or anything goes, thrifty or sky is the limit and a one day millionaire, Character is who you are not like a reputation – this is a fake character because reputation can be maintained to let the people know how you want them to know you. Character is whether there are people looking at you or no one is looking at, if you are good your are good in and out of your house, there are no motives for a character or price to pay for a character, you will act accordingly as per the dictates of your character.

4. Make your plan

Make your plan realistic, the content is genuine, and you have a projection when each one in the list will reach its resolution or improvement according to your criteria, so it must have a finish line. When it will be on that level. Plan according to your capability not according to your sudden surge of enthusiasm and the failure in the end. We do not need energy drink here, the power now lazy later. It should be a long-lasting solution.

5. Take your steps one day at a time

When we say one day at a time, it means you will take action on your target for each of your lists. There must be resolve and determination to change yourself for the better. You should realize that this exercise spells your future happiness.

6. Decide to forgive yourself

It means you must not blame your self anymore but empower yourself to be better every passing day. It is also to forego all your regrets and frustrations and throw them all to the bin.

Forgiving oneself

I re-emphasize this matter because we cannot live with the past. We cannot arrive in the future if you are visited by your past. Forget them and just use it as your lessons in life and move on

7. Start with bits and pieces

When I say that start with things you can easily change because it is good psychology give you a frame of mind that there are possibilities in this serious makeover. This one will change you yo al level of success you wanted to achieved say, after 6 months and onwards you may go up the next level after that. However, I advise you to treat yourself and celebrate for each accomplishment you achieve.

Keep it by piecemeal

Do not attempt to change the whole list choose only 1 – 3 items to change at a time. Why, because when you start you need to do something that is realistic, achievable, and specific enough in order to really change a particular item you wanted to improve.

8. Keep your focus

Concentrate on the list and the changes you are striving to change and believing that your character and everything will be developed by daily practice. Always focus on the belief that you could improve yourself for the better. Find your compelling reason why. Maybe you dedicate it to the most important person in your life. Your compelling reason is like when you are deeply in love for someone and you could live without her or him. If you haven’t experienced such emotional feelings, just think of the reason that will move you to move your mountain.

What are the main Things most people wanted to improve in their lives? 

1. To become a better person.

To be able to do what others can do. To be able to socialize effectively and win friends. To gain more confidence in public speaking and gain more qualifications to grow in his career and most importantly know the purpose in life and able to share it with humanity to also finally give it away.

Life is like a passing wind and with it time is gone. We need to take full control of what we ould do. So nurture everything you have within you. Do not et the sun goes down without not doing something to improve our talent, skills geared towards the fulfillment of our dreams.

I have been a teacher most part of my life and I understood the struggle of some and the easy ride of others and yet in written test and in practice, the easy riders perform well. Bu those who struggle nurturing their skills and talent, would one day bloom and eventually overtaken those easy riders. Why because they are focus and dedicate to take their life’s passion to the next level and they don’t stop, some of them ended up quickly as supervisors, managers, and part of the senior management.

I have the privilege to witness the budding progress of some of them and knew mentoring, coaching, and teaching if taken seriously, there will always be some students who will also take your guidance seriously.

I realized that the methodology of teaching my students was laced with my personal touched  and I did not spare any effort to do the following: (I suggest to follow these steps)

My guidance to my students for self-improvements:

1. Yourself is a challenge and challenge yourself.

2. Tell them nothing is impossible for those who believe.

3. Highlight the strength and know your weaknesses.

4. Show them the opportunity.

5. Warn them there is a serious impact on what you are doing today.

6. Take correct action now towards the accomplishment of your goals in one week, one month, one year from now, and so on.

7. Never quit, never be negative.

8. Destroy negative and evil thought. Choose to win.

8. Listen to your heart – or your gut feeling

9. To do the things we love. And redirect your life to your passion are two important decisions you must inculcate in yourself. Self-improvement needs energy, continuity, and endless passion. Dedication and focus create a powerful result that could spellbind even yourself and the loved ones that cheer you ever since.

10. Knowing what you want while younger has a great advantage from those who are over the hill. Having said that even those who are not young can steal an achievement so amazing by the sheer belief and right action that comes from compelling reason

11. To have a vision is to have a direction where to go what to do. Some teachers know how to lead their students to lead to their visions and have the skill to lead them to it

2. To maintain a level of good health and strength

Most of them are concerned about being sick or get some challenges that would affect their health. Health for them includes Physical and mental. They are also struggling to create a habit of going to regular physical exercise like a workout in the gym, jogging on the beach, or swimming in the pool.

So how to be on top of your health, strength, endurance, stamina. Fitness is a serious matter. It is very important as the saying goes health is wealth. We only live as much as our vessel which is our body can carry us towards the daily grind of our lives.

Suggestion how to be in a tip-top condition:

1. Smile, have a positive mindset

2. Eat a proper diet, more on organic food, and a vegetarian diet.

3. Exercise enough each day.

4. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

5. Avoid as much as possible junk food and fast foods do not live to eat – in short, don’t make food as the center of your existence.

6. Forego food that is savory on the lips and fatal on our health.

7. Keep eating and drinking enough

8. Focus on other things worth your time than on food.

9. Have outdoor activities, find your passion for outdoor sports.

10. Bring your body working out. And so is your mind. A healthy mind and a healthy body has a better quality of life.

11. Do healthy habits such as no oversleeping, no less water intake, ensure you drink enough and the water has no contamination.

12. Join civic organization including volunteering, it pays to pay forward your blessing in life. Do not let the day without gd deeds even a simple little way. It adds up to the quality of life.

3. Have healthy and harmonious relations with their loved ones.

Some of my students who are mostly family men long for better relations with their spouses and children including the extension members of the family – the family of her wife and his own side of the family. The bonding they desire to achieve regularly is the points f their target and goals.

Mostly, for them, it is more of a quiet holiday at home where there is no bickering or source of contention and arguments. Some are complaining of a spouse who could not stop blaming and criticizing him and always seeing only what is wrong and what is missing than what is right and what is there.

Think of the best way you can interact with people.

How do you maintain good personal relationships or find a way to improve it.

1. Smile, be happy, be positive, and greet them and have time to talk with them even just saying How are you.

2. Be approachable and approach people with respect and politeness. Good manners could sen you a long way in life.

3. Stay humble, listen more than talk. Initiate good vibes by just being friendly.

4. Have eye contact. Be spontaneous in a good way.

In creating friendship:

1. Have time to smile and greet.

2. Say something good about the person.

3. Engage in the things she is interested in you can start by asking about herself, her day, and her experiences in life.

4. Gauge the kind of personality the person has, do not do what you think you observed he or she does not like talking about. Be observant and sensible at all times.

5. Be genuine. Do what you say and say wha you do,

6. Always assess and continuously improve your relationships with others. Keep your friends and expand for more friends. But keep those who are in the core friendship with you. That whom you trust more.

7. Friendship has a varying degree. Engage with people with a sense of compassion, commonsense – you know it is not common, positive-minded, and never a backbiter. Good weather should be as they are for good times only.

8. To keep your friends that matter, you need time with them bond in a group so as to be manageable in terms of time being used. Do not necessarily introduce one friend to your other friend. Assess and see if they have the same vibes using your experience. Be open-minded. Keep those who have the same values, outlook, attitude in life.

4. Have the resolve and focus

Have the resolve and focus to fully address the commitment to excel in your field of endeavor. They wanted to have more fulfilling jobs and fulfilling earnings, perks, incentives, and benefits.

Some of them wanted to succeed in their career and become a manager. Some wanted a business that will cause him not to work the 9-5 grind and grow from there to become richer each passing day. Many of them wanted

Remember to observe fulfilling your commitment and facing your challenges head-on, this way you grow and boost your improvement day by day. Do not worry about mistakes to learn from them. We are bound to stumble in life.

Remember we all are not perfect but for as long as your determination to improve is there, you will always have a chance to make up from those failures. For me, failures are lessons for growth and development. Treat them all as a matter of passage on the road to self-improvement.

When you take care of your action and see the things that are right and you do them, you know you are on the right track. Happiness and satisfaction in life come to those who believe in the power of love and the power of freedom you could surmount the challenges and improve your lifestyle and quality of life. Here are some ways to enhance better living trough sticking with your commitment and facing every issue of life.

Mingle with those who are positive-minded has a healthy attitude towards life, and has a high sense of value who do not conform to the decadence of our time. Tell me whose your friend and I will tell you who you are. Basically run away from war freak, criminal-minded, negativities, has a bad temper, and more so to those who are manipulators, opportunists, and users.  Remember we should love friends and use your money to be of help than love money and use friends. Avoid this kind of person.

5. To have more income and financial freedom

To have more income and financial freedom so that they can do what they wanted and never again be a voluntary prisoner of a traditional job or going to work come back home vicious cycle. We do not save our money, we multiply our money through wise investment. From the vantage view taken from the years of experience. I witnessed some friends who have truly attained a business that could have what they wished for. I saw them visiting other countries, have great holidays, cars, house on the internet. They are what they wished to be.

6. Spiritual growth

Many of them have even very honest to say that the close personal relationship to God is one of the targets of their self-improvements and these are very commendable because they lead great life at least from the vantage point of all the news I received on spirituality.

This area is very personal and we need genuine conviction to truly believe and there should be no reason for doubt, fear, and worry for believing in God. Accordingly, it is the secret weapon of being away from deadly challenges and huge compromising situations such as fatal accidents and victimized by scrupulous people such as conman or con artists

7. Improvement of skills, qualifications and talents, and career.

Many of them are aiming to be a better mechanical engineer or greater salesmen and customer service assistant and eventually lead a team to improve the performance of others.

Skills can be learned while talent, not all the time. To accept the fact that you have your weaknesses and you have your strength. Find your strength and improve your skills and talents.

There are no results without action and there is no better result without extra hard work on the right processes. You need to learn basic principles to be an effective online businessman such as affiliate marketing.

The process is to go through training on how to at least understand and apply the following

1) choose your niche

2) build your website

3) write your content

4) Put your link!

Skills are made through practice. The greatest of all are people who are soaked in Practice, practice, and practice. The point of practice is not perfection but excellence. Aim though for perfection so that you might end up perfect like Comaneci of Olympics who garnered perfect score in her performance or otherwise you end up in excellence. Aim for the highest so that if you fail chances are you will be near it. Still not bad.

8. Clear up limiting beliefs and cancel negativism.

Many who are in the entrepreneurship where I was in, was asking me why the hell I am a full positive thinker. Here was my answer. The mind dictates what will be to your reality. It does not know what is impossible and possible in the eyes of men. The thoughts become things. As we think so hall happens before our eyes. We need to understand that this world is enveloped by a power that is sitting in our minds. The world is alive by the way you think and interpret what you feel, see, smell, and think. If you have a positive mindset more likely than not all of your thoughts will tune to the way you thought of. Because our thoughts are the percussor of pure actions and the version of reality we are living in.

Improve and retain positivity in mindest and attitude.

The best version of ourselves lies in the selection and rejection of all negativity and wrong things we may have inside of us.

Limiting beliefs might be the one stopping you from growing and improving. Negativism have ways in different forms in us like self underestimation, inferiority complex, fear, doubt, and worry. They are the evils that lurk inside the heart and mind of people that cause so horrible end result sometimes and at least retard your growth as a wholesome fully developed version of yourself.

The best thing to do is to throw them reject them and select only what will keep you grow and improve continuously. Positive mindset, the right attitude, correct work ethics undying faith, fearlessness, self-control, and a whole bunch of virtues that could set your life towards powerful accomplishment and path of improvement to excellence and even perfection.

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to develop self-confidence,

Not only self-confidence but also develop a can-do spirit and powerful positivism they are all connected to Success by which it becomes a way of life for those who develop the way. They are as follows:

1. Always focus on what is right, beautiful, and excellent.

2. Anticipate good thing s will happen along the way.

3. Exercise gratitude each day and pay it forward by giving little acts of kindness.

4. Everyone is different from another, everyone has something special in him, we are all gifted of genius. We only have to discover it.

5. Compete with excellence and perfection in mind. Be the better you than your yesterday.eanig to say competent yourself past achievement surpass them with even more achievement which is better than before. Create a focus and aim and keep searching towards the fulfillment of those aims and targets.

6. Never quit, quitters never win ad winners never quit.

7. Anticipate and embrace change

8. Develop confidence. Develop an approachable personality. Develop the courage to take on every challenge and see it through up to the end and end must be a success or a lesson to learn

9. Treat problems as challenges, treat failures as lessons, treat success as a way of life, treat excellence as a stepping stone for perfection, treat your greatness as normal for that is the truth among the company of great ones.

10. Put your head on the stars and your feet on the ground that’s how we creat giant of a person.

11. In the most trying moments could be the most defining moment of your life. Be sure you are still standing after the storm is gone. That means your mindset is stronger than your circumstances.

12. Start with the things you could improve and change 

13. Concentrate on the things that make you happy, inspired, and energized above all else. The pursuit of happiness will beckon you where it is and you will find it in your heart.

14. Learn to reward yourself for every little accomplishment you made. That way you are refreshed and recharged. All work and no play (such as celebration, break) could make you dull.

16. There is no substitute for being number one but there is no greater than those who stay there all the time

17. Do not be harsh on yourself, do not aim too much, do it like stairs, step by step in order to reach the top because no can be on top without stepping on some sort of steps before they’ll reach the top.



9. To have the facilities

To have the facility I didn’t have but I could give to my children and give them the best there is where it will help them to become a better person.

How to achieve your desires for your loved ones

In order to achieve many of your desire for your loved one. You should be sure you are ready to do whatever it takes and how to do it are as follows

1) Learn financial literacy. All things happen when to you have money, not your brains, not your skills. Money in the bank and money multiplied are what is needed to create those facilities and properties.

2) proper work ethics is important a dreamer die poor a hard work may die richer than the best brain

3) Have your courses of action laid up. You should know the direction of your life. The children are the fruit of your love and the legacy of your stay n earth. Children should not be spoiled but they should be given the best you can give.

4)Amazin attitude. Your attitude determines the end game. You should know that you could achieve your goals at a certain time. Be assured and work harder if it is not naught. There are always remedies to all challenges. Do not be overwhelmed with challenges. Overwhelmed challenges with proper action and hard work combined with smart approach. The smart approach means knowing what you do and you do it according to the way it must be according to the goals you want to achieve, Giving a good life to your family is never wrong. Giving your blessing to others is the best you can do to your life. Afterall things rot kindness stays forever.

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