How to Handle The Current Development

Current World Development

With the onset of COVID-19 and created irreperable havoc on the lives of humanity all over the world including the abrupt economic collapse of some and most world economies. As of the moment we are still in a limbo on how the economy would turn around. The prognitication of experts were as good as anyones guess because as we are under the merciless terror of the corona virus, there were reports secondwiwaves or spikes of virus infection were exacerbated by the dicovery of double unwanted emerging viral diseases namely the swine disease and the bubonic plague all coming from China, accordingly.

In Adittion as if it were not enough the tension between China and the rest of the world have truned into precarious development when the USA sent their sea fighting Armadas and cut off the special status of Hongkong in Trading. This caused the CCCP of China lockdown from economic exchanges and free trade around the world! Cina contiuned to bully countries like India, Russia, Both Korea’s, The Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan and Australia to name soe of them. This bullying has boomerang to China making them in a precarious situation of antagomizing all of the countries concerned and what if they initiate military attack on China?

To rub it in, nautral catastrophe have visited China such as the continuous rainfall that cause the over capacity of dams around the Yangtze River forcing the authorities to opn the dam and pour the excess of water out destrying so many communities living along the Yellow River (Yangtze River).With all these information and some leakage on the political condition of the country. accordingly there were, atleast, bickering and great talks on what to do with the Silk Route projects and the multi billion projects under their front companies since the different countries having contract with china have already informed the Chinese company representatives and the government officials they are backing out of the project due to the effect of COVID-19 and the incoming uncertaininties in months ahead. To top it all, There is a polarization againt China, primarily due to their mishandling not only of bullying but their treatment with Chnese Hongkong! And real threat of war against Taiwan, Adn the rest of the Asain Pacific Rim Countries.

China accordingly has lost major business earnings on exports and money exchanges. Personally, Chinese people are resilient, long suffering, patient and audacious on the positive side.

What I have mention are just stories touching China as the major source of the news. Whatabut the ominous sectet maneuvering of any countries to control the world development paving for one world economy. The prophecy have ressurected into the headline yet again. The digital money, control of people’s movement, planting chips on the body of each one and the secret threat of controlling our very  freedom that i remaining at that! What should we do? The economy is down. Majority of the people are now unemployed, thanks to COVID-19, ECQ everywhere (Enhance Community Quarantine).

No wondering, tgere are people are getting fed p. Creating alibis to just get out of the house and breath traces of normal of testerday. People took advantage of the brutal death of a black man to emboldened everyone to go out and denounce the injustices of the so called authrities. While media keep on creating negative angle of the news.

There were people who as i write, could have been infected of vicious mental health problems we call in different words, manic depressive, depression, stress and distress. A cocktail of those terminlogies sends some of them to suicide and suicide attempts. The government have announce they wouldn’t handle the social welfare if the menacing  viral disease  will create second, thrid and fourth wave.

These are the backdrop of our current situations. The one who prepared this early has the chance ofsurviving the incoming events of a biblical tribulation proportion.

How to Handle The Current Development & The Future Uncertainties

Be well informed

In today’s reality, being informed is a matter of life and death. We need to be on top of the current event and the abolity to readbetween the line and see the rajectory of events are going to. The most analytical among us pegged on the genuine  foundation of fundamental principles of the criteria and factors on how to read the current events correctly and specifically.

Being iwelinformed is not only being good on the shallow understanding of the data and event but what makes a person truly informed in its fullest sense is the aboility to fathom the impact and sinificance of the events iin relation with others. the interrelation of the development in health, politic,military, social, economic and business are the major pointer of llearning. The reason why we are learningis to survive the onsluahgt of the vicious cycle of hitorical 100 years visitation of pestilence, novel dangerous diseases, evil leaders, so evil it destroyed even the entire civilization or world order..

The attacks of unforseen eneemies are not only confined in diseases but also on the fundament rights of the people on freedom. Many of the so called freedom fighters and jornalist for justice are but agents of confusion, repression, mind manipulations, lies and even more lies.

Great leaders are becoming very few and endangered. THe assassinations of countries leaders were mostly to perpetuate the World power’s agneda of plunder and exploitation of countires invaded. They are non-stop in putting on skirmishes and proxy wars. Creating enemies of the world and they themselvespretend combatting these evil creation when in fact they are arming them. All these should be taken into consideration when we say you are full informed.

You have the positive anticipation something will come out right

This is a contradiction to the gloomy prospect the world is in now. Well, the world has never been in a brighter situation it is only a question of how deep and intense the gloominess of its condition. To see positive things to happen much more to anticipate that postive thing to happen could be called insane or at least our of reality. But the secret of the human survival are in the hands of people who think positive, filled with hope, and courage. These are the chose ones who could save planet earth. They are never using magical powers they are not useless wizards or illuninatis pretending they could control the world. The psitive minded people have the power to generate evens that transform into reality at hand just by the combinedmental strength of their mindset. There are undefined powers and understanding  why the world co=ntinue to live on and on and whyhumans shall live and linger forever. Because there will always be a speial breed of pople who believe in the power of positivism taken from the power so unbelievable to overwhelmingly majority of people that these few becomes the only hope of the world. Havinf said this, I am assured that in every heart lies some good inyentions. For without the greed and selfish motivation deep in everyones heart is the nobility of love. We need to have a positivie mindset, because only through positive thoughts comes positive way our from this dangerous future.

You have to have money for flight and basic necessities.

As a prepared individuals, strive to create some money in order to have the means to transfer somewhere. In this wirld those with money survive longer. Somone said money solve everything and everything goes arounfd the presence and ablity to py cash. Money in this wolrd is the most respected thing both living thing and non living things. Ro csave and have enough for survival is ideal. Miost of the people insted with savings they have negative saving. Most of us cannot afford to but a flight air fare in an urgent situation. The most important thing to remmber is, every penny we spend is a risk of lessening your ability to negotiate with coming challenges becase money talks better in this kind of situation. Remeber to apportion some money everytime for the survival mode in the comming days. it may not come sooner but it will come. It is justa matter of time not a question whether or not something lkr this , a crisis in a globalproportion. BE willing to work whatever the work could be for as longas you are capable and you can carry out the duties nd responsibilities. The world will become more difficult for many people who are not the citizen of the country. Unless otherwise you are blessed with legal status. For as of today, there are milions of peole living in oter countries undocumented with no proper legal papers. THey are open target to persecution and legal  action. They will always be susceptible with prersecution and dnager. ASmany as the world  from other countries are the same people who would report you to the aurhorities for monetary reward they owuld get anytime they reported anyone who are over staying!

Have Faith

Blessed are those who really know is God. The problem in this world is they put faith not even in the list of their priority. Tey are all scoffer of things about God. The world has become Godless more and moreeach day. The botton line of al l these catatrophic events would boil down on the utter disregard to what the real thing. We cannot boast of our own modernity when our modernity is in the precipice of perpetual extinction, decadence and oblivion. The sad stroy of the world is they are all ungrateful and filled only of the worldliness. The badges of what is success and dream like life is fully materialistic! It connotes with sex, fame, money, hightech gadgets, houses as big as palaces, cars that are onthe latest model and countless adulation and idolatry, Egoistic sence of importance and reputation is ore important than character. Greed is good generosity is naivety even downright stupid. The poor are treated less than their pet dogs which eat better diet than the impoversihed human coutnerpart. If the world will shareall the riches to one another. The world will become paradise overnight. if the world implement the jusrice that is fair andbalance to all the world is a place to live. So therefore because of lack of respect to the so the Living God, which the 3 greatest religion testified time and time again as true and sure, the genuinenss and guarantee of its truthfulness are more consistent in the book of Christians called the Bible. This is a pointer that will lead all readers to stop and go to other interesting subjects. For this world cannnot endure the name of God. THey became restless, uncomfortable even angey and frustrated this is the result od desuynthesizing the whole population of the prevailing air of BAALISM, and agnosticism even atheism. If you truly have full faith in God you will see the whole difference but till then you will just be reading another literature out of the bible.

Simple Life

Start living a simple life. This means basic food and enough to survive for the day. Do not spend money as much as possible if not really necessary. Keep your money as muchas you can as I have dicussed about savings. Now livinga life in simplicity means the economic, sociaand commerical side of liing must be cancled or be put to the barest minimum. Learn to live on food that is so little so that it could sretch for more weeks rather than few days. THe life style of the Japanese minimalist is a good starting point but to to live simply I recommend the following. Do not buy anything about clothes, accessories. All of us or almost all of us must have enought clothess not to buy for thenext few years, until we see any postive changes in the circumsance we are in. To be very thrifty is the new way to survive. recycle theuse of utilities and  do not throw thing s you could have use one day. The technique of living a simple life is doing more with less. Less use of electricity, heat, water, and video games. use wifi as a source fincome a  business  at the comfor t of your homeand some entertainments. This required huge discipline and resolve to encompass the application of living simply on every aspect of living. Now food, do not buy processed food  alays look for cheaper prices and stores, manage to budget the expenses for food and other liing neexpenses only for necessities. Instead of having sandwish psreadof diffent kinds, why not be happy with one or nothing. Living a simple life is the way to go in our lives. Get used to it.

Be ready for survival mode

Gather survival food, tools, defenses and look for  a place of refuge where the possibility of survival is the highest among your selections. Survival food are food that culd last in years they are canned good with long expiratin date, dried food items that could wbe still eatable in years. Go to the internet and read more on survival skills on how to endure colds in winter, the explosion of bombs that has harmful chemicals and radiation. Hoe to contruct primitive safe shelter in the mountain, forest, woods or wilderness, how to defend oneself against banditry, How to be invisible to other humans. This is may be important as the worst  and dangerous ones are not anone but people. It is also important to be in a place where there are more real good poeple by their culturalback groun, faith, beliefs and record of reliability and honesty and kindness. You will do well if you would be surrounded with common nality in every spehere of life because the stress and tension of being alert is draining and it could cause your sickness or ealr demise. The point of refence in survival is to know all these survival points could be found. As early as now everyone should know jungle survival and fundamental self defence and ho to gather willd food and otherwild plans that could help cure ir remedy ailments or wounds.

Exercise, mental and physical conditioning

Now more than ever  exercise, which includes techniques to prolong endurance, strenthen stamina and enhance strength throufgh disciplined exercise. Focus on what iyou can do now that has usefulness for the future. MOst importantly do not let ant negativitiy or  evil thought come your thoughts. Practive positivism, not only result but solution mindset. Have time to think of spritual. The way to live now and in after life. I don’t know about you, the perfect life that is coming is true and sure. What we are doing now is to survive as much as we can and do good things to fellow human beings. The best way to spend our strength, stamina and endurance si to offer our skills, time and cooperation with other like minded people. That is why if you exercise, this is better than eating junkfood, processed food, more unnecessary food. Theywill only make you gain usless fats and it could cause you to be prone to ailments. A strong body and a fresh positivemind is the need of the future. Create aplan that must be done each day. it must be handy or easy to do than a great plan indeed but not practical and useful. Create a set of exercise that is effective and comfortable for your body. an mind. The physical conditioning is needed becasue tomorrow’s challnges is laways like in the primitive days.

Do not be overwhelmed with theories and strange events

The profusion of information of aliens, evil entities and other strange phenomenon are all part of distraction. While we are saturated with all these new knowledge including the underworld, the world where peace and kind giant ihavitants more beautiful than humans are living. The question of all these is the question of who are making action to ascertain the existence of a place called Agartha. These are knowledge which are included in the book of books. Many of us are bein carried away with truth contaminated with so much unbelievable lies. However, ccontinu to be watchful for may be it could lead you to where is safety and refuge for tjose who are meant to survive the tribultion where there will be no men remain alive if the tribulation will not be cut short by theJesus Christ. As an agnostics, you can always check it in the internet or the bible itself and see how the world events are already predicted with accurate certainty that are happening one by onewithout a  miss! Keep reading and researching on strange events but always with carefulness and with analytical mind to prepare one self to things that could be actually true. Indeed there are others which are to come that will seemd save ment but the truth is they will only put them all to perdition.

In Conclusion

Whatever people say, specially the media outfit are all in conspiracy to mislead people. This what the world is into. The natural tendeny of men to create  advantage to their favor. The existence of some ivisible pwoer group that is always contantly contrlling the events and development of worlds consequences. We should go through life with added courage and acceptance that life ahead is going to be really tough. learning online busie now as fast as you could is the best way to accumulated money for your future needs and reuirements. Do not let time overtaket your peparation. This is a shout to the world to be prepared. Nothing can har you do follow how to hande the present situation of the world. it will only equip you better to survive the incoming challenges of life. Keep developing ylurself in do it yourself skills and some pimitive technology that is handy to use once the time present itself to you. THe final conclusin of all these are:

Develop a calm but alert mindset – it endgenders less stress, it makes you more organized and forward looking. Anticipating the unseen and to be above oer the rest of ordinary people.

Develop the habit ofliving a simple life rather than of the present comfortable life style. the quaraninte tshould have been used in doing the pointers I enumerated above rather than theusaul social meadia, video games, sleeping , eating and other useless activities of this present generation. That is more important is to use internet to imptove you skills, knowledge and  creat inovation and imaginative solutions. ecessity is the mother of invention. Now you can also challenge yourself to create soomething for the future which are useful and necessary.

Develop faith and courage – to live in this world is to anitcipate good tidings to come. neve a quitter never a defeatist. Always moving forward, always believing. There is a line that is a blanket truth to those who believe. ut stated something this effect THe importance of believing and the importance of faith is a power that makes the thoughts a reality,. If you believe you command a tree to go to the sea and it will be so. This is not something a symbolca speech. It is a plain truth. So believe and have faith!

in the end whatever you is up to you. the main victory is in the action supported with rational information and logic. We live in the world of volatility where gornments acts  like not as a protector but as monster taking advantage of power ot srquester properties of all levels and make every be subjugated against their will. The coming of the beast and the tribulation to come are real and can be gauge in today’ fast developing global stories/Development in every country are also surprising so amzing that the end of the qorld is at hand more than ever. For those who have the deep foundation of genuine truth are smiling rather than getting diisturbed by the day

Author: Florentino Cruz

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