How to Live in This Time of ECQ?

How to be creative in making daily life at home more meaningful, enjoyable, and well spent.

It is vital to have a set of activities that are productive, exciting, and interesting in this time of new normal!

We are all feeling worried and bored, we must admit. That is the reality when we are in quarantine. It feels like incarceration. We count the things we used to do and now they are all gone. The main thing of all is Freedom of movement. Our freedom of expression is still free. But the forced lockdown means less freedom and this is something the youth couldn’t handle the way old guys can. Imagine the young blood waiting and their YOLO mode is curtailed (you only live once) according to the thrill of the moment and the ideas they wanted to happen are no longer there at the moment and we cannot deny all ages are feeling the pinch of the stress of not being able to walk in the part, read in the library, go strolling in malls Watch movies, drink at a coffee shop, visit friend, have some parties and the list is endless. You get stressed and bored to the core because you only see the different walls of your house with nasty little siblings getting into your own world.

You become irritable and feeling hopeless when this thing will ever end. Wait you can change the way you think. Why not feel excited about what you can do for yourself with your thoughts, things you wanted to do for such time like learning how to play chess, a piano or a guitar. Or try cooking. Watch great movies. Clean up the house and down and every corner.

If the negative feeling has overtaken your whole mood and feelings, you would be the one in the losing end. Sure enough, you do not want to feel those negativities any longer, do you?

This is but the effect of the prolonged stay at home. It is normal but not normal if you embraced the feeling and get worse day by day. We are resilient. Humans are known for being a survivor creating good out of the bad situations. Why not do it right now? Our psychological, mental well-being have been exposed to a new experience and we should consciously adjust and change the mindset by getting excited about what you can do productively. Here are the things you can do.

Smile, write down the things you would love to do, and change in your routine. Challenge yourself to be a better person.

Wake up earlier and reflect on what can be done indeed. Have a positive frame of mind.

List down the things you wanted to clean up in your hose or you wanted to repair or decorate. Ask your parents first.

To wake up earlier as planned you have just started breaking the bad routine of sleeping. You know why when you wake up you feel of low energy because the more you sleep the more you feel tired and sleepy. How can young gather energy that way? One thing why you don’t like to wake up is because you are not thinking of so many activities you could do.

When you wake up you will turn on your social media apps and check all the things from FB, Twitter, Instagram, and recently Tiktok. Erpal is finding its way to the masses. (I’m not sure of the name, it sounds like that) Then before you know it is already night time. How sad. How boring. How energy sapping habit.

Do not creat vices creat good habits. Before all those developed bad habits, do what is useful, and will eventually nurture your soul and your mental health. Take action of using your time to the list mention above. You may have additional ideas like painting, trimming the grass at the back yard (used face mask when you go out).

Refuse to use your gadgets for the same. FB can wait, si are the other social media platforms. The best thing is to create something you will see 2 years from now!

Have a better outlook on life amidst this crisis. Use this situation as an inspiration to live a better useful life.

Yes, create duties and responsibilities this will kick start your self-empowerment. Once you made it continue because of the feeling of control, create satisfaction, confidence, and hope.

If before your routine is working outside or getting out with friends or the mode of leaving home and coming back at night, create a hobby and habit that will make you too busy and feel excited because you are creating something worthwhile and not wasting the precious time you suppose to make use productively! You have to take advantage of this time where you are put in a box to do the things you were meant to complete but then pushed aside because you were too busy before the new normal. Now o it with focus and determination.

Create a new routine, doing something useful that would break the monotony will help you adjust in this time of ECQ

Make a schedule and structure of your day akin to a\making the curriculum so that you will have systematic activities that could be sustainable until it becomes under cruise control so to speak. We do not come to this world to waste our time so much. Fight for your right to live something you will enjoy later in your life.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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