How to Thrive & Grow Rich in Blogging (for Newbies & All)


How to Thrive and Grow Rich in Blogging for Newbies and All

To know these answers is to know the secret of success. The El Dorado of all online business is to master the different techniques and the specific steps to be a truly outstanding blogger. First of there are simple guidelines on blogging. Blogging is writing your article you are passionate about but there is more to it than just writing like whatever you like to write. Here is the outline of this blog they are as follows:

1. First of all, you need to master the basics of writing. 

Writing nowadays has been easier to do than before. We need to have a fundamental understanding of the grammar and structure of the English Language. You should have a decent number of vocabulary to construct an idea. Others could be remedied by a new application we could find in the virtual world. As for me, I recommend doing the following for those who are not confident with their writing skills, look for a registered English Language Teacher who could guide you on pointers in writing English. Then acquire Grammarly, it is an application that checks your syntax, spelling, grammar, conciseness, clarity, and word arrangement to name a few. Third, you need to have the Google Translate, this one translates the words into English or the sentence and even the whole article into the English Language. While the translation is not really you could depend on, it could help you show how to do it and you may want to arrange the translation to your liking. Sometimes the translation is tweaked meaning it has a different connotation rather than what you wanted to convey. Fourth, create a habit of writing every day and learn to research. This way you will have momentum in improving your writing skills. Other details on writing a blog are on a specific heading below.

2. Main Divisions of Online Business

For me, there is 2 major division of Online Business: Written one and Videos

1. Written 

or what we call blogging. Blogging has many niches, it is endless as many as the population of the world and more. There are ideas. Niche is your chosen specialized field that is a very specific subject. You should grow as an authority of your own chosen niche. You must first start a regular publication of your articles that address a basic niche or area. Like for example for meI daringly choose self-improvement though it has a very broad area to tack. Precisely the point, my interest in self-improvement. Even though this is more specific than self-development. It has to have value and relevance for their progress not only on skills but also on the possibility of monetary opportunities. In fact, we all are doing our blogging because we wanted to earn. That is the overriding motive of everyone. But as I said we need to have passion because it helps and carries your tasks more easily when you love what you are doing. I believe what you are passionate about is what you also love doing!

Amazon, Wealthy Affiliate, Yahoo, Banks Site, and other business platforms are all both a combination of written and video content. This where we go to the second division.

2. Videos or Vlogging 

is the second part of online business. Many ordinary people have earned a lot of money through vlogging. The major source of vlogging is YouTube hands down. 

How to create a good vlog. 

The main guideline could be first to choose the content you love to share. You should practice to talk naturally, energetically, animatedly, positively, and smile a lot. When you finish your video, you should learn how to edit your video your self. This is easy just write on the search engine how to edit videos and you will get great answers. This is the way to learn more. Just write down your question and many answers will be there to easily learn them all. When you do the video the principle of light and shadow must also be applied. Your face or the subject of your video must always be clear and free of any sort of distortion or shadows which are not required. In Fact, avoid shadows as much as possible. When you start talking you must put the title on your video title so that people would easily know what is the content of your video. It must always be a powerful interesting title that would hook the watcher immediately. When you choose your content choose something that is relevant, updated, issues of the hour, and has an ingredient of the suspense of what you would say. Something unique or surprising statement is always the biggest selling point of every blogger. Runaway by the common subjects. Do not copy others. be original, do not fake anything even your accent or your natural mannerism. People have the uncanny ability to smell fake ones! People who are very popular are very natural in doing their own vlog. You yourself are the most important part of all your vlog. Start with a bang. learn how to start properly ao that you will be in a strong footing from the very beginning in vlogging

3. Purpose, Objective, Aim, Target 

Calm down. 

Sit for some time and be serious. Be sure you have your pen and a little book. Yes, do not write on your cell phone. Serious things are written on paper. Till tomorrow it is. Better be following what I say. Respect your dream start with a pen and a little book that you will keep for the rest o your life where you could check things out on how to thrive and be rich in blogging. So take note of all that you think is important to keep in your daily memory. These ones are very important:

Your Purpose

look at what is your real purpose. It could be a source of fun, a source of your psychotherapy for your mental health, by all means. it could be you wanted to earn a lot of money. You are in the right place it could be blogging indeed but also you could put together vlogging. Your purpose must have a very compelling reason. It could be to have a sense of worth, to make people laugh, to help people to learn something you think you know better than the rest. Maybe you don’t want any more people are belittling you because you cannot afford what you want and love to possess. This is also a part of your employment. So you do not have to go anywhere and find sources of income. Here you are the free man you always wish to be. You can do all the writing at home or anywhere, while you travel, you are in a part, mall, in a hotel, virtually all over the world! Find your purpose write it down in detail. Things that could cause you so emotional your tears appear,\. That would be the best purpose. You have to learn Objective, Aim, Target.

 Your Objective

Objective, to understand Objective – understand the objective of your family to nurture you to get you to the point where you could be strong enough and equip enough to spread your wings and conquer the world.


 Target and Aim

One small difference is that an objective is more specific than a goal is generally to have a better life. but the objective could be to earn more money to be financially free. Target is the step by step tasks to complete to reach our goal, it is a gauge how successful we are in attaining our goals. The aim is to tell us why we are doing our steps to reach our goals.

4. Your Niche and Why?

The next one you need to think about is to exactly decide on your niche. when I started, I follow the advice of the mentor. I was told to choose something any specific topic and along with the list of top titles that are on the top ten. In the end, it doesn’t have to be. The main point is to know your audience, your target readers, and be good at that niche. As I said, I chose self-improvement which as a great scope. Precisely all boils into self-improvement. And I love to improve myself and as much as I know I would love to share the same. My powerful inspiration is the passion to know more about the boundaries of human limitations! 

How to choose a niche:

1. List down all the things…

you are passionate about and interested about. It could be your hobbies or your good habits at something that real awakens you all night and tap your keyboard because you are so energized to write all your ideas and heart out. That is passion. You don’t even feel the time has passed by and the morning has dawned That is how to know which one. This is serious thinking. Do it right. 

2. Learn the online business, 

Affiliate Marketing, blogging (even Vlogging) research on all these that are related to your passion. Find websites similar to your passion. Study and learn how they do it. learn from the best so look for the top bloggers of your niche. And think again if you can carry on and on.

3. Keep improving. 

Do not waste a day without doing your blogs,.Good or bad creating blogs of your passion is always good. You can always improve your work but finish each day something you will smile about one day.

4. Having your niche… 

is to choose the final niche or topic you could carry on for the rest of your life. The world is filled with pressured competition. 99% of bloggers will fail. You only have to be a little better than the 99% if you want to thrive. if You want to be the best, eat, drink, breathe writing blogs, nothing is impossible. There is a saying you do not need to start to be an expert to have your niche as a blog but you need to start to become an authority of your niche eventually you do not give up and learn continuous improvement.

Take a checklist of the things to do the checklist for continuous improvement: Write-ups, clarity, data, and everything needed to be a great blogger.

5. Dreams, Goals & Compelling Reasons

This is the main thing. A dream is a general idea of what kind you wanted to be. If you understand your dream you understand your goal and you see a glimpse of your purpose. When you know your purpose the rest will lead you to it in clarity.

There is a saying there is no one that can stop a man from succeeding if he has a dream and goals with emotionally compelling reasons.

The dreams are what energised and fuel the motivation and inspiration in achieving success. It could also be a key in developing excellence in creating his work such as blogs, or articles, the design of websites and the arrangement of blogs, and many more.

6. Facing Hard Questions

Answer hard question to yourself – do you have what it takes, do you know anything about it, do you you have a plan what are they SMART. What is the ability you can harness? Your present capability. What about your skillset and experience in blogging and online business. These are all on the process that can be enhanced. it is a matter of time and the resolve you want to produce and create each day. This is a serious business especially initial stage. It could be more manageable when everything required is already in your hands and you are already proficient in every area of online business.

7. Research, Analysis of top Bloggers on the same niche


To be believable and write with the sense it is important to go on reading materials related to your niche. It is also good to read the current events speacially related to your niche.

8. Understanding The Techincal 

Writing a blog needs a fundamental understanding and having a skillset to first create a website and tall that are needed for a website that includes the applications of a website dashboard like WordPress.

9. The attitudinal character of a blogger

This part is about your work ethics, mindset, limiting beliefs, and the 7Ps which include patience, passion, preparedness, perseverance, people-centric, etc. You may check them out in my blogs The 7P’s.

10. Some Basic Questions on Blogging

This deals with specific concerns on blogging which is also how to to do it the first time.  There are questions on how to write a blog.

 Blog Definitions

1. it is an article we read as a blog on the internet, specifically on websites.

2. It is owned, managed by a person like you or groups or organizations like Google, Yahoo, Wealthy Affiliate, and Name of companies who have websites.

A blog is  a not so formal way of writing and it is written like you are chatting to a friend 

3. A blog has the following text, images, hypertext, and links. Links are used to transferring to other sites it could be a vlog channel or another blog.

4. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself where there is no strict compliance with the legal form of documents or the use of formal English. This is how you express yourself no matter how you do it for as long as it is understandable.

How to Write A Blog?

1. Write something about you would easily put content to it they are your passion or interest or your already accumulated expertise

2. From your passion, you should think of one specific topic or subject. Preferably, the more specific the better. For example, your niche is about sports – outdoor sports  – athletics – sprints – sprint shoes – sprint shoes 2020 model Different brands versus the chosen brand- what it is. If you write sports shoes you should write about these topics and do not forget what you will write about is something you really like doing. It is always a great way to improve your knowledge on your niche is to do research and read about your niches and other related news that has a direct or indirect impact on your chosen niche

3. Choose the Platform like what the WealthyAffiliate is promoting the WordPress You begin with a free site called siterubix and when you are well-practiced on blogging buy your own domain for your own personal website.

4. Now that you have a website, keep blogging on your site. Whether the free website or your own site

5.I advise you to collect useful keywords for your niche so that you can use it as a source of materials for regular publications of blogs. Blogs must be followed without fail as frequently as possible like each day a week. The starting point of becoming a voracious blogger and the best way to generate traffic and monetization is at least publishing 3 posts a week.

The Fundamentals of Blogging

1. Learn the basics of the English Language

especially how to construct readable and understandable sentences. You should learn the intermediate level rules of grammar and sentence construction

2. Get a mentor or a tutor on the English Language

if you have difficulties in writing content. Your size of terminologies and coherence, conciseness, clarity of writing should be good enough for readers to continue reading your content

3. Assess whether your written content has a fundamental quality.

There are criteria, it should be understandable, the content is filled with interesting and attractive information or ideas that could make your readers complete your blogs.  As many people are saying other criteria are current data, well-referenced or at least you have your reference ready. Your writing should showcase value for ordinary people’s learning experience.

4. Your message must have unity and coherence.

The message is one and the write up does not deviate from the main point of the article. It should have problem-solving recommendations and some valuable tips to remember to resolve or address your topic. For example, how to write effectively, you should give the readers of the salient points that could help readers handle their blogs more with confidence. And the effective product of your content. 5. Ensure that the final finished article has no embarrassing wrong spelling or misleading information or obsolete information.

5. It reflects your originality

and your own stand on the article. Have your own valid opinion. Articulate your side and give a compelling and strong convincing argument on why you are expressing your opinion. Back your opinion with facts and figures if necessary or required.

6 Writing blogs is like exercises

You need different forms of exercises in order to address every part of your physical weaknesses ad address what are the ways and means to improved those weaknesses, in the same way on creating your content. You should have ideats and guidelines of what you are going to write in order to produce a worthy blog that could be read by millions of readers. 

7. Be truthful, transparent, and complete with reference

so that you can furnish your blog with reference for anyone who might ask a question. Spell ut your ideas and your opinion. But keep them

Specific Steps on Creating Blogs on WordPress using siterubix

  1. Complete filling up for website hosting
  2. Select a domain name for your website
  3. Log in and write your first blog post

How to create a blog quickly 

  1. Choose the title of your blog/ blog name
  2. Introduce your article briefly
  3. Write and finish your article
  4. You may want to choose a template
  5. Create content with at least 1300
  6. Insert related pictures, graphs, and others if desired
  7. Edit your blog
  8. publish your post

It is imperative for everyone to write blogs regularly if you want to really become successful in blogging. Focus and resolve to continuously improve. find your areas for improvement for quality improvement   It is also very important to get responsible in the making of your blogs by creating your regular article with relevant articles related to your niche if possible every day or if not at least 3 times a week. This is the way to learn and improve if you require your self from doing the job of a blogger seriously.  Your number of words should hit 3000 words with quality and value for readers to learn from. Do not write that is not useful for your readers.

For beginners, a good start could be 500 and start from there. It should immediately go to at least 1000 words. Do some research that makes other bloggers succeed. Research those blogs which are related to your niche and learn about how they create a good blog and pointers why they are famous. Copy it and even exceeds them.

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