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Think of home.

A home is like an incubator that gives strength not only for the body but also for the soul. A home is a sanctuary. It is a refuge where we get refreshed from a day’s battle from the outside world. My home for success is the place where I can grow in wealth and in health with peace and joy. The sinister never-ending rat race where there is no destination could send us into a nervous wreck! We need to put sanity in our lives. I believe, it is only a home can truly provide. Show me a man who is sad and wretched and I will tell you his heart has no real home. A home is a place where harmony, love, peace, and comfort are wrapped into one. You destroy a home, you destroy a human being, at least one member among them… How much is enough, enough? I found that we do not need to have an OA amount of money in or life. What we really require and use the source of income wiser than before so as not to worry about the future and not to be consumed by creating more money. Because I believe the more we look for money the more we like to have it. When we are consumed by getting it, it becomes a trap, our trap, and our misgiving! Don’t let money control your thoughts, your heart, and your happiness! We need to home it well, what is enough, enough? Then once we resolved it, go and achieve it then stop when you have it. Money is infinite, it is like a bottomless pit where only emptiness and discontentment abounds! The truth of the matter is we do not know what we really want sometimes. We tend to stray on one desire upon another, goal after goal. A journey here and the journey there. Inadvertently you lose your home you become a wanderer. We need to have a place like home where we can grow and recoup the authentic goals we really wanted to get. A home would not be as big as a palace of a king it could only be a hut of a Filipino but filled with a smile that comes from a happy heart. The bottom line of life is contentment and peace laced with happiness. Go home, where true tender loving care can be found. Where the most important human beings are waiting for you. Where true success is indelibly stamped and long-lasting. No matter how much and how great we achieved, there is no meaning when you do not have a place called home. You should be at home not anywhere else. Sacrifice is useless if we do it for others and not to your loved ones. Real loved ones should ideally be in your home. You have the responsibility to build it stronger and not destroy it. You have the responsibility to think of others before your own because in giving and sharing you get genuine joy and mind you, prosperity. Get a Family vacation together, spend your resources for your family, not to someone who would only give you happiness for a time. See the world enjoy. You can have it if really want. Let me explain below.

In a digital world, I see the Wealthy Affiliate as my adopted home, where you can powerfully create mind-blowing ideas in your blog and help others. You are helped on how to make a website. Gives you the information capital and develop you to a skillful creator of topics that gives healthy engagement of opinion. Show you the way to create traffic. Help you understand what is SEO exactly. What is the importance of Adsense, Amazon, Affiliate programs?  What is the impact of having your own website and other websites in your creation of helping people how to do their own niche, their own blog, and website? WA led me to understand how to network online. WA is a place where a member of the community becomes a part of the Wealthy Affiliate family.

This has become my home for business online, where I can grow; where I can be a success with the help of the WA family. An incubator for financial strength and sound sources of residual income. In fact, thanks to Kyle and Carson and the rest of the WA Ambassadors they make my home for business online more comfortable. In this home, it is easier to get into the road of doing things as a marketing affiliate, as an online businessman or as a passionate blogger. This a community where people are in one focus – to help and to share.

The quality of a Wealthy Affiliate Community is a definition of home for me, there is sharing, nurturing of skills and guidelines towards correct approach on how to earn online, they give necessary tools to do the job effectively, efficiently and powerfully. Like an authentic home, it is transparent, honest, caring and concern for your development.

WA family is the essence of my goals, financial literacy, and financial freedom. We cannot be truly free without financial freedom. But in the WA it teaches giving and sharing by way of answering your questions, teaching you the ins and outs of market affiliate business and honing your skills through series of training that leads you to be knowledgeable in business online.  It creates in my passion and joy of doing what I love. It means money ceases to be the only compelling reason why we need to work hard. WA is home where your passion and your enjoyment becomes the energy by which you grow. Just like my family whom I get the source of my strength and the power of my focus.

My Home for Success becomes real and virtual the place where I grow my real home with my family and my virtual home with my WA community. And one more thing, the awesomeness of it all is, Wealthy Affiliate is open to you for free inviting you to join and learn the essence of giving and sharing and a great way for financial freedom. Come home to Wealthy Affiliate now.

Use the link below:;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1563550798/RO=10/RU=



Author: Megawinner (Florentino Cruz)


  1. Hello and thanks so much for sharing. Wealthy affiliate sure makes you feel at home where you are among a community of people who are of the same mindset and that is helping each other to fulfill dreams by having online business success. I believe that Wealthy Affiliates is a great place to be, my home for success, in a digital world where we can learn, share and help each other along the way. Thanks again for sharing.


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Author: Florentino Cruz

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