Quality of Your Thoughts

The quality of your thoughts is the quality of your heart

A person whose mind is weak takes the view of the day as a burden and a frightening set of unseen horrible surprises no wonder the heart is fearful and full of pessimism. However, a mind that is strong leads the heart to stay alert on the opportunities of the day and teaches the heart to take the chance by its neck and never let go until it becomes his as the day’s catch of his endeavor.

There is no meaning and is not logical when we say the thoughts are excellent and wise while the heart is filled with evil things, it can’t be so, our heart is our thoughts, and our thoughts on emotions are felt by the heart.

A man with thoughts of positivism creates so many opportunities in a span of time and make the ordinary extraordinary and create for himself greatness from what he achieved.

Everyone is ordinary until one grows up and separate himself from the rest by the dictates of his thoughts to excel indeed to be on top, not to glorify himself but to serve mankind. The quality of his thought creates the nobility of his heart. To learn the true meaning of greatness is to extend one’s helping hand to the needy and the helpless.

On creating a better self, the thoughts we create flows like liquid gold filled with precious treasures of intentions to grow and to live a life of sharing joy and happiness. The heart rejoices from the sight of one he shares with it.

The quality of your thoughts should be the quality of your soul.

Our thoughts are the king over all the effects of who will be a person is. From the time she/he starts thinking everything follows in the degree of quality r the absence of it as we grow into a person we become.

The mind directed his thoughts to what is right, true, and beautiful, the heart takes the lead of the mind and life becomes a garden filled with flowers bloom in the midst of winter.

The flow of our thought is derived from the dictates of our spirit and our soul to exceed what we cannot become and to achieve what is impossible.

The limits of our thoughts are the limit of our imagination. Imagination is limitless therefore our thoughts has the power to be what it conceives to be.

Without changing the line of thoughts we cannot grow. Change in thoughts not only change the way you look at life, it changes your entire life to a new level good or bad. – Choose good

The quality of your thoughts is equals to the quality of your journey.

Our thoughts are like the compass where one chose to go. The only difference this compass can point according to what the thoughts wished to go. The thoughts become the journey we shall get on to our life.

Every day is a journey and it is filled by the flow of one’s thought, good or bad it influences the outcome of each journey. Better choose the one that could give you a happier life, not a gloomy one filled with risks and darkness.

The person who thinks is the person who gives the meaning and the story of his existence while he is here on earth. The better the thoughts, the better the results. The action cannot produce anything without the guidance and direction of one’s flow of thinking, our thoughts.

Along the way in life is the subtleties of the labyrinth, the whole purpose is to lose your direction and kept your journey rendered inutile by the going of to and fro repeatedly without getting out from the maze. It needs focus, courage, and the knowledge of the stars so to speak to guide our journey without wasting time on repetition.

There is a need for an immediate decision, the watchfulness on changes and the place where you are must be observed and leave behind. To know the place of destination is to know the direction you will be into. It takes self-control and discipline, the work ethics you have gained through the years would keep you ahead of your plan.

The quality of your thoughts depends on your outlook on life.

Negotiating like driving in zigzag and the long endless winding road could ever need is to have a positive thought for life, progress, and peace. For you will become happier.

Our thoughts lead us to every event by the way we act and react. Proactive thought is the way forward.

In every daily endeavor, we need to choose. Be aware of the flow of your thoughts, for you can gauge the quality of your thoughts by knowing if it is a proactive choice or a mindless one.

Every great decision has been processed by the line of thought s we unconsciously use. Knowing the reality that our thoughts become our destiny, we become watchful, alert and conscious so we can reign over the way we think and change the way our life might become, saving us a lot of troubles.

Before we all fade away or sleep for a while, no not about the daily one but the natures call on every one of us, do and act what your thoughts wished you to be remember your 3 friends.

You will be guided very well. If you believe in God as I do, pray. This is the single most powerful action you can ever do. Peradventure, the lord listens and makes all your prayers heard and manifested on you without climbing the proverbial 7 mountains.

Have the courage to control your thoughts. The mind is irrational sometimes from thinking 24 hours a day and at times venturing at the precipice of what is wrong where many human beings have been suffering from the effects of it.

As you develop the strength of correct self-belief, positive attitude, and the right mindset, our thoughts will shine upon us as a beacon of light giving us a safe passage towards our ultimate dreams.

Before having all these we need to know the truth, such as we are weak, we are a lot of times breaking common sense and dwelling on the habits formed because it is the thoughts hang around too much.

Comfort zone is a misnomer, most of the time it is the worst part of living, you are strap to mediocrity and worse to a life of parasitism. You are put in a box by the three monsters – doubt, worry, and fear.

The truth they are but your thoughts. When we started breaking away from the deceptive world you soon know the world is your oyster.

Thoughts become a mindset, choose the right one, thought molds your attitude, choose the positive one and format your self-belief, choose the correct one. To find them is to be watchful on negative and positive, right and wrong, and most of all correct or false.

Hold dear what is edifying, what are the universal virtues of men and the principle by which great men lived and died, all contributed known or unknown whatever is good you found in humanity

The quality of your thoughts is the quality of your courage.

Courage is not just the control of fear but the capability to take over fear and destroy it once and for all. Fearless ness is the zenith of courage when it is combined with wisdom and action.

Courage is the wisdom in itself to see the need of sending the three monsters into the bottomless pit of oblivion together with their authors and masters.

The greatness of our thoughts remain by the courage to win and lose and win again and again. Returning to where it came from and embrace the realities of his existence of who he is and why he is what he is.

The quality of our thoughts is amplified but the genuine acceptance of the vanity and futility of anything there is for they all shall fade away just as you and all who came before you. The courage to face up with it is peace and humility.

The courage to keep going and the wisdom to change direction when it warrants is the fruit of the flow of thoughts, it’s quality is found in the human manual of life.

The quality of your thoughts is the quality of things around you.

We see the thoughts are the future realities waiting to happen. Where are dreams come from? Where are wishes, goals, objectives and plans, targets, and aims coma from, Didn’t they all come from your thoughts?

As we heard someone said, thoughts become things. The truth is If there is no thought there is nothing or anything! The great mind, The one who thought to create the universe, the one who created the world, the one who created mankind – He had created everything by the quality of his thoughts. Whether you believe it or not, the Theory of Evolution does not exist from the very beginning.

The thoughts never manifested in things we see and touch. The beautiful world until it has been tinkered and contaminated by human thoughts was perfection. The beauty of creation everything the seen and the unseen showcased the awesome incomparable quality of thoughts.

The quality of thoughts creates a great business whether online or traditional. They will all grow for as long as the quality of your thoughts meets up the quality required to succeed!

We will feel the strength of our potential in the action we are pursuing. The shades of every illusion are too strong. It is almost like the real thing.

But not all that appears to be the real thing is useful, including the shining glorious victory of a video game and the like. Just keep going.

The quality of your thoughts is the quality of your principle and dreams.

The challenges of a good life depend upon how your thoughts bring out the principle and dream into action and reality. There is no reality of anything if it is not conceived by the thoughts.

The mind is the mother of thoughts and the mind is the wife of the soul. Whereas spirit is the benefactor by which one’s destiny is already foreknown whether you are filthy, undeserving, and foolish.

The spirit supplies the thoughts of deeper understanding and knowledge which cannot be obtained from the mind alone. There is a spirit in the man of which the down and fall are already written and are sure to pass on. The Spirit is the mastermind of all thoughts.

These are big words for everyone, even for me. But I wrote it because it is something you can chew up while being alone.

The real issue of man is the blurred principles and a dream without acting truly about it. The comfort of avoiding it is the pastime of all losers. Face up and shape up be a man and make the dreams into your hand.

The man who could cause his dream a reality is either blessed or a real action hero on his own right. Principles one it truly is the bases of all your thoughts then it would be reflected in the flow of your thoughts.

These are the beauty of thoughts. It is screened with so many factors in being alive. Truly a man is a complex being with a simple truth. Right thoughts beget the right action resulting in the right destiny. We choose our ultimate destiny.

The ones who are weak will yield to the so-called destiny. Without the intervention of God. All being equal, a rich man can become poor. A poor man can be rich. An ordinary man can be the king. who knows. We saw it happened many times over.

Why are others much better than many – they took the right action, they believe in their thoughts and they y actualized those thoughts.

Stop thinking of making others make use of you either as their runner, executive assistant, employee, CEO, they are all the same. Your time is being used by other people whose thoughts become things – they have built a business for while you and everyone follow the rule of enslavement. Master-slave relationship. Well in different forms but the real meaning remains.

Final thought

The flow of your thought is equal to the flow of your existence. Your purpose in existence depends upon the thoughts whether it found or forever hidden not able to be known for the flow of our thoughts sometimes lead one to the labyrinth of convoluted approach in thinking.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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