The 4 Regrets of the Senior Citizens And the Hope…


Life is like a day, we have the early morning like our early years and at noontime as the heat of the sun so is our youth and before you know it we are in the evening part. Just like us in your age without work either retired, retrenched, and resigned by force, we are talking about the guys in their late 50s and their 60’s

So many of us have thought we have made it under control until nature and age took control of our lives. Our goal in life is to have it good. We would love to think we don’t have regrets, but deep inside us we knew where we have something to think about on lost opportunities, regrets, broken dreams, and broken souls.

We lost something in us, was it hope, vibrancy, chances we let go or things we should have done but we didn’t.

Until hope comes back in many shades and forms. They are our professional children who love to take care of us, our traditional business with remaining potential, so we thought.

And then Wealth Affiliate we stumbled upon by searching or by accident Wealthy Affiliate and a plethora of income potentials online. So we could erase all our regrets and give life a second chance the way we wanted it. That is why we are here but what are you doing now?

Many of us dream of retirement with peace of mind, enjoying life, live in our terms, and without being sorry for anything we have done.

For most of us who haven’t prepared the end game of our lives, no worries. We still have a chance to bounce back to prosperity and financial freedom that is why we are here – The Online Business. Don’t Waste it.

Here Are The 4 Regrets of the Senior Citizens and the 5 Hopes to Bounce back

1. Spending money without Investing Money for ROI

We once never knew that investing in shares or stocks is not for us or we are not interested to know. Now we could start for a 2-5 year investment that could lead with a handsome profit or interest than saving it in the bank.

So do not regret it, resolve to earn from this WA endeavors, and use the earning for more earning through investing in blue chips companies. Tip going into the stock market needs high EQ (emotional Quotient) as against IQ (intelligence Quotient) it is like 90% EQ and only 10 IQ.

2. Quitting or Losing Employment in the way we didn’t foresee

Most of the time we keep doing the routing “go to work- come back home for so many years (average of 40 years in our lifetime, then one day, the boss say thank you for the job well done but you have just reached the retirement age or forced resignation or termination.

We smile and we pretended, that’s OK. We knew our lump sum payment would not last long! Your pension is not enough for the lifestyle you have been accustomed to for so long. Either you shrink you lifestyle or you will be forced one day even living in the street.

However, wait. This is, in fact, a blessing in disguise for those who are resolved to make it a success in the online business industry. We shall never be useless again.

We shall work according to our time and more so we could work all the tie to hit the goal we have never had the chance to achieve but this time WA gave us the realistic hope to earn still and earn big time if we so decided to.

3. Realization of how much we missed on our family matters, occasions and our health


We were so hooked into our job. Working hard and giving our 100% devotion for work. We didn’t know we have family who have been waiting for you during graduation, Thanksgiving day, Independence Day, and other occasions, birthday parties, first communion of our children, going to college.

We love our job more than our family. Only to find out that we are sacked unceremoniously now that we are old and used like obsolete equipment.

I remember the words: Do not love the company but love your work. Do not love your work more than your loved ones. At the end of the day when you are down and out, sick and weak, the company or your job would not care.

The one who would care is your family. The ones you have neglected and have missed so many occasions they wanted you to be a part of but you are working hard for the money!

Now we have time to give our quality time to them who are with us at home. To reach out to those who have been hurting because you seemed not to care while you were young, strong and have loads of job to finish.

Now is the time to catch up and to heal some misunderstanding and bond with all of the ones that matters in our lives. Now is the time to create a healthy habit for our mental and physical well-being – exercise, rest well, drink more water, and eat more green. Enjoy the family time and live with a smile and understanding to every member of the family.

4. We realized we have lost the real world. We felt quite out of touch of what’s going on around us, we do not have time for ourselves

Being out of the job at the age of 60s or 70’s is quite bewildering and there is a lot of adjusting to do. We couldn’t let go of our time and contribution for the company that feed you and your family.

That alone we need to be grateful. But let us see it from the right perspective. We have given our output and work required. That is why they have to pay for us and give us our just compensation. We can never be so loyal to the company that would never give us any concern once we are kicked out of this company.

We cannot be truly free when we have problems with money. Basically whatever good things we wanted to do it entails expenses, for this the reason to make good of your time here at WA is even more urgent, and truly important.

There is always the potential of everything, the hope of achieving financial freedom. We started to empower our minds and change our mindset from limiting beliefs to the mindset of endless possibilities. Now we have opened the door on what Wealthy Affiliate has shown us.

It actually showed us the panorama of a great future which is possible to achieve, the ability to adapt to all the things that are required. This is the way and the path for all that there is to it.

Happiness can be more distinct to people who have sources of income that meet all the living expenses, payments, and more. This is what we guys can achieve. No worries. Take action like there is no tomorrow.

We do not want to get more mistakes by just letting things go by without doing concrete actions towards achieving financial freedom or even a significant extra income through online business.

We thought we are special in things that we do, we realized that we are but the same as anyone. We lost our selfish idea of ourselves and has become more natural and humble in things we are in.

I think we should learn, relearn and unlearn immediately. There are many ways to earn online. You can check my post on many ways to earn online. The new normal is becoming more. Nothing happens to all these if we do not take action.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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