The 5 Best Moves to Get Richer, Faster

Transform each day, renew the commitment and resolve, adapt to the changing time, and surpass your yesterday’s performance. The best 5 moves to get richer faster are as follows:

1. Kaizen: Continuous Improvement of your skills and character

2. Take calculated risk

3. Live Simply, Live Below Your Means

4. Continuously revise your Dynamic SMART plan as you go on implementing your SMART Plan day by day

5. Whatever you do, do it for the glory of the Lord God (No offense to non-believer)

You’re your dream alive. Remember your biggest why you are doing what you are doing today. Align it toward the achievement of all your goals and dreams.

So let us move with sure steps. It’s time to level up our action. Do not be afraid to take a risk. The risk that is well thought of and is calculated. As the world economy has come crumbling down and we face events and situations beyond our control so whatever we could control we must hurry up and take action. There will come a time when even things you can do would be off-limit to you. Just as what Covid-19 has done to our freedom of movement.

So before anything else you might plan to do. Let us come back to the resolution table and brainstorm what are the most important things we must be done ASAP.

Here is the action plan we should do to be richer than we hope for:


1. Kaizen: Continuous Improvement of your skills and character

  1. As we help WA newbies in our community for some time while we are also learning different levels of social networking and blogging, we need to learn more and more about how to create a great website that would result in monetization. What I learned is: Improve SEO connections.
  2. Learn Social media engagement for our niche.
  3. Product review in relation to your niche is a must like at least 2x a week.
  4. Be very specific in your niche.
  5. Affiliate marketing of WA and other lucrative platforms are a very good source of monetization.
  6. You can always take multiple income streams provided you do it very
  7. Get one thing done each day for your Website.
  8. 8Learn the 7 P’s Attitudinal skills (Patience, Perseverance Positivism, Passion, Purposefulness, Preparedness, Practicality) PM me if you want to learn more.
  9. Keep improving writing skills, personality, and confidence, mostly humility. Be truthful and honest.

“In today’s competitive world, the way to competitive advantage is Kaizen Principle” Florentino

2. Take calculated risk

We would agree that whatever we do there is a risk involved albeit in different degrees. Such as joining WA has a risk of not making it to what you have planned. There are no earnings received without any risk taken. All of us who have attained a degree of success has taken risks. We take chances in things we created, this online business is one. All of us who are involved in any kind of business is taking risks. We all plunged into doing business in Affiliate Marketing for instance without taking chances whether we would be successful or not. A lot of us have just faded away or even quit because they could not earn anything.

We need to be proactive and positive minded. Always adapting to what has to be done first, and what has to be disregarded.

I notice in my gut feeling, a lot of us here are not using our time wisely, which needs to refocus our time on our own future. That is how to keep improving our websites and hopefully get earnings consistently one day soon. We keep calibrating everything we do. We keep learning about what has to be one. We keep innovating and creating things that will set our work apart from the thousands and thousands of the same niche.

We need to earn somehow, somewhere while we are developing this online business to produce earnings as soon as we could. This is the time to take solid action. Re-start seriously in planning to be financially stable. The more focused you are the better. Take action each day every day.

“Do not be afraid to take a risk, this is the way of life of successful people.” Florentino

3. Live Simply, Live Below Your Means

The challenge of our lifestyle is we are used to living beyond our means living below our means is the easiest path to get rich. Always write down what you only need and stick to it. Do not buy something that is junk or processed food. Or anything that is more than enough. Use your supply wisely and carefully. It takes a while to get used to it but if we wanted to change our future into a much brighter one we must teach ourselves the meaning of delayed gratification and staying out of the comfort zone because that comfort will put you to a miserable future. Cut down on the usage of electricity, gasoline, and others which you can live without.

Keep improving your life by living a wise simple life and keeping more money to invest and gain more money. Don’t keep your money idle. Let it work.

“To live simply when you can continue your original lifestyle is difficult but very fruitful in the end.” Florentino

4. Continuously revise your Dynamic SMART plan as you go on implementing your SMART Plan day by day

As we all know SMART means our plan should be specific, measurable achievable, realistic and time-bound

The principle of Kaizen is a Japanese term for continuous improvement. Never settle for a finished plan. Always revise, innovate, improve as it goes. More often than not many great ideas and sudden discoveries or eureka moments would pop out along the way. Do not let it go. Keep it in your logbook and incorporate them into your dynamic SMART Plan.

What are the advantages of a Dynamic Plan?

1. It adapts to the real setting

2. It improves the means to get to the main goal

3. It broadens our understanding of achieving our goals

4. It helps us up to date on the current realities of our society, economy, lifestyle, and trends easily than when it is changed much later.

5. It is more effective than the previous one.

6. It makes us watchful about what is going on around us.

“Renew, Revise, Review and Resolve continuous actions on planned actions as we go to our journey towards financial freedom and beyond” – Florentino

Remember your Dynamic Plan needs taking clear cut action” – Florentino

5. Whatever you do, do it for the glory of the Lord God


There is no meaning without the higher purpose of why we are doing all these efforts. For without the Supreme Being whatever we do will come to naught. Prove all things. He said prove me now “if I do not open the window of heaven and pour you blessings that you would not have enough container to put it”

He is talking on our responsibility to give the tenth of our earnings to the Church. The church is your fellow believers who believe in God following every detail of the 10 commandments or the two summaries of the law – ” Love your God with all your heart, with your mind, with all your soul, with all your spirit and with all your being” and Love another as you love yourself.

Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and EVERYTHING shall be given unto you (highlight mine). If we understood it You would know that everything we will do has a deeper meaning and has glorious results. Prove Him when in the scripture it is written: “When you are in trouble of any form, consider it as a source of great joy for when your endurance is tested, your faith has a chance to grow, let it grow for when your endurance is complete and perfect, you will need nothing.”

Let us henceforth practice our faith accordingly it is written faith with works is dead. Let’s practice the life according to the guidelines given to us.

What happens when you do all for the glory of God

1. You save treasure in heaven ( provided you don’t announce your generosity to the poor, or your tithes r any of your good deeds)

2. You will be richer accompanied by the fruit of the Holy Spirit (They are courage, faith, wisdom, endurance, love, peace, patience, perseverance, joy and strength)

3. You will find your purpose as you go doing good deeds and good works creating a habit of generous and cheerful giving. The more you give the more you receive from above.

4. You will create a special relation to the Source of Everything. You will be prayerful, doer of righteousness, a runner from any evil works, and productive and profitable life.

“Remember we only make all that we do in this world as a sojourner, worthwhile and a blessing to others when we walk the walk of faith in God’s will” Florentino


Author: Florentino Cruz

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