The Best Action Plan in the New Normal of 2020

The Best Action Plan in the New Normal of 2020 for Personal, Social, Professional and Financial life

Creating one’s own future for the next half months of 2020 is to level up the better version of who you are. This is surely possible.

Anyone could specify areas of improvement and enhancement. Measure the skills and talents as well as the willingness and endurance to do the best action plan! Achievable enough to make it happen even before the end of the year. Realistic enough to empower and inspire you to achieve it also even before the end of 6 months. And yes December is the time you need to realize the action plan in the New Normal of 2020.

How time flew, you are now in the sixth month of 2020. Now is the time to take effective action and bravely face up the risks in order to achieve the goals you have pointed out personally for your self-enhancement and self-improvement. There is no knowing when the world will get better, that is why you need to level up.

However, before things happen beyond your control, you should realize you have the power to create our own future by taking consistent useful and effective actions toward the goals on the following areas of life, they are Personal, Social, Professional and Financial life (PSPL) Here are they:

So before you lost all your hopes and plans, wishes, and dreams for this year you should be ready to give all that you need to give out in exchange of achieve each of your goals. And now is the time of truth and reality. You first need to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve the goal you wanted to have by the month of December 2020. These are the best moves to take your life to a higher level.

Think of the following points below. They are a must. Not doing any of them even one of them will largely affect the outcome of your action plan. Let us say your action plan is as broad as Self Enhancement of our Personal, Social, Professional, and Financial life (PSPL) Here are they:


Eat only according to the required amount needed by your body, not your appetite. Commune with your mind makes them purely positive. Make your attitude in tune 100% with the most effective work ethics compatible vis-a-vis with your goals. Your body, soul, and mind must be nurtured regularly and efficiently as a well-balanced ally from within. Learning how to forego all the negative habits and wrong thoughts.

Personal metamorphosis like the so-called caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is a great analogy of you, becoming in control of your negative tendencies and drives and acquiring the ability to have the strength in throwing away bad habits to become the person you deserve to be the one who could truly is successful in whatever project you may be into.


Man does not live by bread and self alone. Social life is not only good for your mental health and for your engagement and interrelationship skills but also it is very important for leveraging on how to monetize from the social networks. Social skills are taking advantage of your social network to make others grow as well in many ways in win-win platforms and possibilities. That is why you really have to improve your social media connections by trimming them down to what is useful, practical, and has commercial value by finding out your target audience, contacts, network, mentors, social connections. In the meantime polishing, even more, the skills of social transparency, credibility, and trustworthiness as a person to deal with.

Interpersonal relationships and the ability to immerse oneself in one’s culture smoothly and to spread the good vibes sharing the good feeling, good mood, and good atmosphere are very important skills and characteristics you need to nurture and continuously enhanced. Having the ability to spontaneously share and affect others positively are the secrets of those who are beloved by the masses and everyone.



Professionalism does not stop being an executive in a company but rather being more professional on your own business as you are the Chairman and the CEO of your e-real estate asset – your website where your posts, product review, quality contents, great keywords, and powerful images are found. All of these are where your success in blogging is hinged. So it calls for more enhanced professionalism!

Use and sharpen your skillset in view of earning from your website. Treating your website very seriously as your business entity and leverage from the knowledge bank and pieces of training available at any resources you may found,(i.e. Wealthy Affiliate University and its Library. This can be done through the relentless improvement of your output. Your blogging, writing posts, and writing contents, product reviews, blogging, and creating effective links both internally and externally are the secrets of acquiring more and more traffic. Through this consistent traffic comes earnings. These earning may also come from affiliate marketing, sales of your e-book and so many others.

Professionalism is very important because this will reflect the way you treat your commitments and plans and how long you could maintain carrying outstanding results. It is not the product of more dreams but results of a conscious effort to level up every step of the way. The professionalism that produces residual income through relentless implementations of everything required in an online business outfit. This is the only way to improve and achieve goals. Residual income from your website is the main objective of your endeavors. There is no meaning of all the sacrifices and planning if the main thing did not occur. That is the inflow of money into the bank account. It is well documented that online business is the way of the future and the way to earn money especially in today’s new normal. You should brainstorm business ideas. TIn being a professional sometimes business growth may pop up from the business point of view and by being the pioneer and trailblazer of a new business project.

Vision, mission, and objectives should be in harmony with your values and principles. Money is not useful if the only goal is to earn it. It only grows if you make it grow by sharing your blessings to others who direly need financial help. It would be more meaningful and more inspiring to achieve when we incorporate social responsibility and actualize your intention in helping some of those less fortunate ones through your charity that is cheerful and generous in giving them away.

Keep learning. Have a student mindset. Do not ever think you already know everything. You know what, everyone and everywhere is an opportunity to learn something and sometimes may give a moment of eureka along the way! So do not think you know everything. Be honest, remember, the stairs of your pursuit is a never-ending stairs improvement. But always know when to stop the endless stairs. Until such time when you start earning each month for the rest of your life, that is the time you could call yourself successful, in a sense. I say for the rest of your life because that would be the time you are not only confident to say it but also you have the ability to keep the earnings coming. This could only be achieved through your personal and professional approach in financial endeavors. Isn’t it great to know so well the ways to get residual income?


The truth about life is there is no glory without risk. No guts no glory is very true. But then again we are supported with a good deal of knowledge. Learning not to lose in failing is a skill and tool that is precious as a million kilo of pure gold. Failure is not an option. There is only one way and that is a financial success as much as personal and spiritual success. Without success from these three is no success at all.

There is no money made without any risk taken. All successful businessmen have done it the same way – They took risks.

In order to create money, we must be ready to take risks with what is enumerated above, your precious action plan. For taking the risk without planning is the sure way to disaster and failure. However, you should really learn how to take risk intelligently and wisely, This is by learning human nature and trade secrets as many as possible.

Learning financial literacy can be upgraded by taking the wisdom and tips of great financial gurus and from your own life’s experiences. The greatest teacher of financial literacy is yourself. You are the one who should know what are the areas in your financial aspect that needed overhauling, improvement, and enhancement. Great gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, and some of your mentors, friends maybe they can help you, not only to motivate you but help you transform your financial IQ equal to those great ones in our history.

Learn to follow where your expenses go and learn to hold and control of the outflow and keep creating more inflow. Good budgeting, cutting expenses, and simplifying lifestyle are ways and means to save up money. The more you concentrate on proper money handling, the more money will be left behind in your bank account. And maybe let it your money grow even more through investing in blue chips company via shares, stocks and PDR’s. Increasing your skills by investing in your knowledge and learning from the expertise of others are all great investments. You will never know when you could use your new knowledge, but it comes handy when the opportunity arrives. Most importantly is the transformation from just being a businessman to a great money-maker with a generous heart for the deprived, the poor, and the indigent.

These are the ways things should come to pass before the end of December 2020. Incorporate them into your action plan and All the best!

Author: Florentino Cruz

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