The Best Time for Online Businessmen


With all the sad and gloomy news on COVID-19. It creates an atmosphere of uncertainties, fear and depression. New words sprout out like wild flowers in the spring desert. The signs of change have come clear and shouting before our ears and it is splattered in different hues before our eyes. What I saw was filled with bright colorful hues. The best of them al we learned more about the most important in our lives. What we learned is we cannot go as usual outside. But we have a lot of time of gout out with our imaginations and thoughts. Depending on how your though lead you it will result to different interpretations. For me I saw some exciting future ahead of us one thing is the importance of ding everything online. Thus, business will get more into the virtual world let me explain one by one:

The trend and development goes online

8 years ago, our company to where I was working have stopped going to different countries to do the interviews for prospective new employees. One of the things we have set up was a huge wide screen video call where we conduct our interviews face to face. Life has been simplified. And the cost of conducting interviews have been a bit less expensive than before. We able to meet the candidates for the vacant position and see them in an HDD video resolution. Creating a virtual=, yes, virtual reality as if the candidates were just in front of us. At the same period I was involved of selling similar products like video conferencing, video call, video interviews, video greeting live and in real time. We have also other products which encompasses what the Internet can do. And today it is everywhere in many free applications and are of better quality I must say. The fusion of Multi-level marketing and using video call f\instead of direct sale. Though there are something that is better in direct selling rather than on electronic gadget of on TV. But the bottom line business are getting used to online. And now fast track 2020, everyone are at home doing business online from vlogging, presentations, selling, webinar, and so many others. According to trends the online business is increasing its annual revenue consistently by the billion yearly.

Everything gets into the world of internet

Imagine the affiliate marketing todayhas become a common place vocabulary and hundreds of thousands individuals are entering into online business. The influx of many internet marketers made the online business vibrant and competitive. I have learned how to create my post and blogs pages and product reviews all at the same time thanks to one of the best place to learn online business. This is the time where a good hardworking ambitious and focus online businessman can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars only by working on your own laptop and at the convenience of your home. In fact, it becomes the dream lifestyle of many people of different backgrounds. Some of my friends have taken this kind of life working on the internet, they have niches which brings bread and bacon so to speak on their table anytime of the day. The great open secret about online business is the power of leveraging where you could build your website and would work for you 24/7 all year round no matter whether you are traveling to another country and spend your days tapping on your computer in a panoramic view of green rolling hills or the huge bright skyscrapers at the background of your hotel sitting room. Anywhere is your office. You become free. Your time is yours. The truth of the matter is the more you get the more time will eat you in working The big difference is you are your own boss and no one will dictate to you whatever you want to do with your work and your time and your money. Money becomes as easy as turning your brand new gadgets to open and check the amount you earn for the day through your online business. The awakening of the new sources of income could be more competitive and fraught with dangers as there are many cyber- criminals lurking around the virtual world. My tip is choose a platform with the highest security measures and top of the line protection against online thieves.

Reliability of online business

With the advent of cutting edge technology on online application. Transaction become fool proof and filled with peace of mind. The system of payment and earning is secured and guaranteed by the different companies dealing with online business transaction. The Affiliate program is one beautiful example where the reward on commission is tightly protected by different sort of check valves providing the ifinancial interaction a walk in the ark so to speak. The beauty of online business is we could keep improving our websites which act as your shops or office, your own virtual real estate property where people could come and check out your latest post and some good news of the day. The value of information i as fast as the internet evolution into a magical character that it is today. The advent of new technology will usher an even one of a kind of doing business worldwide. The mind boggling development right now is anyone could start creating network and business connection and client network around the world and could access them anywhere and in real time anytime! The excitement never ends there the online business has been evolving by itself. more people are getting smarter and sophisticated thereby warranting everyone to level up their contents!

The reasons behind the greatest time for online business

The advent of the Covid-19have made everyone realized, at least those who are on top of their game on online business realized this early that the way of doing business will change for ever. And this time more dependence on online transactions, negotiations and evolving products and services will be the it in the coming immediate future. Great thinkers and mentors could leverage their knowledge for a price that could send their bank account to the roof.Because a lot of new bies are crazy hungry for new solid development knowledge and skill set that is not only technical but also emotional and attitudinal. Most of all mental. A lot of us, yes, us might have fallen into an emotional black hole where your energy and sense of positivism is zapped without control. The way out from here is not about medical but rather preventive in nature. The knowledge is worth purchasing by thousand s of dollars. This is my new frontiers. There area gaping space for many niches that are actually the need of the immediate future the faster you align your energy and focus to these niches the better your chance to lift your financial status to stratosphere overnight. Of course you need to sharpen your tolls. But you need to have the right tools in order to o sharpen it in the first place. What will you sharpen when you do not have them. Smart people are all willing to give and share their knowledge for a meager price where no once can disregard.

The best time is yet to come

The golden age of online business there is yet to come. The sophistication in creativity and innovation in this field is awesome and indescribable. Brilliant people are suddenly coming on to the forefront like a Halley’s’comet lighting up the fat pace development in this field. The best is yet to come that is when the real players, the genius, the creative and the shrewd would come as one person and one entity controlling most of the business. But this could not be the source of everyones discouragement because the new mantra today is simplification. We fo not have time for the highy technical explanation people need a friendly user apps that would be easy enough to be understood and to be mastered by anyone with the right attitudianl and mental tools to stand out in the game. That future is coming without us knowing it is infront of ourvery eyes.

Things to remember in doing online business

Just like the traditional business, the use of the 48 laws of Power is important but not necessarily advisable. There area much more powerful values and principles which we must have as an online businessman.

1. Always self-improvement is the centerpiece of his work ethics

2. Application of knowledge do not necessarily you want to share them all. Information in this age is more than gold.

3. Honesty and integrity must be nurtured and must be protected at all cost. Reputation is only good for the meantime. The truth will always find its way towards outside.

4. Consistency is part of your natue

5. Perseverance in your magic power that give you the edge against everyone. combined with smartmind and focus.

6. Business is dynamic, be ready to grab opportunity lurking just around the corner, Only the one in tune with the battle knows when and where they can be found.

The greatest opportunity of all time

In closing the greatest opportunity is still good for those who are ready to jumpstart their presence in the online world and create content and relevance where everyone will be mesmerized and blown away to start coming to your site and put them in your net for the next income of the day.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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