The Best Way for Self-improvement

In any way we do to grow, we need to be aware of our weaknesses, inabilities, illiteracy on some subjects, the lack of proficiency, expertise, knowledge, lack of skills, and many other things we need to improve as we go along the high way of our lives. The objective of which is not just to improve but to arrive into a more fulfilling life. The main thing is Happiness. There are elements of Happiness: contentment, satisfaction, joy, completeness, fulfillment. Many of our challenges towards our self-improvement is the lack of characteristics, know-how, skills, knowledge, and mindset.

Everything that we do is geared toward our progress and development, in short, self-improvement.

The main issue is to gain a contented life. We need to identify what would we need on self-improvement as soon as possible or once it becomes apparent the challenges to self-improvement must take the front seat for priorities. That is, it’s the main important need to improve to have a better quality of life not only for you but also for those who live around you, family, friends, love one’s or partners.
To grow, we need to particularly identify the area of which we need to put effort to gain improvement and progress. This is important, to fill up the requirement required in enhancing our wonderful experience so let us discuss one by one:

Areas to Improve

defects – Nowadays, modern life has given us many advantages than our forefathers. The facial enhancement and corrections are just an ordinary operation, We have almost natural prosthetic for dental health or issues, limbs such as legs and thighs or foot and arms. There is a wonderful way to erase skin issues and help grow hair on a balding area of your scalp. And many more. Some have the chance to whiten up skin complexion. This is amazing even our way of movement chiropractics and other doctors could correct the way we walk, the shape of our jaw, our eyes, chin nose even the whole face.

Weaknesses – Some of our weakness is the ingrained habit to eat a lot and here there are some diet programs and professional that could help lessen your intake and calibrate the nutrients you require producing a more smooth skin, great shape and lessen the wrong mannerism because you do not want things which will push you to an awkward situation like getting drunk so there are drinks that look like alcoholic drinks but it’s only a dummy. Weakness to stand at a job place that requires more standing like 99% of the time. Weak in its literal sense can be remedied with the modern diagnosis. Indeed, there could depression, trauma, inferiority complex, and other weaknesses causing the person to lose many opportunities.

fear – it is only in the mind. Man of our fears is but a product of our workaholic imaginations creating the stage of seeing reality from thinking. To embrace and realize your fear is the easiest way t cure the fear itself. Most fear is unfounded. The degree the professional deal with people having fear of various causes are now very important. Fear is related to worry and doubt. Mostly, the best effective cure is the person himself destroying the mythical power it is used in the mind of people. A strong resolve to face it for once on one’s life is so liberating once face squarely and realized the inutility of the thoughts that bound one’s thought for so long. Empowerment of once hold of emotion and understanding the thoughts played around our mind are mostly the product of petty issues one had experienced in a day lifetime. Many of the problems are caused by fatigue, insecurities, and uncertainties developing into an or of proportion challenges of life. This is the words among the need which would help complete the self-improvement to one’s life can kick in and developed into a powerful re have realized

Inabilities – Some people have inabilities. Lack of talent usually puts a person on the precipice of every spotlight of fame, promotion, recognition, or acknowledgment. The inability to learn the alien language is difficult to some but too easy for others. Many advertisements have turned out to be a week sensation and then gone forever. How to play musical instrument others are like eating peanuts but for others is like diarrhea. There many inabilities for humans as a whole. How can we stay with

Illiteracy on some subjects in terms of being savvy about the technical part of repairing you own computer or creating a website have all over again the points of Language Teachers considering a student false beginners reaching the plateau of comprehension and ability to learn could be a cognitive challenge and some hidden cases why they could learn as effective as others. Now there are many professionals for years and years. Taking down the bureaucracy of handling issues of the mind.

Proficiency – to have good-paying endeavors whether self-employment or the traditional way of employment. Proficiency in the things required on the profile required. It is always on the best advantage if we have the proficiency of things they needed. Ether you own business or the business of others.

Expertise this is a cousin of proficiency but a notch higher than it. Many of these have gone through refreshers course, seminars, higher degrees, and even doctoral credentials!

Knowledge – knowledge today is a hard currency, mostly information so mundane and ordinary you didn’t knowhow important to be given trust and confidence to keep the information to the hobbies they wanted to enjoy for the first tie in their lives. You couldn’ t fault these people today is not only the battle of the seat of power but also the seat of influence!

Lack of skills – we need it to have our own business both in the real world or the world of the internet. Most people wanted the unreal one, as far as I am concerned. Lack of skills such as leadership skills, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, and other ones are part and parcel of every stuff needed in the general job market

When we achieved all the tools, necessary qualifications, and everything you will have greater chances in achieving your aims in life which is the very purpose, the pursuit of happiness! Above all these you have read above the criteria of the objective of self-improvement And here we go they are as follows:

Criteria of Happiness:

Contentment, sometimes contentment is brought about by ignorance. If ignorance is bliss knowledge is folly. In a sense, I agree but 99% is wrong. We need to know why we are contented. The only way to be contented is to lean on the main resources you could never imagine. Trust and obey the Lord God with all our ambitions following the love of the Lord. The effect of His presence on our heart is mind-boggling.

Satisfaction is when after all the hard work and after all the effort the work has been finally done to its plan and achieved the criteria of quality.

Joy and happiness are the same. The only difference joy connotes just a part of Happiness. There maybe joy today and gone tomorrow. When you pass the interview that is joy. When there are more headaches come they focus again on work oblivious of the effect joy has brought to them previously They are now anew challenged to face and to win.

Completeness is a sense of having everything we wished for. it deals more with your loved one or the one that inspired you to be successful!

fulfillment is the eureka of our unconsciousness reminding us that life is beautiful in simple terms and way.

Here’s the main deal

No matter what we do and whether we are truly successful in the field there is one thing many of us, about 90% in my statics don’t know the real source of winning, success and achievements. Indeed, very few know that the only one that can give us real and genuine happiness is not how we improved ourselves but how we improved our connection with God and established a solid relationship where your repentance is real and all your angst is delivered to Him and you have made everything clear to have an effective relationship with the living God. That is when self -improvement becomes an easy ride. For I could foretell that we shall be loving ourselves and pursue self-improvement. No matter how much more could do and gain but the full acceptance it’s alright hot having anything if without God there is no meaning.


We need to remember that happiness is not where you find it. It is when God found you and you let yourself be led into a glorious relationship with God of the living. He is the one that can make you self improvement is completely a desirable thing minus the enslavement to perform and achieve your goals



Author: Florentino Cruz

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