The Way Things Are Unfolding!

Ever wondered and experienced reading news daily and seemed they were just but news! It never has been part of your daily lives for years and years. Time passes by quickly the news has more pangs and bites that hurt our peace of mind. Corona virus is just in the corner. Who knows? 

It is a mixture of crime and spooky in a sense you do not know where this bastard is lurking. Sorry for the word but that is what it is. It becomes the new normal of so many billions of people around the world. Everyone is not concern per se but rather overwhelmed with irrational fear called panic. No wonder why this pandemic scourge of the century has become the source of so many discomforts to everyone and loved ones, the nations and the community of nations around the globe. So gloves and masks are the new best-sellers of this weird time coming. 

The way things are unfolding is breathtaking by its suspense and speed.
A little carelessness could lead you with contamination and a victim. You could live but some die not one not hundreds but several thousands already from around the world. Italy has carelessly become the new number one in terms of Convid-19 casualty. Things like this could send us into months of self isolation, lock down and great distress. I do not know if this corona virus will truly make a dent – I don’t believe it. I refused to think that way. 

What am I concerned about is how the people of the world are generally reacting. There is a silent panic going around. Buzzing horrific stories some of them are gone overboard creating more panic. Panic is a state of irrational fear which could lead to irrational action. When the mind is contaminated with fear that would be more lethal dangerous and more fatalities are up and coming. Wait, not from the virus bus as a result of the psychological impact to may people. 

Crimes may increase and destruction and self-inflicted harm are about to go haywire. That is if the fake news and doomsayers will stop bloating the bad news into the worst news. Please stop. The unfolding signs of time are now in front of our being. Let us all pray. What shall we all should do. 

Here we are. I am going to spell out what we should do calmly and rationally. So here we go!

1) Stay at home. When the leaders in the government tell us to stay at home we should stay at home. The overlying predicament here is to cooperate and unite or not. What about our food, what about the daily expenses the monthly ones who will take care of that. Do you have a believable government if tea you are more likely better to cooperate, OK

2) Create a hobby at home. Be Busy in short, do not just watch TV. use your gadget, tiktok, Fb and so many Cell phone idiocy, or sleep until the world is better again or otherwise!

Be strong have discipline to exercise and study something you really wanted to take up for so long but there was no time. Now my friend time galore is at your disposal! take action right now!

3) Avoid overthinking about the matter! A lot of us are worrier. It is the habit of illegals. They have affected their mental health for such mundane situation and created a monster out of a joke or a plain comment or a rude slight. 

Overthinking is useless when you think on the basis of insecurity or otherwise the WDF – worry, doubt and fear! This should not be the foundation of your thoughts. The foundation is goal oriented thoughts on a positive foot base and positive mental attitude! And most important is the deep abiding faith to the only living God through our Savior Lord Jesus Christ! No offense to those who are atheist or agnostics, etc

4) Pray. This should be the first one but I feel a lot of us do not believe in prayers. Today, I ask you to better believe it. Ask the only living God, even if you don’t believe to eliminate this viral disease! In short let us always pray. The way we talk to God must have the following element: sincerity, fear, love, repentant, thankful and faithful! meaning you have faith or at least ask for it! 

5) Keep in touch with what’s going around. Call your mom and dad again. Your long-lost friend more so your siblings you haven’t talked for the longest time. Be humble. Just do it. Life is short for your useless ego and pride. They will add up to your distress, depression and metal crack. Don’t punish yourself unnecessarily because to believe in your useless worth as more than anything else. You are nothing until you face your enemy within you. Break away from the jail of negativity and pride rather be truthful and brave and show a little love to those that matters in truth and in fact. Like the blood of your blood and the flesh of your flesh! Do it. Connect. You have no more alibis in today technology with so many apps to connect you. Do it urgently.

6) Read the Bible. Research what God would do to a person who do not believe or filled with wordiness and immorality! When did you really read the word of God, when did you realize the Book does make sense. Or when do you think you are better than the words of God.

Try to challenge yourself where is it in the book that will make you think otherwise. Do not just blubber you are not interested, Prove that the book is useless by taking the words from it. Use it intelligently and do not create your meaning. The Book is plain n to understand if you open your heart and your mind!

7) Retrace your love back to a state of good health for your children sake and for your sake and your spouse. This is an opportunity to repair and to build back the spark and the flames of love you have found in the beginning with you partner. Remember the happy days and remember the good ones and the most conducive sweet moments of your lives together. 

You have been there, you traveled far and you can make the passion and love bloom even in the midst of winter. The main cause of Societal problem is dysfunctional family. There is a big scourge way bigger than Convid-19. The drought of love at home! 

Children have become callous and if you do not take charge of the driving seat of your destiny for your children, those children will become rude strangers under your roof. Take them back from the calls of vices and inner emptiness and growing hatred and grudges against you!

8) Be reasonable and wise. Stock food inside rather than always going out to buy again. You should realize things are happening with great volatility. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, how much more in months to come? 

And show encouragement to others to be just be forthright and calm in the midst of these challenges. We are for the first together as a world community. The rich should reach out to the poor. Because we are not living alone as if we will not be affected if your neighbor is infected with this dreaded viral disease.

9) Brainstorm on your contingency plans and lay out the course actions asap! While we keep ourselves away from everyone as they called it social distancing, we should also think deeply and carefully what we must do in the coming days. Anticipate the unexpected and do something about it as much as we can. 

I give you a hint – Keep praying for one. There are many ways to be of help with others. Even giving them sensible advice like this too shall pass and hang on in there is very important and useful especially to those in near panic or in panic already!

10) Believe this too shall pass away. Have a positive mindset. Why – Because it leads you to positive action! No positive outcome would like not come out from negativity. There is always silver lining in even every seemingly hopeless and horrible situation! Belief and positive thought create a wonderful sense of hope and courage. The world will not change if we go for a doom and gloom mode of thinking. 

And the world will smile at you if you change that mode to the other side of spectrum of emotion. There is something we do not know and understand about consciously putting our mind to a positive mindset. There you are where ever your mind dictate it to be.

11) Do not let negative thought rule you. Be happy and praise God! He will never forget or forsake you! Refuse to be ruled at all by thoughts which are not holy and right. We need to have a correct thought processes. Conscious practicing the way of good life and good thinking by leaning and depending on to the source of what is right, true and beautiful and this is no other than the true Lving God. No offense to those who do not believe in God. 

But hey there is no harm in trying and challenge in your prayers the existence of the Lord. Only pray sincerely. And all the best. Let get back to the main idea in this number 11. Turn every negative into positive. Trample anything negative with your might and conviction.

12) Think of others. The best time to show your generosity and kindness more or for once in your life! The best way to gain positivism is through action. In any way, you can extend your helping hand so to speak to anyone in this world. Internet is a blessing with the greatest impact for we could reach out even the person living in the remotest part of the world who might be requiring even your positive words. 

Words after all has created the world, as what the Lord has done. Words can make or break someone who is emaciated from want of guidance and direction. Many are lonely because no one told them how precious they are inspired of their circumstance. No one has told them the precious gift of life and that this suffering is temporary. The most important is to fight and take action because even fear run away from those who take action. Help others in the best and most possible way you can!

13) Say I love to your parents! This is a special part in this list. Because parents after the Lord God is the most important in our life. Regardless of being cruel or irresponsible they maybe to you. Take away the pain and hurt and forgive them and love and honor them for it is the right way to do!

14) Be introspective. Always think and learn from every lesson of the life and from your experience it will teach you how to behave and act in the given situation such as this Pandemic disease. Do not be intimidated, put your mind into peaceful mode and let the grace flow in your being for after all we are commanded not to worry at all! Instead, pray and threw your concern to the Lord and let Him work things out for us. For He could be able to move you and cause you to do and to will accord to the land and results He has planned for your deliverance. Always remember, God can change the situation even for a second. But we are not here to be a spoiled brat but to mold us into a patient, righteous and obedient followers of the Lord

15) Get an online job or business. I advise you either of the two will do. Let us talk about the pros and cons of both! This one is a practical means to get sources of income while we are at home or isolated due to circumstance. Moreover, this is the trend of the future happening right now. 

There are already millions are in this kind of income generating activities. This is also ideal for those who do not want anymore to be a part of the convention employment. This is the way to go for those who are serious and in need of real money better extremely. Better take action now and learn the way of online business. This is my suggestion. Go for online business, it will take sometime but you will not regret it when you start earning money.

The way things are unfolding is a wake up call to renew our character building to a new level that is capable of meeting the chllenges of the changing time! Be watchful and calm! All the best

Author: Florentino Cruz

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