The Way to A Stable Future

Remember the future is created on how stable it could be or how bleak it would be by the past actions we did. The most important decisions in your life may be a litany of wrong choices because we are not aware or concerned about the impact of what we will do in our life.

A stable future starts the day when you have a decisive and clear vision of what you wanted to become. Vision dictates the steps you do each day. Vision is like a compass where every move we take is geared toward following the direction of our own compass. There are many points we need to understand and remember in order to have a stable future. Here is the outline of this blog.

1. Silence is gold. Keeping to yourself your goals and dreams.

There is a secret in life. The more you keep silent about your main goal. The more powerful it becomes to make it happen. There is a saying that goes like talking may mean nothing but silence s gold. It does not mean you do not talk at all. It means you need to keep your plan and goals intact in your heart. Lock it and quietly move forward to the achievement of this goal and dream.

Silence creates more strength, power, and momentum to move forward day by day. It should be understood that the plan must not be forgotten even for a while. In fact, it should be in your mind 24 hours a day. As much as you would be conscious of your personality and character as they are viewed by people around you. Keep it with your life. This is a great ticket to your success. Have an open wide friendly aura and pacific kin of ocean on your main dream.

2. Investing in the right skills, know-how, education, training, experience, personality development, and social skills.

In order to have a stable life you should have a strong foundation on the following requirements in competing in this world:

Investing in the right skills

For example, if we wanted to have a lucrative online business, we need skills pertaining to the build-up of a great online business starting with the creation of real websites with proper buttons and widgets needed on the landing page or the website itself.

1. Know-how – knowledge, and understanding will help you to accelerate your learning process if you could activate your mind into comprehending the lessons required and the training needed to perform.

2. Education – this what I mean is what you wanted for your college degree. As of all matters of the heart, you should pick the degree you love to earn. This will help you trek the kind of life you wanted to take than what others for you to take and live miserably because you really don’t want to do it.

3. Training – you need some time to train what you know and what your skill can achieve more. Training is the activities by which you internalize and actualize everything you have read and learn about. Sometimes, training can only make you more confident and efficient in your endeavors.

4. Experience – this is something unique to all people because though we may have very similar experiences, the concept and the understanding of that experience vary from person to person. Experience is a great teacher because it helps you to learn everything in a shorter period of time than learning in a book.

5. Personality development – this is very important because, we do not deal with what you will do, we deal with you as a person. Whether or not you are reliable, whether you are capable to grow in the prevailing circumstance of the work environment or not. Nothing is more precious in our life than who we are according to people who look at us or deal and communicate with us. Friendship is important to show everyone how you are as a person and how you develop a personal relationship or rapport with everyone and showcase yourself positively according to the needs of the environment and human interaction.

6. Social skills.

For me, these include the following kills

1.Presentation skills

Presentation skills should be short, clear, precise, and convincing. The speaker like yourself should exude competence, confidence, and charisma. Presentation skills include the knowledge of computer such as the PowerPoint, this where the report is systematically and aesthetically designed in such a manner that the transfer of data or information would be more understandable and comprehensible. This may include images, charts, columns, and video snippets. 

2. Leadership skills

Leadership skills mean you are able to convince and relate your points to people, your group, and others your stand and your ideas powerfully and effectively. This is the skill where the leader has the capability to raise the morale and inspiration of the team and aim for more. Successful instigation of the individual roles must be spearheaded by the leader. Leadership effectiveness lies in the skill to make the group believe in the goals that has been set up and has the ability to paint a scenario of individual interest in the project. He could be able to create a reward system based on the performance-based on individual effort and mostly the team effort. He could spell out with full clarity that a TEAM means Together Everyone Achieve More, thus enhancing their motivation and energy to go for the win and success of the team.

  1. enjoyment
  2. laughter
  3. engagement
  4. friendship
  5. sending a clear message
  6. understanding
  7. comprehension
  8. fun

4. Writing skills

Writing skills is the precision, clarity, and substantive content pointing directly to the main thing.

5. Prospecting skills

In marketing, prospecting means you could gauge whether the person you are dealing with is qualified to be part of your activities.

6. Skills in convincing others. 

So convincing skills are very important, in order to have these skills you should be fully knowledgeable on the subject you wanted to get profit from.

3. Nurturing the dream

To have a stable future you should have a stable mind in sticking to your dreams. There are people who are forever tentative to what they wanted to do in life rendering their effort always hanging, cut short, and unfinished. To nurture your dream, it should have a consistent and strong reference point to what you really wanted to be in your life from now till tomorrow without fickle-minded changes in between. It is better to change the strategies and plans to achieve the dream but not to change the dream itself.

4. The habit of renewal

You should have the habit of renewal. Like for example, create a refreshing thought and rebooting attitude come each morning. To renew ourselves is actually recharging our soul, mind, and both physical and mental health. This helps you carry on with more energy and endurance. The staying power to complete the task of each day will be a very valuable kind of resolve without putting one’s strength online. This is why morning renewal of mindset to a positive and more positive self-belief becomes the life and death of a plan, dream, or the entire future.

5. The habit of strong self-belief

The habit of strong belief should not come from an egoistic belief on oneself because anything on the negative side is bound to fail in many forms or versions! It is in fact, faith and hope plus passion and a positive mindset all rolled into one. Making this pointer one of the most important part of these steps. A stronger self-belief creates a change in the sequences of events and the mood of the person beside you will be affected positively because of your strength of mind, character, and decisions in life.

6. Destroying the limiting beliefs

At the same time, you need to unlearn limiting beliefs. When I was young a lot of people around me, basically my loved ones and more so some supposed to be friends of mines. They were concerned about my possible failures in the endeavor I was going to undertake. They have told me to abandon my plan as this would be a precarious venture and may well be the cause of my defeat and loss. You see the mindset of so many people is in the form of caring for their loved one or fine but the truth of the matter is, he is himself the real blockade to the victory waiting for you, you richly deserved. Learn to destroy negativity for they are limiting beliefs! To destroy limiting beliefs is like destring the bars of your own mental imprisonment.

7. know goal setting

Instead, we need to focus on our goals. To set goals we need to know what is the requirement to make t happen as an effective vehicle in bringing about successful results in achieving goals in order to be self-sufficient. It is important to know exactly the goal. It must be specific and well defined. Goal setting is a practice to settle all the variables and collect all the determining courses of action required. and understand everything about the goals, has a price to pay, the effort to give, and the number of hours a day to spend. Being in clear on these aspects makes the activities and effort efficiently performed.

8. Recognize what is your priority

Above all else, it is also important to know yourself. What is your genuine priority in life? Are ready to give up something you really like to a more important thing to apportion your time. Priority is the skill of correctly way of putting all tasks and goals on a proper time allotment. which one is first, or the second one or the third and so forth. In this way, there is a well oiled systematic performance of work each time of the day and night.

9. Learning financial literacy

Financial literacy is an important part of the knowledge we need to know and understand in order to shorten our effort for financial well being or even financial freedom. This is the essence of future stability. The main point of financial literacy is how we spend, save, and the most important role our cash to gain more cash and find avenues of sources of income by which we could invest money effectively and multiply the earning power we can derive each week or each day. The sources of income of successful people come from the understanding of how to make money work for you and help you collect earnings without lifting a finger. This called leveraging and creating streams of income is the main thing in worldly success. However financial literacy is only there to make money serve us and not we end up serving money as a god. If this happens, this is called a disaster.

10. Creating good reputations

I said creating because every day we are always creating our reputation to establish us in the community of people. Reputation is the most part of your name in terms of the outside world which includes the business community, social circles, community organizations, people who know you more importantly who hear about you, and getting positive feedback is the most important part of personal branding. Sincerity and authenticity must be showcased before the eyes of the community every time without let up. Therefore practicing good judgment, wisdom, and correct behavior and right conduct could give you excellent value for your interpersonal relationship especially in your business activities.

11. Knowing the power of positive thinking

The power od positivism changes the outcome of your future. The mind has the power to change the future at will and create opportunities after opportunities as you travel forward to your dreams and you exude true personal conviction of positivity and the mind create a future that will manifest into reality. So the positive mind always anticipates a victorious and wonderful result which is more than the victory. It is an epitome of applying a magical secret of life on how to get a stable life or future though there is nothing magical in being positive. Remember the action and reaction, cause and effect, and what you think becomes things. Now I advise you o nurture and practice positive thoughts and a positive mindset. This is where success begins.

12. Knowing the what, how, where and when

To have a stable future you should know what you are aspiring for, what do you really want in life, what kind of success it would be. Then how would you go after your dream, how you can do the parts by which you can achieve the goal you really wanted. And then Where will you go to achieve your goal, where will you get all the important components required in achieving your dream or goal, and lastly when you are expecting to get that goal in reality. When specifically which date and time.

13. Always remember your big why

As you go towards your goals in achieving a stable life. Remember the big why, the compelling reason why you re passionate about doing what you are doing. Your big why must be emotional and inspiring and motivating that to think if it makes you refreshed and strengthened, keeping your iron-clad resolved stronger. For example, you do not want to experience to be hungry just because your family has nothing to buy food. Or maybe you wanted to let those who belittle you how successful you became and justify yourself somehow from being filled with defiance amid the prevailing poverty hopelessness of that time.

14. Take time to relax, recharge, refresh

As for every being we have a tie to relax, recharge, and refresh. We ave night to sleep, we have a coffee break to find some food to take and get some respite from work. This is an important component of a balanced and strong life. In Japan because of their hardworking attitude, some of them die of fatigue or exhaustion. This will happen if we are not taking care of our own physical and mental conditions. This is how to navigate the challenges of performing everything to realize your dream. Do not let anyone lead you I your way to your own destiny. You are the master and chief of your own campaign to a stable destination. Refresh yourself with quotes such as never, never, never surrender. A quitter never wins, winners never quit, Victory is reserve to those who dared. Your dream is there for the picking if you regain your strength for the next journey.

15. Remain Humble and Strong

To remain humble and strong are the secret of great men. And a peaceful man. A humble man has few detractors. provided you are not creating enemies in other forms. Strength is our requirement for a great output and production of goods and services for people to enjoy. You should always be mindful of your own health and character. Specifically chosen for health  – your strength and your character, humility!

16. Put your feet on the ground

In all your victories, success and newfound wealth and comfort zone. Always remember that all these are flitting part of living in this temporary world. To put your feet on the ground just remember you came to this world with nothing and you will leave from this world taking nothing with you even if you want to just like pathetically practiced by the Pharaohs of Egypt in ancient times.

17. Continual progress

Nothing progresses constantly without continuous improvement. Changes are welcome both negative and positive for both of them is a way forward for continuous improvement. There is no substitute for being clear with development, progress, innovation, creation, and advancement. They are factors towards Continual progress and improvement of your stable life. We do not only talk about finances here but the holistic requirement of a stable future. A stable future is pegged on the present with a comprehensive plan and course of action designed to grow even more for the sake of humanity and for the glory of the Creator.

18. Sharpening your tools

Sharpening tools is a way of saying if improving your skillset and knowledge in order to be in conformity with the challenges of time and meet the opportunities and take advantage of them by implementing your know-how and skills! there is a story wherein two lumberjacks came together as the finalist of the championship on who was the best lumberjack. The first one was a young muscular man and another is nearing to his forty’s. naturally, the early 20’s when he saw the competitor as much older than him He was assured of victory. The day of the competition has commenced. The rule was whoever get the most lumber cut in the forest shall be judged the best lumberjack. The other rule is it would start early morning to be determined exactly what time by the judges and it shuld finish before the sunset. And so it came to pass the church bell rang signaling the start of the competition. The young one came immediately and start cutting trunk after trunk of trees. While the older competitor worked intermittently and the young one shook his head he could not believe his luck how easy it would be for him to win since the older guy wouldn’t work continuously as well. It was the same thing happen all throughout the day and the young man being active in cutting trees got tired in the noontime. However, the older one was doing the same way consistently. And finally, the church bell rang the sign the competition was ended. When the judges checked who has bot the most numbered trunks cut, they keep silent and went to the podium where town’s people are waiting excitedly who won. Though friends of the young were already very confident that their friend has won. when the winner was announced the older man won the competition saying he had many more lumbers than him. The young one was so embarrassed but more shocked as to how the older one won,  when in fact he continuously cutting trees than him. He said to the old man, I could not imagine how you won. You even kept silent from time to time all the time. The older man told him the time I was quiet was the time when I was sharpening my tools. You see it is easier to cut the trunk when your ax is as sharp as it could be. That is why when I started cutting trees it was always in great number. And thus the way I did. I stop from time to time to sharpen my tool. It is more effective cutting trees when my tools are sharp. Muscles and could only do that much because your tools were not up to the tasks.

The lesson of the story is to always sharpen skills especially this time where changes of knowledge come in a hurry and before you know it your knowledge has become obsolete. Keep sharpening your tools!

19 Trust, confidence, and integrity

These are the best characteristics of a person who will succeed in this goal. To have it you are will to learn, unlearn and relearn. In order to have this, we must have an open mind. Without opening our minds, life is meant to fail and darkness. An open mind appreciates knowledge that is with substance and usefulness to realistic goals.

20. Success and excellence as a way of life

Implementing all that is mentioned already means your success and excellence in your niche or chose corner in life will be realized in due course. let us always be introspective on the lessons and knowledge you have learned and apply them immediately once internalized and appreciated without sparing any more time and effort. Wishing you a stable life.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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