The Wind of Change Is Sweeping Across The Globe


The unexpected is happening

Who would ever guess back in December 2019, COVID-19 will dominate our lives, heck, the lives of humans all over the world. The bright expectation of what we even wrote in our blogs about the incoming 2020 was rosy as it could be. Then today, the news around the world this pestilence has mutated into, now, 30 mutation varieties! So the future is as bleak as ever. There are people who are not releasing the whole scenarios of what are the possibilities and what it will be true. No smoke screens. Is it a man-made virus gone wrong? Is it a message sent by the Supreme Being to straighten our thoughts we are not really looking at the main thing in life? With things going on towards more uncertainties, on wonder a lot have lost their minds. A case in point is the gunman in Nova Scotia, a peaceful place and a man who has made history killing the worst carnage by a single man in the history of Canada. The USA is the theory’s top produces of casualties of COVID-19. Being the number one economic powerhouse, we asked where are the facilities and high tech of this superpower gone to? The unexpected is happening left and right.

New words, new thinking

New words or recycled words from bygone past now as popular as the rock stars of the world. ECQ is extreme community quarantine wherein there is a heightened prohibition of people venturing outside.

If a few days ago it was 14 days mandatory quarantine is not ECQ, other words such as PPE’s personal protective equipment such as mask, gloves, gown, headgear, and whatnot, social distancing is the most famous. And it is happening everywhere even the issue of brawling incidents we see on videos due to non-observance of other unconcerned citizens.

The worst was the violation of stay-home policy where ins a seemingly Marawi war veteran was going to assault the police officers was forced to fire and kill the man. These are the telltale signs of brewing tensions among people everywhere. And you guessed it, there are more popping out of new words such as Rona, Corona, Pandemic, serial killer, Chinese virus, recession, They are all words we would be very happy to forget if we have a chance. There are the so-called second wave, the third wave, and so forth.

The new thinking today I suppose is gradually easing up of staying home, the gradual approval of operations of some not so essential business establishments, Government financial support, The new thinking of going back to the provinces. Apparently, because there is more hope now in the countrysides than in the urban areas,  which are the most contaminated and infected by this pestilence.

The way of thinking of doom and gloom, the end of the World, the prophecy fulfilled, and the government pronouncement of immediate resolution on what to do in the coming weeks. Amazon slashed commissions of Online Affiliate Marketers – because the line of thinking is people from now on will naturally opt on online business transactions and they were besieged by online buyers. These online buyers have gone straight to the website and started buying. It was like a tsunami of traffic into this site has come without the Affiliate marketers. So from on, they would not be needing the middlemen.

As for me, my new way of thinking is to simplify life. Like the Japanese way of living – simple living, on clatters on unnecessary items at home. They call it minimalism. I think this will be popular in the coming days.

There is a new thought that could be the birth of a more open arm society, openmindedness due to the realization that circumstances like the novel coronavirus does not respect your status, gender, wealth and age, or even race. All are possible victims of this pestilence.

The other new way of thinking is the resurgence of turning to the Supreme Being and meditation, reading of the Bible, talks on Biblical Prophecy are reigning over the internet search engines.

There is a new way of thinking that this pandemic is a prelude of the real surprise of World History. They will leverage the situation today in convincing people to do this or to do that and we shall happily be obliged because of the trauma and fear of being contaminated by this virus. Then they would introduce the antidote, the vaccine against the deadly disease, in return you must first agree to be implanted by chips somewhere in your parts to accordingly, ensure identification. Think and be watchful. Your guess is as good as mine.

Honestly, I am just as confused as the person in the street driving his wretched car not knowing if he has already infected of the virus!

Where will we go from here?

So where will we go from here. This is going back to nature. Going back to our roots. Where the combination of high technology and simple living such as gardening, cultivating vegetables, farming has a new power of attraction. Growing organic crops and produce is the way forward. And not anymore the move backward.

People will conglomerate to the idea of survival, of experiencing the freedom of breathing fresh air again not the almost mandatory wearing face mask in the urban areas. The going back to where we once belong. Well, at least our forefathers’ hometown where a plot of land has a bigger measurement than the stories of skyscrapers around the city.

Another thought is the mobilization of planting every inch of the land of fruit trees, and all eatables. These are revolutionary ideas where only China and North Korea can do it immediately. They are the ones who could survive well.

Facing the new normal

Facing the new normal means the pangs of death can be just around your fingers, clothes edges, or on your face already. The one with a lesser immune system could be the worst target. This is facing the new normal. The new fashion sense speaks volumes of the reality of our time. And that is with masks and gloves. Alas, no one cares, it is the fad of the century!

Another new normal is living separately and speaking more on Facetime or other video call apps. We will be happy staying at home, drink, eat, and sleep. A lot of us pretended we are busy but mostly doing what is easy and what is your whims. Staying at home means not doing much but munch, tap, and shop.

We do not care about our other concern, we just want to LIVE for another few years of our lives!

The new normal will be the bulk of business are being done on computers. Shops are going bank rpt. People will love to stay home rather than have that scary chance of being the next victim of this unhuman serial killer.

What to do?

What to do. Be organized, accept the truth. Embrace it and thrive in it. Learn to live without fear, worry, or discouragement. It says believe in God, and prove all things, says the scriptures in the Bible. After all in the bible just write a biblical verse of:

Do not fear, I will help. Not me it is God of the Bible is talking to you. Do you want to hear more check them out:

Do not get tired of doing good for at just the right time you will reap a harvest of blessings if you don’t give up!

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God’s peace. which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Presenting to you the original name of our Lord in Hebrew, Adonai Yehshua Hamashiyach. This is a challenge of change of Paradign. I challenge you to prove the existence of God through Lord Jesus Christ. All the best.



So for my final words. We returned back to where we should be in the first place. Where did we start calling farm produce organically? Before everything is fresh from the field or garden or farm even mountain, woods, and jungles, some called valleys, village, and community somewhere between valleys filled with green trees and gardens teeming with all the natural food you should be eating. Combining it with high tech facilities at home, then that is what is new of a good life! Cheers



Author: Florentino Cruz

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