Things to Do to Be Richer

There are many topics on how to be rich. There are people who could pinpoint the real stumbling blocks of why we are what we are. Most of our desires only remain in our dreams. And when we start doing we fail, why?!

Here are some of the pointers you need to really master before you go to the next list on how to be richer.

1. Be ready to give up your time and give way to the endeavors required to reach your dream. A lot of us would start with fiery enthusiasm only to stop in the middle where your old habit would get the better of you as usual. To be rich is not a secret. it is a matter of doing the right thing at the right time with full focus and with actions with a solid positive form of work ethics. Now, what is a positive form of work ethics? This is the main crust of the matter. We work but not right, not positive. You end up taking more than a break that works. Your work is not the way it should have been only because your brain is still sleeping while working. There is no denying the fact that work that is right and with the time allotted. You have to spend more time in your work than in other things. Not your hobbies, about your girlfriend, not your siesta but on the work at hand and give more than required.

2. Plan your work, work your plan. Simply stated do not start an endeavor without a great plan. I always said a plan must be dynamic, comprehensive, and SMART, this means the following: Specify your objective, target, aim, and goal. Measure the ability, time, space. pointers, schedule. Only if it is measurable you can truly know how deep, how far, har high is the challenge you have in your hand. In fact, you need to research do feasibility studies and learn from your experience. Mosy of all has your passion always directed to your goals.

3. Learn the skill set. If you wanted to have an online business, it is imperative to know how to build one, what is required on the website. How to use the dashboard, how to create, categories, content, media, images, and affiliate online business. There are many others to learn like Traffic, SEO, Theme, HTML, link, tag, meta title, content making, blogging, and a host others!.

4. Learn the 7 Ps. They are here in one of my blogs and these lessons will help you pinpoint the attitudinal and character-building blocks you required. The most important part of success is our character. The 7 Ps encapsulate the elements in the character on what we require. There are two important things in achieving any goals: technical knowledge and Attitudinal Attributes. 7Ps represent those attributes we need to apply in order to achieve our goals – goals after goals. Creating a way of life of winning!

The 7Ps are the following.

a) Patience – in all endeavors we need a degree of patience. The great the goal the great the patience the great the result. Patience is a perfection builder. Patience gets the best among the rest. Patience is being to all successful work and endeavors.

b) Perseverance – Bill Gates saw perseverance is the common sticking point of every successful people. Perseverance is when the going gets tough and the competition is up the perseverance ever stop. Perseverance with the root word severe. It says no matter how severe is the situation we should keep moving towards achieving our dreams by all means for as long as it is approved to what is true, the way, and the right thing to do.

c) Passion – This is the energy booster part of the Ps. This makes the job or the goal or the endeavors feel like fun and a holiday. Passion emits love, joy, and interest in what you are doing. It makes you energetic ad you get it.

d) People-centric – the people are the main sources of the realization of your goals. The people who come to you must be carefully given proper service. After all, they are the reason why you got rich or at least you are going to ti.

e) Power talk – all successful people are good or great speakers. They clearly and concisely say what they wanted to say. They are full of confidence. Confidence creat monetization. People buy to the person who convinces them not the product that is displayed.

f) Purposefulness -before you make a goal you should know what is your purpose in this world. If you wanted to become a leader of a community. They said to find your purpose and when you find it give it away to help and nurture Humanity. and glorify your God.

g) Preparedness – it is important to anticipate trouble. To prepare is to avoid greater damage if there will have to. To prepare is to be of advantage against competitors. There must be a focus on the job at hand and understanding what will happen sooner is important in this part. To be prepared is to be ready to have the winning trend easily.

5. Must have great health and a proper environment. It is important to create great importance to be potent and assured of work and result. There is no meaning of everything when you do not have energy and without money. Money begets money. Money for the picking just creates a product that will chase you so that they could buy your product. The point of being a winner is to always be up ahead of the idea. Have the consistency of this attitude has a good chance o living peacefully and abundantly.

Now what you need to Stop.

If you want to Be rich stop the following:

1) You need to stop talking a lot. Do not say things which are not yet happening. Keep to your heart as much as possible. In fact, it is only known by you or your core group. There is power from keeping to yourself. There are more intensity and a sort of undefined power that could catapult you to powerful action and make things more favorable towards the achievement of that goal of yours. Do not let anyone know what you think. One thing someone will copy and paste it to their existing businesses.

2) Stop Bragging. Bragging is the past time of the senseless people, they are likely to be unsuccessful on the line of people working towards being rich. Bragging is a destroyer of your character and your future. No sensible person respect braggart. By bragging you use your time in words rather than in works. So focus on work rather than talks! You are not a speaker or you are an announcer. if you go ahead talk but do not brag.

3. Stop being extravagant. A one-day millionaire suffers poverty. It has no future. Their mindset is broken and has lost common sense, extravagance is something that is more than necessary. Where most of the things you bought are but a waste and turned to no worth.

4. Stop depending on others. Learn to be self-sufficient. When I said dependent, it is on your future, decisions, and your ambition. You can depend on people you are under you who are your employees because they are paid to help you because you are paying them.

5. Stop bad habits because this will only eat your precious time. Instead of using it for what is important like working on your goal, they are thrown away for a useless sleep that is more than it should be. And some games that do not add up for your good future. Remember your family, not your bad habits. If you think your family will inspire you to work on your goals. Remember the goals must be something that will enrich and give you a better quality of life not only you but your loved ones. One of the useless time-eater is hobbies that are not helpful for your dream. Be watchful to all useless time-eater, they are all dream stealers. You can never be productive that does not give value for your future.

6. Stop being indolent. A lot of people are consumed with their comfort zone and they sleep their time away and there you are the day is finished pretty much nothing done. And the next day another form of useless activity but high in his comfortable lifestyle but zero for the future. Indolenceleads to insolence and decadence and loss of the essence why you are living.

7. Stop being fearful you cannot make it. A lot of people are failing not because they are lazy or no ambition but they are crippled with the fear of uncertainties. The mindset of losing is a very big challenge for all those who are trying to achieve their goals. A lot of them will be catatonic on one stage because of fear of rejection and fear of the unknown. Confidence sapping attitude is the fear of losing. Don’t have the mindset of a loser. stand work and look fear in the eyes and take actions to use to resolve, commonsense, complete preparation, and planning. Some say Prayer and believing in the Supreme Being helps.

8. Stop pessimism and negativity. Many people have no chance of growing. The way it does not even speak to those kind f people. including those listed above. They are not needed in your journey towards the dream you want to live. A lot of us have achieved some of our goals. When we wanted to lift by a huge jump on the richness level, it takes bigger energy and commitment. The first thing you need to disregard is being negative and pessimistic.

Here is the Step by Step on What to Do Each Day.

Follow this and you will be in your way for being ultra different as you are today. Try and prove to the world dreams happen. Great effort equals great achievement.

1. Schedule it. Gather all the tasks and specific plans you need to finish and organize. Something to complete, address, avoid, and other things. Write it down. Structure them from the top priorities to the last one. Give time and date of doing it and completion

2. Prioritize the priorities. When you have all the items or things to do schedules, repeat the process and determine once again which one is to be at the top and second and so on priorities. See the need for urgency, its impact on your overall target and goals

3. Use Research and Continual Improvement. Each day visit your schedule and see your priorities are still true today than yesterday. do not hesitate to change the succession of things to do. This is according to the new information it understanding, the insight of what to do first. Research the validity and credibility of your information Treat your activities withutmost importance of reliability and assurance of information, nurture continuous credibility. Do not break it. Guard it well. 

Continuous Improvement is based on the Kaizen Philosophy where every performance and product and services has to improve and progress as a matter of course. The downfall of any endeavor is when the result does not yield any improvement from the previous result.

4. Do only what is needed for each step. Do not go against the schedule. Let the schedule undergo another assessment on a regular basis.  As you have already determined what to do at a particular time of day, don’t waste it on other things. Unless it is more imperative. Be strong to say no to unscheduled siesta, video games, and other habits that do not have value for your future. Having said that, have strong self-control and be free to use your judgment whenever you want to deviate from your schedule for the sake of your health or well being. To erase boredom have a break. It is also important to nurture your mental health.

The rule of thumb is, do not stay to one subject when you have found the answer, remember there are countless tasks waiting to be completed. To complete a task mean it is correct, it has addressed the issue and it has given a solution to the issue.

5. Assess your plan. A great plan is a plan that goes better and better. It should be relevant to the fast-changing time. A plan should be strategic, has a great positive effect on the progress and development of the holistic goal.

Assessing is to see the plan feasible, workable, achievable, realistic, measurable, specific enough, and can it be done soon enough.

6. See all sides of the plan. Check all the loopholes. Check the veracity o the argument of the goal. See the impactor of the action to be taken. Ask dependable people for input. Ask your most trusted friend who is someone who gives you constructive input on your course of action.

One friend of mine said, it is important to see all sides and as many sides, you can see so that you could assess what is to improve, what is to take away, what is the most important to solve and clear up and the most important what are the pros and cons of every side if we take action. The action should be the right solution becue if we overlook even a small side unaddressed to – this may cause the whole plan or goals to go down the drain. And Find ourselves to start anew and ask why we didn’t see that?

In short, it is not a joke to be careful, alert, have an eagle eye spotting something wrong.

7. Assess performance.

As we assess our performance we also need to assess our actions. We need to find some quality improvement, quality deviation, and other questionable results from our work and assess how to mitigate, control, or resolve the issues spotted. It is always important to have a meticulous inspection of every action along the way so that it could be resolved immediately before it becomes damaging to the whole project itself.

8. Do quality improvement.

This is where you always look for a better quality that is why we need continual improvement precisely because we need our services of products to be improving and progressing to a better version of what it was. This is always the standard procedure of all products undergoing new branding each year. Features and specifications are the two important components of the products and services grew to a better version of their previous presence in the world market.

9. Complete the task each day.

Thre is a sense of urgency and a mandatory practice for those successful endeavors. These two important keywords in daily task performance are a must to be observed each day.

10. Wake up and act as much as possible you can.

There are times when success can cause an invincibility psyche and can result in a concerned person to be complacent. This is why we need to wake up each day and be aware of the effect of every positive development not only the negative ones for both could send the future into a downtrend depending on your ability to create a consistency of progress, improvement, innovation, creativity on the development of product and services.

11. Create a target and a benchmark.

To keep yourself ahead of the pack not only you need to observed all that is listed above you need to remember to always have a definite target and benchmark you could create for everyone to achieve. As much as possible you should be the one creating the benchmark, not others. These are the characteristics of people who are truly going to be rich in every ay.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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