Three Things # 55 ( Three greatest attributes of a leader)

55. Three greatest attributes of a leader

  1. visionary
  2. impeccable integrity
  3. courageous

Some great qualities of a leader, many would say it is the transparency and down to earth quality without any pretense is one of the most endearing qualities of a great leader. He could easily lead people no matter how many the people are, it is important for him to know them as they are and give value to what they can contribute. He has moral value a step into the front for any fundamental issue that needs leadership. Truthfulness is very important for him and expect others to be the same. He does not tolerate lies and deception.

There are many opinion on great leadership. Some of us would choose the following attributes of a leader, they are focused on positive result. He has an exemplary character and he commands respect and obedience. He has the important trust and confidence being given by his followers and colleagues. He is adaptive to any situations! HE has endurance extraordinary! He is an expert in networking and effective relationships of key figure. The traits of great leaders’ according to some authors on leadership says a man of substance and he does what he says and does what he says. He does not grand stand or seek to be the center of attention. No, not at all. His main preoccupation is give service to as many people as possible. He is not constricted or close minded.

Some of the other skills a leaders should posses. Many would say the following, Skills in speaking. Speaking is not only how the voice texture, tone or intonation and inflection. Far from it. What is need in speaking skills is the ability to raise the emotion of the listeners and induce them to take action with sense of urgency. It also include the clarity and the volume.

Social connection, this means people are happy to be identified with him as friends or supporter. He has a great means to charm opposing figures.

they create commitment and social contract and is serious and action taker to all the agenda of the government . What he has promised is very import for him to by fulfilled as soon as possible.

A great leader should have a skill to show compassion to all the needy constituents. Has the sense of helping others ad thrive in creating a better standard of living with those who could help for themselves.

Here is my take on what are the greatest attributes of a great leader. And I rounded them off with only three things. They are as follows:

1. Visionary – A leader must have vision of what goal he wanted to realize in a span of time. Visionary leaders’ means they are ahead of their time. They are always advanced from the rest in doing things. It entails that the vision should be on the right direction. Therefore, he should have shrewdness and uncanny ability to choose the right steps, this should go with being a visionary. With it as well are the following

a. Mission – there should be a mission to be fulfilled not as a person as a nation or for a group of people.

b, objective – the course of actions are specifics and has specific objectives connected to the overall goals of His vision.

c. target – it is something more of a shorter term. Such as what would be the tasked to successfully completed in a week or a month’s’s time. This is with a regular reassessment of the quality and quantity of the achieved tasks made. And there should be a course of actions on how to make the results more efficient and effective for the common good.

d. aim – it is the paramount interest of the people he leads and should be the effect of the target which is always for the betterment of everyone.

Vision is important to effective leadership. A great leader possesses the skills of affection dissemination of information so what is also required is powerful communication. The ability to raise the inspiration and motivate everyone to one common purpose. Purpose is the essence of Vision. 

The vision should be compatible with the purpose which covers all the above namely, mission, objectives, target and aim. In a training program, we need to put these 4 important factors to create an effective result. 

All of these are like components of a vision. This is where successful leadership is being tried and tested. Usually leaders’ who understood the bottom line of his country gas an intrinsic natural understanding of the requirements needed for further development and progress.

2. Integrity 

This presupposes the impeccable mindset to serve and to work honestly, sincerely and devotedly. Many of the leaders’ fail this as well. In fact the major back hole of so called leaders’ are their weaknesses to resist the allure of great and corruption through influence peddling in exchange of shiny things such as money, of course bribery and back door negotiations which offers palatable percentage and bonuses to the leader in charge of decision making power. 

 The human frailty is always the attraction of worldliness. The treasure and wealth are but illusions and the worst trap faced by leaders’. The stronger the integrity the better for the economy of everyone. Shared endeavors and blessings of the fruit of their finished projects create a better organization or country.

The Philippine is a case in point. For the longest time, it has been besieged by leaders’ whose predilection to self enrichment is worse than the viciousness of the COVID-19. Since their independence leaders’ from top to the bottom have rule the ordinary citizens with deception, exploitation and machination

In terms of deception, leaders’ both from the industry and national government have jelled in their evil intention to fruition in tying the economy of the Philippines into oligarchy and criminality. 

The drug Lord is under the protection of the highest officials, the businessmen were in cahoot circumventing the provisions of the law in order to juice the Filipino people of money and the wealth of national treasury to scandalous and brutal illegal contract such as made between the Pre Duterte governments with Ayala’s, Lopeze’s, and the Pangilinan to name a few. 

Only in the time of President Duterte who has an approval rating to 90% plus have brazenly announced and threatened these scalawags and economic saboteurs of prosecution and incarceration. Now that most of them are already exposed and therefore proven their diabolical deeds made in the Philipines for years and decades. 

The shameless Catholic Church in the Philippines have been found out to use the alms given their church goers for business rather than for charity was also even more exposed in details plus their moral corruption and tinkering with politics supporting the oligarch supported government leaders’. 

These are also the classic example of exploitation and machinations. Thanks to President Duterte all of them were shamed in the arena of national discourse where the Juan dela Cruz have finally fully enlightened by the evil of the tripartite enemy of the country – Oligarch, Trapo (traditional politicians that are mostly insidiously corrupt) and the Church.

3. Courage.

 This is one of the most important attribute to be had by a leader. It means he is fearless. Again the Philippines is a good example. The present leader is know for his courage. He would put his life in danger, his honor and his own position as president just to confront the enemies of the land. 

They are the bandits and terrorists and drug menace and criminality. This plus the graft and corruption his own government are being destroyed day by day. He has told the people to be assertive and be empowered to pinpoint and report the incident so of corruption and ineptness of any administration’s workers in the executive branch of government. 

Courage for president Duterte is the willingness to die for his country or the acceptance that he might be destroyed by anyone. beismirching is name relentless day and night, which is all proven fake news. 

The debacle of the administrations detractors are happening before the citizen’s eyes because those major supporters of the oppositions are one by one returning to the folds of truth and exposing the dirty tactics of the dilawan – the name of the opposition – it includes the church, the oligarchs, trapos, and the communist insurgents, a creation of dilawan and now officially called bandits) The terrorists are also in connivance against Duterte. 

His leadership consistently retain the sovereign help and support. Power among them are the Overseas Filipino Worker who are 99% in support of the President.


To sum it all the the greatest leaders’ of them all must have the three attributes or qualities, they are vision, integrity and courage.

All progressive country has once initiated by these leaders’ with these qualities before the progress began. The story of South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore is all started by leaders’ with the qualities I mentioned. The qualities are a must have before you could be sure that you have a great leader. 


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