Three Things # 56 (Three Greatest books)

56. Three greatest books

  1. Bible
  2. alphabet and numbers
  3. personality development

In today’s era, millions of books have already been published. By leaps and bounds. A lot of genres have been opened to people. The kind of people who are bookworms. The effect of reading and learning from formal education and the culture of education have resulted in the hundreds of millions people have developed the love of reading. “Read to Lead” is sometimes become a motto of the Philippines written in popular magazines. Encouraging everyone to read and read some more. 

The reading habit could expand the horizon of our knowledge to different things, from science to technology and whatever. There are many topics that we could enjoy to choose from. Libraries are still present disseminating the books for those who care enough to borrow. 

No surprise a lot of people are reading and browsing different sorts of books. The plethora of titles to choose from has become a source of headaches for many voracious readers. In one section,  Psychology seemed to be having many sub-topics that covers the whole raw of shelves! 

There were clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, general psychology, genetic and cultural psychology. And we are only touching one part of the titles. And this is not even the popular ones. I believe people will gyrate around information on the current events, technology, politic, economics, science, a mystery the uncertainties, some paranormal, some religious cult, and all these we are just starting. Now let us begin to take up the greatest books of all time.

When I say the greatest books of all time it doesn’t matter whether it is one book or several books, whether it is specific or in a general way.

1. Bible the most enigmatic of all books for many and a source of comfort and learning the word of the true living God, these are for Christians conviction.  The Bible that has spread around the world in so much intensity that it is generally called the World’s Best-seller Book of all time, and rightly so. 

The bible tells the story of a man where it came from. The audacity to foretell the end of times!  The words in this Book are said to be too holy to behold. It has the power to exorcise the evil spirit, heal the sick, and change a miserable man to a man of courage and of hope. From being a prodigal character into a thriving servant of God. 

The Bible is the guideline of human existence. The purpose of its existence and the stupendous salvation plan for each and every human being. It is the only book that has the authority to say that there is a world tomorrow incomparable to the best civilizations created by any man at any era or any period of time. Nothing like it. It presupposed the certainty and assurance that it is going to happen soon. The word in the Bible touched everything including the time where there will be grievous worldwide agonies. 

The veracity on prophecy is up to the dot. It is the only book that knows exactly human frailty, potential, hope, and nature. It has foretold the never have been ‘civilizations’ that never have been discovered before and now have started to come out due to great gifted scholars who were able to see the puzzles through the written scriptures. That is why the Bible boasted a Savior. 

The Bible declares it is the Word of the Creator and it’s the promises of blessings, grace and deliverance will only work for those who believe in Him, obeys and love Him with all their love, and beings. It is told to understand the words of salvation, it says it is in the book to read here a little and there a title. People who believe in this book understood that life has many dimensions the body, the mind and the would. However, we have also a spirit quite different from the soul or mind of man or the spirit people might know. 

The main thing in the bible is the life after death through the Savior, Jesus Christ. And this is actually the main point of the written words in this book. It all points out to life after death and it gives everyone the unbelievable chance to be part of the God family. Plausible to some, myth to a lot of people and a strange book to everyone not is acquainted with the Lord Jesus Christ but everything to the Lord Jesus’ followers.

2. Alphabet and Numbers. – This is the basic book given for elementary education. The source of all complications that leads to all endeavors or subjects which include mathematics, physics and algebra and so many more. It has given birth to thousands of papers written and analyzed the beautiful number of circles, gravity,  triangle and a pi. The number of distance from different points of objects and counting of so many things, how many-particle of sands does the world have?!. We are all reduced in numbers, birth date, and death date, and so on and so forth. Students studies learn in years but the result of their studies is reduced in numbers such as marks, a number of units completed, a number of hours, or months. When it comes to the result of the studies they distilled the result in number!. Pass or fail. The alphabet is a component of every word. The English language has 26 letters that created hundreds of thousands of vocabularies and the intermingling of every word produces another hundred of thousands of them, borrowing from the languages of the world puts the number of the vocabularies to unbelievable hundreds of thousands. However, the power of the number and the alphabets are in the message and the idea that made up by the group of words woven by the author of each book, report, research work, thesis, etc.. The books in the world cannot be studied in a hundred lifetime. This s impossible to undertake. The general knowledge of everything created the different schools of thought which created divisions of philosophical cornerstones and thus the world is confused more than ever. The erudite personalities seemed to make the world even more at a loss to what they were before. Great educated people attempted to expound the knowledge they declare they understood but somehow only themselves seemed to understand and in the secret of their privacy would probably blurt out unrelenting anxiety of too many gray areas to the knowledge they themselves have studied.

Self-improvement or self-development – the holy grail of living is to find our purpose and we tried our very best to know it through the so-called coach and mentors, gurus whose mind has made them multi-millionaires as they apparently have insight and inner knowledge of the secrets of life. When their secrets were taken from the payments of those who wanted to learn from them and they started to create a following and an image even a reputation that will not fit reality when we know them. Anyway, they have been enriched by those followers eager to pay what they would have to say. The learned information and their glibness and capacity to a spellbound audience with their speech and skill in creating orgasmic delight from the main point he was trying to convey was a magnificent spell which does not need the genius to understand but a simple time to comprehend. Nothing is special to those who know. The people around the world are thirsty for truth. Countless humans are seeking truly to life mentors to help them not only to earn but to live a balanced and happy life.


The greatest books of all time are my personal choice and I am convnced indeed they are with conviction. There are countless great books but let us understand the criteria why I have chosen these three books. The criteria are knowledge, the greatest impact oncharacter building and understanding the whys of life and behold the tapestry of life in harmony of who we were and what we will be and the vast potential of our power to improve comes in the realm of self which include the following points: Awareness – we will not have the opportunity if we are not acutely aware of the potential of what we could become and the realistic possibilities of a much better life or better you. It must send us into a higher level of eureka! The realization of amazing potential if we pursue this or that. The main thing is development. It is not the development of deterioration but on the point of progress and of a person’s progress on mental capability and capacity to imagine better than before and to face the world with new-found confidence because he knows he is worth the attention and respect of everyone. Self-improvement and development is the main thing in human progress. Sad thing is that it becomes narcissistic and so self-centered that indifference becomes the DNA of every human being creating a society of extreme sadness, pain, hatred, and callousness.

The Bible portends a time of love and never ending peace among men in the world where everyone loves everyone and the spirit of pure and  genuine camaraderie is very much alive. Indeed, brotherly kindness reign in everyone’s heart. In the coming days, people will turn to God even more because of the vicious pandemic disease. It is clearly now the scourge might not be ending pretty soon. The world is awaiting for the vaccine in order to get back to normal life – the life we had before the COVID 19.

For all these I said the greatest books would always be that adds up to the highest value to humanity.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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