Three Things in Life #15

Just after the lonely night life blooms to abundance of light, leaves and life itself!
Just after the lonely night, life blooms to an abundance of light, leaves, and life itself

15. Three greatest things we must have/do before we die

Happy yellow smile face1.      good character

2.         beautiful love

3.         righteous giving

Many of us have thought what things we must do in this life. What ambition, what kind of life you wish to have and enjoy. Some people know early on what they have to do what they wanted to have early in life. Some people like Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempengco, Bata Reyes, Bruce Lee, Beethoven knew what they wanted to have or to do. And they have had or they have done what they dreamt of at least some of it. However, it is a matter of discourse if I say the greatest things we must do or we must have before we die must be number one, to have good character; two,  to have beautiful life; and three, to do righteous giving.

These are must because these are the main purpose of our existence at least in the book of books. First off, we must have a good character. What is a good character? Basically good character originates from your heart. ‘Out of the fullness of your heart the mouth speak’. It also said we first think what we would do. We first may say what we wanted to do. Good character is doing things without hurting any human beings. You do things what you want to do to you as well. No person or normal person no matter how selfish he might be would not want others to do wrong things to him. A good character must have a good heart that is the only way. Because outward manifestation of good work and proper behaviour, respect to others, giving with so much generosity but if your heart is devoid of love it amounts to nothing. You know fake items, they amount to nothing. Fake love leads to hurting others. Fake items leads to early malfunction or shame. You cannot fake good character. Sometimes people who besotted someone like a demure beautiful well-bred educated woman for example. An enchanted guy will do anything to get her trust and confidence especially her love. A man who is fake will act and pretend. He will show good only, good manners, good behaviour, good conduct, good everything. But along the way whether or not he gets the lady’s ‘yes’ the evil in him

Like the colors of balloon , our true colors appear and manifest in the most off guarded moments they fly up in the sky just as we flares up and throw our natural selves!

would show sooner or later. If he is busted he might retaliate in a very dangerous way spewing invectives and threats. Or once he has got what he wanted form a woman basically sex, he would not care showing his true self anymore because the lady has been trapped already anyway. This type of person is truly evil ad must be a warning to all people. It is not for men but also for women. There are bad eggs and good eggs. Be careful what egg you might have acquired. Fake people and items are in abundance. Don’t take them. But you can decide to have one. It takes full humility and desire to do so what is right, beautiful and good in the eyes of God in order to be transformed into having good character. Daily intake of God’s word edify the spirit, it connects us to our source of life. It gives enlightenment, instructions corrections and guidance. Most of all it saves you from being fake.

Fake people are like burry sites of things you can’t see clearly who you are dealing with like the road to take you do not see the road ahead.

Fake items go to the dust bin of shame. Fake character is worse, it goes into the everlasting fire. God does not want us to be fake. Being fake is being hypocrite. He was angry at the Pharisees of His time because they all wanted but the praises of people and the best places in all functions in society, they love grandstanding on how generous they are, how righteous they are by fulfilling the rituals of the law but had forgotten the spirit of the law of God. They threw the burden to the people and none for them. They were condemned by the Lord as like white tomb but filled with filth inside. Good character is a diamond not a piece of a broken glass. It shines and stay forever. Good character is the same, it will stay to everlasting life. Good character is the ingredients of a righteous living who believe in the true living God. It is a must and must not be taken lightly because in it lies death and resurrection. Of course while we are still sojourning in this world good character is essential in giving light to those who believe in the Lord to those who hope for a wonderful tomorrow with the Lord. It does not falter. A good character is a daily renewal to do good works and to be better. Good character does not mean infallible against mistakes. As human beings it is a given that we may stumble many times. We will make blunders and hurt someone all the same. But the big difference is we did not mean any harm to any people. We did not mean to commit wrongdoings. We fall and we sin just like any other. But the big difference is we continue in our heart to do what God wanted us to do. We strive and we continue improving our character in the light of God’s commandments. Good character is a prerequisite requirement to enter in God’s kingdom. Others may have possessed good character but it does not mean you could go to heaven. Only those who have total faith in God and acceptance of His Son as your Savior and undergo baptism shall have salvation, but this is what is more important.

Like water near the rock so is bptism with the Lord!

I pray that those who read this will have the courage and humility to face himself and ask the question. Am I in or out in this? May the Spirit of God guide you in your decision. This is the underlying reason why we must have a good character. For your  knowledge, accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God and your Savior is the key because there is no other name given in heaven or in earth that we can be saved and have everlasting life. But only the name of Adonai Yahshua Hamashiyach, the Araimic name of Lord Jesus Christ. Good character is an edge to others who are not. Good character create trust and confidence with your relations with others.  It starts practising good manners and right conduct. Understanding etiquettes and ethics are good but if y are polite and courteous it basically more important than knowing the do’s and don’ts of social graces and social interactions. A cheerful heart and positive mind is a good ingredient of a good character.  A man who is reserved and does say for what is true and only  always say helping words to encourage, motive and inspire. Words can mean death or salvation. Liars are the brother of thieves. Thieves come to steal, to destroy and to kill.  An idle talk should not be a part of anyone’s habit. It gives wedges between the truth and the life. It is like a pollutant to an otherwise good character. Don’t let anything evil enter your way of life. Glorify God in your character. He said be holy for He is holy. Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Good character is a good letter of introduction for a slot in the kingdom of God. Be good.

field skåne sweden

A person is also like the view, when you have a clear hear , it is like a clear panoramic view of such beauty that is natural.


The second one that we must have before we die is a beautiful love. It is wrong to think that what you have is far from having a beautiful love. Love alone is enough but when we say beautiful love it means we have already understood the joy and the power of what is love. Love is something we should give. We do not see wrong and blame others for not getting a beautiful love. It does come from you alone. It does not need another. The challenge is in your heart and in your understanding of what is beautiful. Many of our people around the world love in pan, in stoic endurance with a partner who is not giving a reciprocity of love that the other one is to have and rightly so. Love is a two way street. Wrong. Love can be a one way street and still can be beautiful. This is a higher practice and comprehension on love. The Lord Jesus Christ did a beautiful love so many times for us. Even before we love Him. Even before you do not know Him. He showed His love when He renewed the face of the earth, when He forgave so many sinners like King David. In fact He gave us salvation and right to be part of the kingdom of God long before we knew His great love for us. A beautiful love recreating the earth into a beautiful paradise, when he gave many chances to our human existence by his blood on the cross when Noah was given the saving grace to continue spread of mankind. A beautiful love is when we do things without expecting in return but filled with confidence and trust for a beautiful tomorrow. Where sacrifice is a joy and a need for the person who do just because his love is pure. Beautiful love creates positive effects even to those who are so unlovable. For love begets love.

Swedish Forest

When you have no genuine love inside you it is like you are trekking in an unknown path to darkness


The Lord said perfectly what is beautiful love? Love your enemy. It is the highest reflection of the nobility and greatness of the Creator and a person with a beautiful love. He gives chances to us just by asking sincerely for forgiveness of sins. Even seventy times seven per day. Beautiful love is pure giving, rendering help and charity without anyone knowing. It is not grandstanding, it is a compulsion of those who having a pure heart. Giving generously and cheerfully. Giving even when it is your last for yourself. See parents. Even the food they should have eaten, they have happily given to their child instead. That’s beautiful love. Even the child is a prodigal son parents were excited when this son returned from a long wayward life he had spent out of the hard-headedness of the son’s heart. Beautiful love is one of a kind. Sometimes our love has limit, I am fine if you are fine, I am ok if you are ok. This is not love. Love stays whether others don’t have. Love gives, it takes action just because he is full of giving in his heart. You can give without love but you cannot love without giving. Beautiful Love it is because indeed love is beautiful.

We depend on the Lord Jesus Christ the rock of our life, No matter challenges you face when you are with the rock you will never be moved.

Lastly in the three greatest things we must do before we die is righteous giving. Giving is the essence of life. We cannot exist without giving. We cannot go on as humankind without the character of giving.  The rule of life is give and take. It is first written – give was the first one that has been done in the very beginning. We have just continued the cycle of give and take. Righteous giving is we give to edify and improve one person not to destroy or corrupt him. We give money for education to improve his status in life. But some give drugs in order to destroy the person and make him his slave and source of money. The righteous giving sometimes seemed to be unfair and strict precisely because we do not give we know the giving would not results n righteousness. We do not give a child an open access to all there is to it in the computer else this giving access becomes the child tragic downfall and cause of decadence not edification nor proper education. Righteous giving is when the end result of giving makes a person a better man in the eyes of God.  Let us remember:

Three things we must have or do before we die

One is to have good character, this we cannot deny

To have one is part of the plan and the purpose for man

Secondly is beautiful love because it is the best kind

And thirdly righteous giving is the best in giving a life line       


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