Three Things in Life #16

ill all fall into place if you put God your first in your life Family will be happy and you will be blessed with a decent source of income. Even abundance beyond your wildest dreams.
It will all fall into place if you put God your first in your life Family will be happy and you will be blessed with a decent source of income. Even abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

16. Three greatest priorities

  1. God
  2. family
  3. decent source of income

If we know our priorities we would have a much easier decision-making in life. We must be in full conviction on your decision in your priorities because this will be your compass as to what you value more and thus influence the rest of your destiny. We need to make our priorities straight and clear. The Lord is not a priority alone He is the essence of our existence. He has given us freewill, His words, His Holy Spirit, we only have to ask and He shall give all what we need provided our heart is sincere and truthfully honest. Seek you first His Kingdom and His righteousness and EVERYTHING shall be added unto you! This is a powerful statement that comes from the mouth of God! Just believe and know that He is the only Living God, The God who has sent His only-begotten Son to save us. There is one God. Unlike in our human life, there is not only one Cruz family for example. There are probably millions of Cruz Family. For God family, there is only one. We worship one God with attributes of being the God the Father and God the Son and the Holy Spirit. Others contend how can God be a father. Does he have to have sex? His mind is above our mind, His thoughts are above our thought. We operate our thinking by the things we know here in this world. We cannot limit God’s power. He can, And He did. That is why we have Christmas day! Christmas day as we know is 100% wrong. The date of Lord Jesus birth is not during the winter time, because December is winter cold and often snowing in this month in Bethlehem, His birthplace as prophesied. The shepherd could not possibly stay in an open field when the angels appeared to them on that natal day. And the three magi were able to travel and see the Child in a manger. God does not need to use sex in order to have a son. Even in other book, Jesus was born by the Holy Spirit. But sadly they rejected the divinity of the Lord. The enemy was hell-bent to smudge and erase the concept of God family to nullify the Great Salvation Plan of God. Jesus is the first fruit. The Lord is the first Son among many. God said those who believe and obey Him in Faith shall be called the children of God. An in the last day all those who are in the Book of Life will inherit the kingdom of God where joy, eternity, and love shall reign forever and the enemies shall be assigned to eternal fire and the evil spirit shall be in the bottomless pit forever. God is a God of boundless mercy and loving kindness because He loved us. He gave the Lord Jesus to be the justification of our righteousness. His righteousness became our righteousness. Without the Lord we are all bound to death. With The Lord Jesus, He destroyed death and the enemy of righteousness. Those who sincerely asked for forgiveness shall be forgiven. Those only who did not and those after knowing the truth continue to willfully sin and despised the grace he was once received from the Holy Spirit. For these people there are no more avenues for a saving grace. The demons are exactly like these. They willfully went against God and Joined Satan lies and evil doings. These are the ones who will be in the bottomless pit forever. We do not operate by rituals but by love in action. God can change your life in a second. He said, ‘be still and see the salvation of the Lord’. He cannot lie. He will not forsake or forget us. He has great plan for us. There are many mansions in the kingdom of God. We can do anything in physical and in spirit for the glory of God. Perversion, sin, lawlessness, disobedience, hatred, covetousness, envy and all evil thoughts and actions will have no stronghold in us. We will be freed from them. For God is Love. He wanted to save as many children by accepting the Lord Jesus as our Savior. He is the only way, the truth and the life. Repentance and faith in action through the workings of the Holy Spirit and acceptance of Lord Jesus as our Savior is the way to eternal life.

Marriage nowadays is like a job contract. It is volatile. There is no assurance of ‘for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part’. Marriage in our time is a joke. Everyone came together for just when the going is smooth and to some extent when it is not so smooth but when the going is rough the decision to jump off the boat of marriage is the first consideration so fast and easy for so many. Broken marriage means broken family. A broken family is a lingering emotional, psychological, emotional, mental wound for children that may not be healed for a long time to come. Sometimes, it may not be felt by the children but their subconscious is devastated. A fight or an argument can cause a rift and finally divorce. Marriage by all purposes and intent Marriage is created by God to live in love and solve the challenges along the way together. This is institutionalized by the Lord through marriage man and woman becomes one. Family is one. So is the God family that is expanding limitlessly. If we set our priorities right, many wrong things will be avoided. The most important people in the world are your family. Family is like cells it multiplies. One day you will have your family. You will have children and as they reached their ripe age they would go and make their own family. And the family expand not only you will have children you would also have in-laws and grandchildren and the process repeat itself. And we will be part of the ever expanding family tree. Marriage is made by God to be together forever. It is the basic unit of society as cell is the basic unit of our body. In it love and affection, concern, selflessness and respect and joy of giving love and being loved in return supposed to grow. It nurtures the child to be strong member of the society just like we nurture the needs and plants in order to grow as strong cedars or oak tree according to what God has designed each of us to function and play an important role of spreading the love you get from your family to the whole of society. Family is the foundation among the building block of good manners and right conduct. The universal value of respect, obedience, honesty and so on are nurtured by the ones who loved you dearly and whoever they might be, they are your true family. Divorces are the number one source of social problems and sufferings.

To raise a family is a serious matter. It has to be planned. Preparation starts when you enter your school. That is where you start to from your future. While it is true that the traditional schooling does not always meet the needs of the present modern world, nevertheless, you must be educated in any given from your parents and eventually may want to do but be educated. Learn the art of passive income. Only through life’s experience and exploration of all opportunities which are very easy in this age of sophisticated technology, you only have to search in your internet and earn decent money while you are always at home. As a professional in any given endeavor it is always a rule of thumb to enhance your skills, qualification and the like continually. The most important commodity in this commercial world is you. You could actually produce more than you can imagine by just being watchful, smart and ready in all trending on earning extra income and other means ways to earn like traditional business, multi-level marketing and other earnings we could derive from the internet alone. Be patient, committed, focus and self-motivated. Imagine the fruit of stable financial earnings. To have a decent source of income, remember financial freedom means a whole lot of freedom. My advice is separate your passion and your source of income. Your education might only be taken for earning a living but your passion is for all time and it will earn you a life. There’s not much life when you are limited financially, so prepare yourself and your family for a stable decent income. Do not go for becoming very rich. Money has a way of destroying relationships as well. Do not let it happen with your relationship with God and your family. The rest will follow correctly and beautifully. A decent source of monthly income may come from employment, business and other from of sources of income. But in retrospect, everyone should early on learn the ways to make money work for you. The old adage of putting your money in the banks for the rainy days is already obsolete. I encourage the new generation to learn alternatives from getting money from monthly salaries. Make your own business in a place where you can have your own home and family with you. The only ingredient is motivation, discipline and consistency to go on. This will make you well off if you push through the years using kaizen system in your approach to financial freedom, that is continual improvement. Improve your talent, skills, information and knowledge of multiple sources of passive income. Be genuinely interested with people, learn to see what you could help to others and it will come to you. Use money, don’t let money use you. Remember the LOVE of money is the source of all evil

To wrap it all three greatest priorities are, the only Living God, your Family and decent source of income. They priorities give us our meaningful existence in this world. It is necessary to have perfect knowledge on God, Family and decent sources of income. This gives you the stability and meaningful living. So let us remember:

We should not forget our priorities

God of love, power, truth and mercy

The one that nurtures you unconditionally

from birth till you die – that is your family

and you should; one that gives, peace and stability

that is decent source of income you get regularly

Priorities are critical to a balance well-being and success in this life. The most important part of our lives are sadly being left neglected extremely much, we have to o back and find our way to home. Home is the ace where all these are found. God is at home, your family is at home and your marriage built the home you are almost have destroyed if you would not take an active effort to repair the damages you have created because primarily because you want to give them all the best there is in life. Unfortunately, what you have striving for may have been detoured to selfish endeavor like women, self-glorification, greed and vices. If you put your priorities right and prioritize your priorities you will not only heal yourself but you would also heal everything there is. God will have mercy if you are sincere, Your wife might change her mind if you could show the previous care and love you have deprived her for so long. And the major thing is the children who would always wanted to see you home just like the good old days.

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