Three things in Life #19

Thr lion of Zion looked up to the Lord to strengthen his faith that he may finish his purpose in life.

19. Three truths many are at a lost


  1. God
  2. faith
  3. purpose of man

God of one may not be the God of another. In fact, do not be misled by people saying we are all serving the same God. Not anyone who worships a god is the God who created everything. I understand many are agnostics- the doubters, the atheist- the godless, such as some in the scientific community and others who thought and arrived in their mind there is no God. I saw a former seminarian who became an atheist. I had a friend who was an atheist because that’s the way he she thought it should be. God in this world in fact is not the God of love many really thought is the one they are serving. Their god is the Devil. Their God is but long dead human beings, some of them their gods are from some kind of animals and plants or from nature, some their god is money, vanity, greed even if they do not know it! The greatest evil is that which causes all the above I mentioned, they are deception, treachery, and indifference.

God is not vindictive. He has patience that will make us all amazed. He could even forgive us and take us with Him in His kingdom no matter what you may have done, for as long as we continue in repentance and genuinely meant to walk on His way, never mind how many times you failed and prayed for forgiveness. If you are truly sincere in your heart to follow God, He will forgive you, strengthen you deliver you day by day according to the faith that is at work in you. Even in your last breath you called God and cried for forgiveness with all your heart in genuine repentance, you will be with Him. See the two thieves nailed on the cross. One had realized the Lord could save. And he was given the grace of justification to be with Him in paradise.

God does not hate us. The Lord hates the sins of the sinners. He does not want anyone of us to fall into the lake of fire. The only thing that stops God from taking us all to His kingdom was our own decision. God does not want a robot or a minion to just follow Him. God wants us to decide if we want to follow Him. Sin separates us with God. Rejection of His Will and His truth made us all separated from Him. There is only one name given on earth and the whole universes by which all of us might be part of God’s Kingdom is the Lord Jesus Christ, Adonai Yahshua Hamashiyach. We have to decide to accept Him completely, search the truth. The truth shall set you free. This is an enigmatic statement and simple to understand to those who understood. Repentance and change of way of life to walk in His way is the best decision you could make.

God is listening. Sometimes we question our belief. We get frustrated because it seemed our prayers are not being answered. A lot of time nothing happened. There are many things you must understand. God cannot be mocked, what you sow, you shall reap. If you have done something wrong there will always be corresponding consequences. It will come this is an unwritten rule, a karma if you like. However, if your repentance is truly sincere the Lord for sure shall forgive you. He listens to every little prayer we make. He answers our prayers every time. No answer is an answer in itself. For me I meditate as to why the answer was none. I get more insight and understanding from the unanswered prayers than the answered one’s in terms of understanding how the Lord operate and does His will. I will never have full comprehension of His awesomeness because I am just human. Let us put all our prayers according to His will. Do not fret or worry, just pray and peace and deliverance will surely be on its way. God never fails. But we fail Him a million times. When we pray for any petition or request, it should glorify His name. Ensure you have some time to pray and to talk to God. God as any other relations need communication, God communicates with us through the book and the answered prayers and guidance he makes each day for us. He caused the Bible to be made so that His will, His heart, His love, His intention, His plan are communicated well. For us it is through prayers, supplications, fasting, singing of praise and thanks, requests and everything we want to say to Him. I advise you all not to ever tell your sins to any man in confession say them all only to God. He is listening.

God is merciful beyond compare. God is coming to be with all those who waited and followed His Word. God will not punish those who have been innocently unaware of His salvation.

Faith is a question of individual belief and conviction. Faith for most is blind obedience. It is pegged on hope and trust on their god. Our faith is not the same, we are admonished to prove all things, test all things whether things are lies or truth. We believe faith can move mountains. Without faith, we cannot please our God. Faith is the assurance that God exist. The result of faith is success, miracle and joy for those who believe in the true Living God. With faith, salvation is assured through our Lord Jesus Christ for to believe in God is to follow his commandments. As it is written Faith without works is dead. Faith makes us calm, at peace and confident of our temporal life and our spiritual destiny. Faith creates in us stability, our hope is established. Our mind is strong. Our heart is placid and filled with courage. Our soul is renewed with anticipation of good tidings. Our spirit groans and longs for the return of the Savior. Faith moved us to do and to will the things of God not the things in this world. Faith completed our purpose. Our existence in this world becomes purposeful, satisfying and becomes a worthwhile living.

For some, the purpose of man is to share what he has in this world, others believe in reincarnation and you will be reincarnated depending on what you have done in this world. Some believe that the purpose of man is to be in a paradise that has everything even sex and all kinds of sensual pleasure. Eyes have not seen or ears have heard and come to mind of men things that have been prepared for them who have been saved. The truth on all these, God and purpose of man will come one day. This is not a secret. It is all written in the bible. We are at a lost because before we investigate and prove the word in the bible we already condemn it as a myth, a waste of time or mostly I know it already, it is not what it is. Stop pretending and learn to humble yourself that you may be able to handle the truth.

In the bible there is only one God. There is one family. I believe in the words of God and He said a man and a woman will leave their parents and they shall become one. God is one. Yet the Son, Our Savior, he said, ‘You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High.’, Psalm 82:6. ‘Is it not written in your law? ‘I have said you are gods’, John 10:34. Our purpose is to become part of the family of God. For a little while we are made a little less than the angels so that on the day of reckoning we shall reign with the Lord. Amen.

These are the things that we are mostly at a lost because we do not want to accept the word of God and the things that there are. Let me make it simple. The world and everything is created by a loving God. And those who believed in him in faith shall be saved, and the whole purpose of man is to serve God and do His commandments and His will. And his will is for us to love one another. That is all our fellow human beings. Let us remember

The three truths many are at a lost


First is the God
of hosts

The faith
that is needed most

To please God of all

And the connection of man’s purpose

is God’s plan and why he is in this world



In the end we should be aware that in today’ society, God goes in the name of superheroes, money, power and fame and everything the world is offering. The true God is considered a far distance character meant only for the gullible and brainwashed. God said. That is the true living God, ‘Prove me now herewith ….is  toProve every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord! And you will know what is myth and the stupendous truth. You who have a chance to prove all things, be ready to prove things you do not know much about. After all all the History of the world has nothing to do with what the historians have written. They were kept until the day of reckoning. For the faith that we are having are not from anyone but God supplies all the faith we require as much as the requirements of food for the body. We have the truth the food of our spirit that connects us with the lord in heaven. The meaning of life is find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away, wise words from William Shakespeare But th lordJesus Christ said, give yourself  not only the gift in us but ourselves!



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