Three Things in Life #44

44. Three most coveted vanity

  1. money
  2. beauty
  3. youth

The three most coveted vanity in this life are money, beauty and youth. Not education nor intelligence or good health. People are occupied on what the world is crazy about. It is something that people could see not what they ‘see’ in you. Like intelligence, knowledge, understanding and wisdom, faith and love. We learn to covet by the things we see. Not the things people possess inside. It is not bad per se. It is how we become so engrossed to these three things. Money is the most coveted by so many people. Yet I see how ignorant men could be in accumulating money. A lot of us do not know what is delayed gratification means? Most of the people will go for compulsive buying according to their emotional tendencies we call mood. How many times you bought things you thought was good only to end up in your store room or somewhere where your eyes won’t be disturbed. In fact a lot of our small and tiny possessions were of no use. Men love to buy everything they wanted on their sorts and hobbies. Sometimes buying many things which are not really necessary. Ladies love shopping. They buy bags, clothes and make-ups they won’t have enough of them forever. They also buy here and there those cuties’ novelty cutie stuff but no real value. Even some because of this habit would succumb to getting into debts when they should not be into. Just because money buys everything in life people started to realize the huge importance of money to satisfy their endless cravings and desires. And soon enough they are all hopelessly hooked into this material world. Indeed, money solves everything. In this case these type of people couldn’t help to need money even more. Many of them fell in love with money. There are only two compelling reasons most people committed crimes and violations of life, property and freedom and that is money and sex. Money is even pervading. As it touches all aspects of our lives. The proper handling of money should come next when the realization of real values and importance in life are truly understood by everyone starting from the head of the family. When we shower our children with everything material they started to identify their satisfaction and happiness towards all these that passes away so fast. Money is the greatest culprit of human undue sufferings of envy, desires, cravings and ambitions. Look up at your dreams and goals. Analyze them. Are they coming from the need to satisfy your covetousness on things rather than a well-balanced living between having enough and having contentment brought by the right knowledge of living and not existing in materialistic slavery. The love of money is the root of all evil. This is given to us for our understanding and warning that too much of everything including money is an enmity against God. Be rich. Have money. Do it in the right way without any pressure and compelling vanity as the bases of your accumulation of money. Money will either use you or you will use it. If money is under control it will serve you like a good slave. Money begets money provided you understand the law of business. Business is based on trust and confidence. It is based on good reliability and never deal with products that will harm people. Honestly great amount of money comes from doing good business never in illegal products like drugs, arms, human organs, pornography, prostitution, war and terrorism. Great money comes from real estate, education, network marketing, intellectual properties, useful and helpful inventions such as our gadgets. Services such as tourism, hotels, eateries, food products and clothes. Money is vital requirement of a human being to live in dignity and comfort. It is a shame that many people have used the legal sources of income to cover up their ill-gotten wealth. Money laundering is transferring illicit money into legal and bona fide money making endeavors on vice business and the like such as outline above. Investment is always good for the future generations of your family members to ensure your bloodline don’t have to struggle into a nine to five slavery. People do not understand that financial freedom is not about love for money but it teaches us the importance of money which gives us freedom to do things besides jailing ourselves to an office every day. Doing charity works and everything that glorifies God. It is the will of God for us to have a good life and a good future. Money could save the world or a soul if you do this you might have done the best deed of your life. Uplifting the lives of our lesser neighbors be it your friend or strangers, they are all the same in the eyes of God. He said that true religion and therefore true servants of God is to use money in the service of doing good to glorify our Living God and show the world the way to a happier more fulfilling and purposeful driven life. God is a God of love. Money will come to us if we know how to handle them. They will keep coming if we know how to make them work for us. Not in illegal way like usury, or similar things like this. Money is used by people usually for their whims in addition to control others for their misleading idea of playing god as if it will not come back against him.

Beauty is another curse when it becomes the sole objective. Beauty is only illusion and a matter of one’s taste. In fact we are beautiful to someone whom we may not know most of the time. It is only skin deep and a pathetic vanity. Vanity sometimes could never be handled and controlled. Cosmetic surgery is an example. Look at the person. You will know they have gone under a knife sometimes because there is that look that seemed unnatural. It actually becomes a curse to those egos tripper and gullible kind. These moneyed people would go a long stretch of a line just to keep their physical beauty no matter what it takes. But nature cannot be denied old age will appear under your chin, around your neck, on your elbows and under your eyes. It will manifest in your walk, in your nervous system and bones. Beauty is always transient just like life. They are together as life goes nearer to the grave. The thing about beauty is not what you see or feel it is what you possess inside which are different from everyone. These are genuine beauties which people have overlooked as they are so engrossed and they chose to go for and went for a temporary beauty of the body. The road to satisfaction and definition of what is beauty is not a surgical knife. The beauty that is everlasting will be integrity, patience and humility. For a wife to be truly beautiful she must be thoughtful, caring, hygienic, hardworking, very clean in terms of breath, teeth, mouth, underarms, genitalia and hair. Her sweat should not exude repulsive aroma or smell as it would not be very appealing to men and vice versa. Beauty has made valiant man launched a thousand ships and conquered continents and even self because of that beauty. Beauty is the dessert of the eyes and the mind for both are needed under certain degree of importance. In the remote villages around the world their concept of beauty is thru piercing their faces, mouth, nose, eyes and ears with varied painting splashed on their face. This is the essence of their beauty and this include tattooing their bodies. However, getting diet and weight lost is generally going overboard you see a stick looking walking ‘womanoid’ and a walk, like the person is on the very edge of emotional breakdown. So stiff, otherwise you’ll see a rigid and straight chubby and fatty ones, as they look for greater beauty they seemed to perceived and chased. Also, real beauty is being comfortable, confident and full acceptance of one’s physical body whatever it might look like. Beauty is a curse to those who use it for vanity and for people who are not happy with themselves. Beauty should be celebrated and be thankful for. Those who are grateful are big gainer. Beauty is a hard currency for a foxy women and man but only most of the time on the side of evil ways. A women who uses her beauty to advocate awareness to the evil ugliness of society. It is really admirable. Such advocacy like awareness on plight of impoverish people, gender inequality, injustice against women and children and the like.

Youth is like a passing wind when we reached the age of 35 some people looked already old. White men when they reached 40 most of them looked really old when they reach 50’s they really looked very old. In Asia and Africa it is concealed by genes. In Asia some looked old beyond their age due to effects of poverty and daily grind of struggle to live. Worse some struggling to be alive. Youth has a way to induce who possess it to dive into thrill and assertiveness aka ‘yolo’ (you only live once). This at times led them into turbulent adventures of what could be limitless possibilities, so they thought. There are many who paid their lives in the pursuit of thrill and aggressive discoveries of thing they thought they could achieve. This is the blood that flows in youth. But youth is strength and endless endurance and enthusiasm to reach destinations and goals where no one has never been before. It is natural part of being a youth, foolish, daring and filled with mindless courage reinforced by the imaginations that they can really do what they thought they could. Youth is the hottest part of living where everything is adrenaline pumped up, the passion is never ending. It does not stay put in one place they need to travel and walk away for feeding up the boiling point of its energy. They rebel. They do everything. They are creative. They are achievers. They do not know what is impossible and what are limitations? They keep to go for they have the youthfulness to back them up on their chosen to adventure. They explode or die. If they explode people celebrate them as heroes, if they just die people see them as a waste of talent. Many geniuses bloomed in their youth. Youthfulness is till the last day of thirty’s.

So let us put them together money, beauty, and youthfulness is the most coveted because they induce excitement, blood worth of life, enthusiasm, lust, libido never ends. And the feel good of strength, attraction and center attention are the main reasons why we covet these three but at the end they are not permanent, they just fade and leave us forever. So let’s remember in a rhyme the three most coveted things in life.

Do not be too covetous,

For the money you want to use,

the beauty that can seduce,

and youth that is self-induced,

of causing one to wrongly choose.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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