Three Things in Life #20

The excruciating agony of evil against humanity is equalled only by deception, treachery and indifference!
The excruciating agony of evil against humanity is equaled only by deception, treachery, and indifference!

20. Three worst evil against humanity

  1. deception
  2. treachery
  3. indifference

The greatest evil against humanity is not torture and murder and rape and genocide or starvation.  We are here for a purpose. And the purpose is beyond you can believe. Many cannot handle the truth. There is one book that will guide you to what is the real thing. Not any book but one book, the best seller of all time. And so many have it and so many of them don’t read it. Deception is so insidious and permeated into every detail of our existence. In fact we do not know anything as yet. Our knowledge is based on false and erroneous accounts and premises. Most of the stories are concocted meticulously by people who believed in their lies even at first they knew it was but a lie. The truth of becoming the children of God is one. That is when we accept our Lord Jesus Christ is our Saviour, the only begotten Son of God and follow and do His commands with Love. Then we shall be a citizen of the Kingdom of God. That is who we are. Deception is one of the greatest evil because it made all our sufferings, agony, struggle and effort and sacrifice for nothing because we do not know where we came from, why we are here and where we are going. Because of deception many were led to do so many unimaginable atrocities against fellow men, women and children. Three monumental questions are answered by different versions of lies. It was covered with deception so that we all shall go where the enemy of God will go. In fact our world is so evil just like in the day of Sodom and Gomorah. But because God is love He caused the good ones to live among the thorns and weeds so that in the day of harvest He could segregate the good ones from the bad ones, the weeds and the thorns to be destined to fire. Money is not the cause of all evil. It is the love for it. Money and sex are the two main culprits that pollute our understanding of truth. Most were fallen into the abyss of death because of the corruption and deception money and sex could to do to men since time immemorial. Deception is a complex word. It is not only letting us believe to something that is not true, but it also allures us that pleasure of worldliness is greater than the reward of righteousness. It also deviate us and carry us away from the real thing why we are here on earth. Worldly concerns mess our soul through constant bombardment of things to do, how to survive, schedules to finish, the worries, doubt and fear, the temptations, and many more desires of the flesh. These bury us into thinking only of now and this world more. Even we know exactly that there is more to life than all these vanities mentioned. Deception makes you obey in fear without understanding why we believe in it. Children used to be saved about Santa Claus, now I think every kid knows it’s their father or does anybody put socks on the windows anymore? We were once deceived Jesus was born on Christmas Day. Do you believe in the sacraments made by the church? Of course if you are a solid catholic believer. The worst about deception is we do the most unimaginable cruelty on men yet we are led to believe we are doing a holy act of service to our god. We are put into a situation by letting us understand God is a cruel God and that we will go straight to hell if we sin. Mostly, religion is a nightmare we do not know we were in. That is deception for you. That is why it is one of the greatest evil made by and for men. There are religions that were authored by spiritual evil forces.

Deception causes men to believe in things with profound conviction. They would do all heinous crimes because of their beliefs. And the whole world is deceived. That is why we see so much evil in religion, in love affair, in business. Deception is a close kin of treachery. But the worst of them all is indifference. It takes only a minute evil people to destroy the whole world because the vast majority are indifferent, standing by spectators doing nothing. The fear of being implicated to evil world is what made them avoid the right thing to do. Indifference is a merger of selfishness and cowardice. Deception is one of the thing lust could do. They equate lust as love. And they know it all along as but a carnal motive. Deception is used to satisfy the craving and fantasy that is evil. Not a few will create a masterpiece of complex plans and exquisite implementation of the plan to cause the victim to be taken for a ride into his doom. Deception is the brainchild of the enemy of goodness. Nothing in deception is good. It is only a lie all the way, a vicious lie that breaks the heart and mind of man.

Treachery is the next worst experience you may encounter especially if it comes from the hands of your so called friends. Treachery is wilful and organized. They could be planned or a choice of circumstances like Judas, Like the Japanese invasion of Hawaii. 

Treachery are cooked by a lover who would promise everything, act as an angel and show you paradise and led you to have the same urge and feelings and give them all to him including your body. And once he has consummated his lust and lasciviousness, without any warnings, he is gone.   He has run away. Many of the ladies were willing victims because they were hooked into the same urges and drive. Many still have emotionally entangled themselves with this kind of guy. Treachery is never the works of a friend or a lover.

Indifference or apathy creates a world of insecurity. It expands the intensity of chaos. Most of us wouldn’t want to implicate our lives to something not our problems personally and so the common thought goes. However, this created a population unwittingly conniving with evil. What for example you are the victim of a mugging case, of harassment and of threat, what will you do. Do you feel it is fair no one would even lift a finger to call the police? Spread concern let us be vigilant against those who trample on the right of others. Be strong and brave. The best way to do so is to ask the Lord yes pray that those criminals, evil people will be punished severely in front of those of whom they victimized. Pray that they get the worst punishment, severely, and immediately. Believe in the power of prayer. The world will be a better place if we learn how to love one another. Doing a good thing is an act of a true person. All good things we rendered to anybody in secret or in your own personal desire to help will be compensated with a reward a million times than your act of kindness.

These three worst evil against humanity,



have created more pain and injury.

They are deception, indifference as you see,

every day on social media, from you and me,

and the third is the truly worst the treachery,

which many of us experienced personally. (1257 words)



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