Three Things in Life #23

The new day is like a renewal of nature for a man it is the showers of daily prayers, motivation, and goal setting. Each day we must know where we are going to as the sun knows she has to go down at dusk!
The new day is like a renewal of nature for a man it is the showers of daily prayers, motivation, and goal setting. Each day we must know where we are going to as the sun knows she has to go down at dusk!

23. Three most important things we need to renew daily

  1. prayer
  2. motivation
  3. goal setting

Prayer is the most powerful tool to save us from each of our challenges in life. Prayer with faith and sincerity and in contrite spirit is so powerful that your prayer will surely come to pass according to God’s will. Prayer in times of intense trouble, in times of joy and rejoicing, prayers in times of need and sadness is a source of hope and strength. Many of my brethren who were pastors and member of the faith have prayed and have been answered according to their specific requests. Some for tuition fees, some for cure on his cancer, some to get a job, some for peace of mind and direction in life and were all answered even above and beyond their expectation. I have many similar experiences where my prayers have an emphatic answer to a defined prayer I supplicated to God. God is great. Prayer is the best weapon we could have against the sinister joke of life we face. If food we eat, at least three meals a day sustain and nourish our physical health it is also true that there are food for our confidence, our soul and our future goal – our dream and that is prayer. Prayer is the most powerful we can use in everything. However, our spiritual strength comes not from prayer and guidance of the word of God but in believing genuinely. Because of so many agnostics and non-believers some school of thoughts propagates the power of positive thinking which is essentially believing everything will be alright. Try God and you will know the meaning of a true positive thinking. You can never have this without accepting the God who created you. As we pray, God listens and as we keep our silence, god speaks through His word. And in believing God, His power moves and works for you. In prayers, we access the awesomeness of the miracles. The changed of our outlook on our fear from negativity into positive like cheerful sunshine will rise within you, whenever you pray. He said, ‘worship the Lord in spirit and in truth.’ We should pray contritely and sincerely. Prayer is by faith as well. We cannot please God without faith and so also without love the Lord looks at the heart of man. And He knows what we need and desire even before we pray. Remember if you please God even your desire will be granted. How do we please God? It is by faith and following His commandments. Don’t worry if you may make mistake a hundred times a day for as long as it is not done willfully and for as long as the Lord is there for He has already washed our sins by His sacrifice. Do not stop walking in His way. Keep yourself delighted in his blessings for it is pure peace, pure joy and full of happiness beyond the happiness this world can give, if we are faithful in His way. The allure of pleasure and this worldliness is bedecked with ‘gorgeous nightlife’, intoxicating drinks, wonder hallucination through drugs, illicit encounters, thrilling promiscuity, etc. But the end thereof is the damage, pain and sadness of God, with those who love you, the evil consequences, the destruction of your future, the irrevocable damage in your soul and integrity. The destiny that you suppose to reach the truth is it is not always late to repent even you have gone through it. However, the journey here is fraught of misery, grief, and suffering, agony, despair, depression, confusion and so on. That is the payment of all these worldlinesses. We cannot mock the Lord, what we sow we shall reap. The secret of living is simple, enjoy, be cheerful, be grateful for the Lord’s blessings and grace even our trials become joy for it is for our spiritual improvement. Trust God and He will give you the beauty, goodness and all your plans may come true. Preparation meets opportunities in a very special way. If the opportunity knocks, the prepared gets the boon.

Prayer is the only weapon you can carry anywhere, anytime and it is more powerful than any weapon conceived by men.


Motivation is the unremitting spark that runs in your soul, to be full of energy, conviction, and confidence. Self-belief and faith in God are interrelated. As you wake up in the morning, go to the mirror or even without it, talk to God that is the most important conversation of the day, it spells your day. The second conversation is to yourself motivate yourself remind yourself of all what you have learned from the word of God, from your parents who unconditionally loved you, from your mentors, from your conviction, your principles, your mission and values. Talk to yourself to spark that soul within that heart of yours to start moving into the direction you have set for yourself. No mountain is high that you cannot climb; no mountain so big you that you cannot move for you are a child of God. In order to know what house you would like to have. First you need a plan and you will input all your ideas until that plan is formed, the next thing you need to check is the availability of resources, the equipment and materials you need to bring in order to construct that dream house. Secondly you need to find people who will help you realized that dream house. Motivation is one of the reasons why we accomplished many unbelievable projects. We are motivated mostly for self-preservation and success. Motivation must be bigger than the nativities of DFW. Motivation made the task and journey in fulfilling our dreams doable, easier, happier, more thrilling and exciting. Motivation comes from self-awareness that your project is meaningful and of value to yourself and to people who you loved. The best motivation is when you are fully convinced and deeply challenged to finish a project. Most of our endeavors are for self-validation, for the people we love. We must make our motivation that what we do is for the glory of God and surely we will succeed accompanied by prayers.

In goal setting, it is similar. You have to write down your goals, thinks of things you desire. You will start a plan how to reach those goals, the resources available, how to get those resources, do we need to take loan. Do you need to work in order to realize your goal you do need to be wise in spending? There many small things you can start right away like: How to gain scholarship, How to budget and keep the money as much as possible to have all the requirements. What else do you have to prepare, anticipate and know in order to get that goal” Do you need to get masters – graduate studies. What awareness and knowledge is important? How to gain good source of income, who to know? What network and leveraging do you need to access all the resources that you should be equipped with. Goal setting is the direction of your life. The preparation and the road map to what you want. In short goal setting must be established in order to have clarity of purpose, aim and objective which should jibe all in your mission in life. As I have mentioned in one of the previous topic, the clarity of the things I mentioned above is the best starting points of all of our actions and decisions. We need to renew this three because life without prayers is prone to many attacks spiritually. As we live we need sleep and food to live in the same way in the matters of the spirit we need to renew our motivation every day. Just as in the matter of plan, direction and journey we need to set up a goal in our daily lives, weekly and yearly, we also should have a lifetime goal. Let us remember:

Three things we must renew,

prayer because this is true-

it’s the life line between God and you.

Then motivation like a morning dew,

must be present to get you thru.

Lastly is goal setting for a clear view,

on where’s your plan and what is due. 






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