Three Things in Life #3

3. Three things needed in order to learn

  1. understanding
  2. retention
  3. interest

Three things you need to know in order to learn effectively and usefully!

You need to inculcate and nurture in your life the things needed in order to learn. The basic one is first you should endeavor to understand the subject matter, second, retain the importance why you are learning it and third have interest for example, correlate to your previous learning the subject matter at hand. In understanding, you can explain and pass knowledge to others.

Three things you need to know to have understanding. 1 is you have an open mind. 2 is you should have the ability to analyze, to see the insight, to compare the new information with realities and 3 is to know the significance and effect of the knowledge to some related subjects if applicable.

The rule of thumb of having great understanding is to be able to explain a seemingly complex and difficult subject into a simple and easy to understand plain language using words and examples that can easily be understood by layman or a student. Understanding is what makes knowledge meaningful. To be able to spread understanding of knowledge is to be able to enlighten people on what they do not know and fathom. Understanding makes a teacher explains knowledge from Equation of quantum physics into a simple one plus one of basic mathematics. It is said that the more you understand the more you realized you understood nothing yet.

To learn knowledge is endless. It is futile to learn all knowledge without really understanding it. I used to hang out at our library primarily for curiosity, what it was like to be among the studious, secondly, I am fond of learning general information. In fact, I won the General Information Contest in High School topping over the best of the best academic honor students in our school, I realized it was but a small quiz and not an earth-shattering fit I did but it was a triumph of memorization for which most of the knowledge I remember I actually did not understand at all. So I thought I had many things in my brain while I was reading so many books back in college only to be relegated into a riot of data without fully comprehending them all. I have many political philosophies and economic doctrines which seemed very earthly. Karl Marx rule of proletariat, Engels, Mao Tse Tung and Deng Xiao Ping versions of Communism, Marcos constitutional authoritarianism, Thomas Aquinas version of salvation and freedom, Smith economy of nations, free trade, John Locke version of democracy, Emmanuel Kant philosophy on interrelation of politics and economy, The French Revolution, The American Revolution, The Filipino Bloodless revolution. The Theocracy rejected by men. Free Trade, Monopoly, Oligopoly, and the socialism versions in Russia, China and Cuba. The Corporate Japan. Holistic Economic Strategies and industrial revolution and protectionism. The dawn of internet marketing and e-business and networking. Science, technology and engineering created many inventions which made our life more convenient to the extent we do not have physical exertion, it’s but a click away of everything. We used to accumulate knowledge for no reason at all or for no good use. Most subjects I have understood stood the test of time and very few of them are useful in my realities of life. But this is another matter to discuss.

Understanding is the secret of peace and happiness. The increase of knowledge is overwhelming, many of the knowledge are better off untouched. True understanding makes a man humble and brave and understood freedom is not free. That is why God said do not judge, so that you won’t be judged, Mathew 7:1. It is said because we do not understand the truth behind the information we received to a particular case or event. It needs understanding that only a supernatural mind can comprehend all different angles of the case. Most people are so irritable and short- tempered. These are people who do not understand a lot. A silent and calm person is considered or mistaken to be wise and erudite because there is no mistake that comes from his mouth. No talk, no mistake. Silence sometimes indicates deep understanding of life. Carl Jung stated, ‘Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.’ Understanding of things is the grandfather of all inventions and technologies we are using today.

A true student is someone who seeks to understand knowledge and retain it for further use in real life. A person who seeks understanding must be slow to talk but swift to hear; in fact should not talk only if it is necessary. Again when we talk think is it good, true, is it with sense. Your criteria are it should not slander or hurt others, it should sensible, it should be no flattery, no deceit or lies, misleading. So listening is the most important tool in order to learn and understand things. Not our mouth. Our mouth is what we know. Our ears is what we do not know and to understand not only the words but the person talking.

A lot of information are parroted to pass the exam from each of the subject. Only to have it quickly forgotten. General education is quite important in a sense as we broaden the way we see things in terms of grasp, implication, significance, impact, and importance to our everyday lives and to our world we live in. Remember we do not and cannot live all alone. Learning is not just to pass the subject in school or for the sake of learning. And go to the next subject to repeat the same cycle. It is for our improvement as a human being. Learning must edify the human spirit, any learning that down grade humanity is not learning but evil perversion. However, the main reason of learning is to think logically, analytically, rationally, correctly and wisely. Only understanding and knowledge of God create this kind of learning. No believers in the true God downgrade and inflict harm to human beings and the living things around them. The practical uses of knowledge can only be effective if we have understood it thoroughly and is applied positively in life. We must even love our enemies, how then can we harm anyone?

Three things you need to know to get retention. 1 is focus. 2 is energy. And 3 is taking notes.

Retention is the ability to remember the date or information or idea in your mind. It is very crucial in synthesizing information to create insight, new ideas and new headway towards better approach to a certain new thesis, theories or processes. This is remembering information you have read. Remembering and understanding go hand in hand. Some people tend to remember first before they understood the subject. Others they need first to understand in order to truly remember. Some in order to understand would use an acronym they are comfortable with and familiar with to pick the information more easily. For example, there are 24 numbers of easy and means to get rich, the first thing to do is to see the key word in each number and create a word out of the first letter of the key word. By this in my experience made me remember even better. A number of times while I was in elementary school I used to repeat several time the words verbatim before I could finally remember the whole of say paragraph. At times, I did not really understand what I I remember but because of several reading of the same, I would finally understand the meaning. These are husband and wife in learning: understanding and remembering.

Three things you need to know have interest: 1 is have underlying reasons why they study what they study, The big why’s. 2 is they have goals. 3 is inspiration. Many of them it is not only there to learn but rather to be on top and prove to themselves they were the best in at least academic excellence. Most important contributing factor on this type of people are their parents and other people around them who might have been the source of their motivation or inspiration. Someone must have encouraged them the importance of learning, the glory of being on top. Whatever the reasons, the result is they put interest in the heart of the learner. Others have their own personal conviction and hope on the vision they wish to be. Some knew they could be excellent but could never attain perfection. There is no change of human status without right application of learning. Learning is not only in the vicinity of educational institution. It is more pronounced in the realities of life. Rightfully so, they believe thru learning they would have the avenue to rich their dream. Interest is the ingredient in establishing retention and understanding going on in smooth synchronization towards a higher level of education, knowledge, skills and new concept and findings. It is the substance of perseverance and determination on the long journey in learning. Imagine learning without interest is like having a big stone tied on your neck and you have to carry it through your destination just because that stone will fit into the construction of your dream. Each one of us learn the things that interest us. Learn to love what you are learning, for in this way your interest will come out naturally. Think about your dream. Motivate yourself. Say to yourself that your goal will be achieved because nothing can stop you from achieving it. That is why you like all what you did or what you said. In learning, we change our outlook. It gives insight and changes in our approach and outlook towards challenges of life. It is the mother of all progress. Learning without interest is like a journey on foot towards a destination while if there is interest it is like taking transport by car towards the destination, smoother and faster. While others are quicker in learning subjects others are slow but sure. Sure because they have interest in doing so. That could be construed as determination and perseverance. They are the keys to learning, understanding or comprehension, retention or remembering and interest. So these verses will let us remember the pointers:

What is needed in order to learn? First understanding this you must earn, then firm retention to the fullest, lastly is go nurture interest!

Bonus: Three things you need to know in learning. 1 it is useless when you are just above broke. 2 when you are drowned with debts, mortgage, loan and interests to pay. 3 when you are homeless and penniless.

One of the basic truth of learning is to understand that money solves everything. Some people would argue, money makes life easier but not happier. In learning to understand remembering and having interest to learn are the fundamental ingredients. You could learn as much as you can if you have money to support your living expenses, including taxes, fees and others. Now we may learn many things here is my suggestion learn something that will earn you a definitive passive income that would make learning more worthwhile. Imagine a life with a flick of a finger and you get what you want. You could do that if you have money. What I am saying here is apply the principle of learning towards earning a living. Provided you are in control of yourself for indeed the love of money is the root of all evil. Let us be frank, what is the use of your brain when you live pay check to pay check and stressed of how to keep a budget. Start now. Study, learn while you earn the latest sensation of making money – Affiliate arketing. Wealth Affiliate is the best place to be for learning how to create a lucrative online business. From making websites, niche, to making contents and traffic and monetization.


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