Three Things in life # 45

45. Three of the most exciting moments


  1. results of the exams
  2. anticipation of good things to come
  3. faith all will be in order

Barring the excitement of honeymoon which is already non exciting moment as most of the couples have had coupling already. Rendering the honey rotting in the moon, relegated to a just another day of orgasmic exercise. Excluding sex as without a doubt all would agree, exciting. Let us exempt it in the way we see excitement in life. Exciting moments are one big spicy slice of life. There are so many things in life that make us excited along the way. This makes our heart beat faster. Our thoughts go wild. Our eyes tear up or twinkled in a second and again as excitement comes in ones or in two’s. Sometimes in tsunami like upsurge of uncontrollable hysteric delight. A microcosmic fate that swept us in a quandary of hilariously weird body language and a production of a cacophony of strange noises coming from our mouth. Was it rather a moment of schizophrenia? I don’t know. This is the life. Let us talk about the three most exciting moments in our lives. The first one is the result of our exams. In my high school-days when I became aware of the euphoric feeling, that was when I was included into the top honors for academic excellence. It was amazingly exciting. So I guess it goes to those special breed of students who are studious but I know it all applies to all even the never care ones who just want to pass and go. Still, every time the result was to be announced even the worst carefree students seemed to be in catatonic mode with faces in a whip of red flash. Rather, worried faces in a streak of a time. Some wet up, some murmured in horror and terrified of what it could be. Some seemed whispering in strange language as if possessed by an anxious spirit. For many, it boiled only to pass or fail. I asked myself once when I was young why some were crying and some didn’t care at all. Some were fine only on what they required or pretended to be so; a passing grade and that is it. Some did not expect anything, a que-sera-sera type of living things. They enjoyed hard. And they kept smiling all the while as their mouths were full of lively story chatting non-stop with their favorite school mates. Most of us were oblivious whether it was only the pass or fail we were waiting for every term in school or in college. Girls were typically more studious than boys in school. There was butterfly in the stomach and spring on their feet as they did jumping jack after hearing the results of their exams all of a sudden. This was the effect when you become one of the top and it added to glorious feeling when you didn’t have any idea why it did happen. That was the most exciting. Others wore bewildered victorious funny eyes filled with malicious rejoicing from hearing their personal rival had just received lower marks than them. And this had nothing to do with getting any award. It’s plain heartlessness. This kind of sadistic feeling was painted all over the faces of the bad and the evil. Another exciting part to it was when all your dreams and plans had materialized acing all. And, imagined scores had become a reality, turning one’s mind wallowed and gobbled from normal to episodic psychotic moments due to exceedingly high dosage of excitement. Some produced excrement which were disgusting and sweat that smelled a kilometer away from where it all originated. All the same it all ended up normal again in a moment or two at least to most students. Others took days to calm down. The best of the best were the ones who were called titans in the area of school academic battle field. I heard my friends gasped in awe and totally believed these toppers were indeed the best and the mighty. The top student was looked upon as invincible and with fascination worthy of the mythic characters in the Avenger movie series like, iron man, incredible hulk and the others. They were juggernaut driven by strong powerful brain destroying the wannabees to the top. Excitement on the result of the exams has a whole book to tell. It is just not enough to say waiting for the results of the exams is one of the most exciting moments among students. This is the meaning of excitement when mouth hangs on end automatically when the result is beyond one’s expectation because you flunked or you passed. It all depends on one student and the others. That is life. Indeed, waiting for results of the exam is the most wonderful feeling or the most dreaded one (take your pick) in high school life or for that matter for most of the students life. Here the journey continues to the most exciting of them all, waiting for the results of your board exams, of your manliness, of your test from a job interviews and all sorts of exams that beg for results. At times, we wait with crippling anxiety or excitement like the perennial annual wait for Christmas season as we quietly do our thing along the way. The climax or the doom of your fate is what happen when you have passed or you have failed. Still, that part of being alive is just as exciting as it continues to unfold. Let us not be afraid. Let us continue to be excited for life. It is meant to be this way. That is why one of the best part and very popular part of our life till today is studying in school or university, I suppose. But there are those who don’t give a damn about results. They are not excited about the results, they were just resigned to whatever will be. And just try again with disregard to the value of time wasted. There is no shame for them flunking if ever. It’s just another day. It is what it is, period. You see for some rules there are exemptions

And yet another most exciting moments is the anticipation of good things to come. No wonder some people are very much positive and vibrant for they always look at life with something good would happen. A lot of people are worried and engulfed with the thoughts that tomorrow would be the dooms day. In fact, to some they anticipated it literally. We have heard these bunch of people waiting for the dooms day since time immemorial. Predicting the end of the world according to their understanding of the written scriptures or other books where they based their pathetic anticipation. They had come and gone far so many times. But this is beside the point. My grandparents were simple but extremely happy people. I mean particularly the grandparents of my father. They love laughter and would say tomorrow would be beautiful or there would be good news coming in and they were really excited waiting for it at least that’s what I imagined they had said, I was too young but the memory of their happy faces and positive attitude stayed. Whether their anticipation is a matter of make believe or based on facts I couldn’t tell. I was too young to tell. I saw from that time though I could not really articulate what it was really but I knew the reason why they lived for so long and they went to the grave probably laughing out their last breath. Those were the times when looking back has made me what I am at least in my mind to be positive in life. For it was beautiful to behold happiness on our faces when our mind-set and heart-set are truly clear. Trudging off the three enemies of happiness, the doubt, fear and worries. I have realized that I had the density being positive and anticipated all would be alright. It means I have the predisposition to see life grander than today. Long time back I decided to look forward the future with hope and faith. That everything will turn out beautiful and good. And it is, thank you, Lord. I believe it is all according to what is in your heart and mind. There is an unwritten law in the universe that if we only anticipate good things it will cause you to be excited of the future. Provided your excitement should come from a true belief and understanding that indeed anticipating for something good is part of the change we need to have. The best value on anticipating something good will arrive at your doorstep. Positive anticipation not only releases negativity but it enhances excitement in life as well. What would go wrong? Death? Death is a welcome occurrence. It is an exit from the world where we anticipate a better place for us. Breeding a good anticipation of good things to come create a massive change in the way you turn round the life that is otherwise challenging fearsome and worrisome. It rendered these negative thoughts nothing by just realigning our mind-set towards the secret of life. That is faith and belief in God, that He will turn everything for the better. That His ways are much better than whatever we think best for ourselves. He knows better, way beyond and above better than we could ever know. So let His will be done because it is far and above beyond our best desire for ourselves. Trust in Him, do His commands and he will give the desires of your heart. Keep believing and see positive side in the horizon of the future. The challenge is He sees it but we don’t. That is why we need to truly have faith in order to believe God is in control and that His intention for us is to have a good future and a hope. He wants us to be in abundance. And know God never lie. Just remember that abundance to the Lord is not the criteria God has set up for abundance. This is not about money and more money – alone. It includes peace of mind, family unity and harmony, true love, good friends, good house and great health. Most of all the peace and grace of the Lord is with us. In fact, we could feel it all the time. The only requirement is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour and the Son of the Living God. So as we laid out the meaning of anticipation of good things to come, it will help us to realize this stupendous truth. That is if you start taking action towards that anticipation. Our thoughts move our decisions towards that thoughts. So think beautiful and smart thought. Beautiful because life is exciting. Smart because if we do things it must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. The first thing is to accept in your mind that good things are coming. It is never impossible. It is the natural way of getting things you desire. You should be dancing already that it will come one day. Anticipating everything what your heart desires is an elixir of life and a game changer in the way we live. We live not in the place where we are. Not in the things we are doing not even the things we see, touch, eat or smell. We live in the things that is going on in our mind and heart. Clean mind and heart is not only the thing. It is the reason why we have positive and cheerful thought and feelings that makes life worth living. Anticipating good things to happen is for some a crazy attitude but there is an unwritten law which goes ‘what you sow you shall reap’. You do not sow bad things when your heart and mind is right in the eyes of God. How to know? Read the word of God. Take time to understand every word. Fast and meditate and listen to the right person who could tell the plain truth of the word. And you, it is yourself who has the power to change your life. You have the power to choose. Your choice is yours alone. But I tell you choose the right, the good and the beautiful ones. Choose to think positive and learn to anticipate good things will happen in God’s perfect time. Humble your heart to His will. It is in our part to take action towards this wonderful and exciting feeling and it is God who will decide for us. Remember, whatever he has decided for us. It will be much better than we can imagine. So stay put in doing the right things. That makes life exciting. Look forward to the best time. For the better time is yet to come and this time will come, again and again. When we anticipate good things to come we do things in our power towards it. When we have this attitude in life you will know what is that good thing will be. Because as we work things out you will know the possibilities. The stumbling block of exciting life is these stumbling blocks of fear, doubt and worry. These have put a thick fog in our future horizon deviating us to the way of a good life. Excitement of good things to come is more powerful than anything exciting. It rejuvenates our spirit, our soul and our body. It nurtures our mind, body and soul. It keeps the hope of a good life. It is not even a hope it is an assurance that all will be alright. Knowing that creates so much excitement in life that your energy will go towards taking actions on it. These actions will create chain of consequences towards that good thing we are anticipating about. This what God said that faith can move mountains. It applies to all who believe. For we are all created in the image and likeness of God. And whatever one believes in it is a blanket statement that says if you have faith you could ask the mountain to go to the sea and it shall be. How much more if you humble yourself to God and ask Him for everything you need and follow Him in every sense of the word. Anticipating good things to happen is as exciting as it can ever be in life. Who can beat my anticipation of going to the kingdom of God and live forever without pain, worry, death or evil but only that heavenly joy we can never conceive or understand for now, it is something to experience to know. And I anticipate it day in and day out. While I’m here in this journey, I anticipate I could do something for the glory of God. To be honest I do not know, what I know is that whatever we do to our brethren who are in need and those who ask help and you do with a generous and cheerful heart you bet, you have treasure in heaven that cannot be stolen being saved for the day of judgment. He said do not worry, just believe, do not be afraid just believe. Believe in the joy of tomorrow because God promised us that tomorrow will be truly joyful even while we are here on earth. Remember again that once you have the Holy Spirit the joy of everything shall envelop you whether in ordeal or n prosperity. You will change your paradigm that all these situations have nothing to do with your anticipation of an exciting future and your joy. It is no longer dependent on what is going on in this world. The truth of the matter is, we all can be saved and that the grace of God is available just for the asking and doing the needful which are easy and worth taking. Undertaking of everything holy and righteous creates anticipation of an exciting life. The most exciting life is not having every material things we could possess. It is in the full faith and obedience, action and belief that goes hand in hand with having an exciting life. Focus only on good things. Don’t let the ghost of worry, doubt and fear have their foothold in your mind. Rebuke and cast it out and take the leap of faith to do and to will what is right in the eyes of God. The power of anticipating good things to come will lead us to places we were only dreaming about and having a purposeful happy abundant life will not come just as an anticipation… it will come and stay in you. Anticipation of things to come is dependent upon the attitude of the person. The main thing is that have the courage to change for goodnes’s sake under God and all will be in order. Don’t be afraid nor doubt or worry just believe, God has all the power to change your life truly exciting in a second if He decides so. It takes faith and effort to grasp the exciting moments moment by moment. God operates far different from how we do. The most exciting is expecting what good things the Lord is going to give us even while we are still sojourning in this world. Here is a little reminder to keep them in our mind.

Most exciting moment threesome,

people waiting for results of exams,


anticipation of good things to come,


and faith that’s like a reliable chum.








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