Three Things in Life #48

48. Three most effective ways to be freed from financial burden

1. Learn financial freedom

2. Have different sources of income

3. Live simply and below your means

I come from a family where extravagance is the norm. This is in spite of the average wage-earning of my father. He was an ordinary employee from Ship Repair Facility, Subic Bay, circa 1966 till 1974. Before that we were staying in Quezon City and to my grandparents father side in Balanga, Bataan. My mother being an only child who was used to getting all she had wanted in terms of daily needs and fashion and accessories which was all where her expenses went when she was single. Her papa being a doting father who had her when he was way too old. Both of them his wife are in their forty’s I believe when my mother was born. No wonder she was very much the center of their universe and that was the background of my mother being careless so to speak in handling finances. 

 When my father gave my mother his salary, we would eat all that our heart desired and would go buying till there is no
money to use. And sadly it all would happen when it was but only in the first week of the month. There was no budgeting skills at all as I saw it and there was no anticipation and preparation for the future expenses at least for the required necessity every month. The cycle will endlessly continue and it is always a bonanza-like every first week of the month. We would experience the abundance of food for a few days. Then drought naturally came like as a matter of tradition. We went on without complaining thinking that it was a normal experience as a matter of course. And it went all the way till I left my parents’ house and since then now that I have been earning my keep, I have somehow carried on the habit of a life that is ‘without limit’ and knows no bounds but only in our plan. A plan or should I say many plans that were endless telling myself that I would start being budget conscious. And had never seen the light of day any of these plans have been followed. 

It is in the blood of my family to live and let live. Have one’s desire immediately. The attitude of quickly gravitating towards compulsive buying and to hell with tomorrow. See, in other school of thought to stop yourself from doing what you wanted as part of your normal days is to deprive yourself not only of joy but the true meaning of living. I told myself instead of thinking why I am this way, I started thinking of getting more sources of income which I did even till today but still not enough because of lifestyle. I started getting reign of my finances by holding the money since my wife is another like my mother in my opinion. Spending things compulsively but she would not agree as she told me she could save money and did this or that when she was alone. Anyway, someone would ask me, would you know what will be tomorrow? So drink, eat, dance and sing and be merry for our lives are like a flickering firefly, present today and gone forever together with the light of our hopes and dreams. Gone. But at least tasted what his heart has desired. He said do not stop yourself from enjoying you supposed to be enjoying. Life is short worst, it is unpredictable. And then another school of thoughts is to live below you means so as to be able to escape the traps of financial debts in the forms of loan and its interest, mortgage, fees and charges for late payment. This opened my eyes and understanding that just because you live below you means does not mean you won’t enjoy living. It is accordingly a change of mind set and lifestyle. 

There are poor people who are happier and in their own right had enjoyed everything in life to offer according to what is available and affordable. To live below our means is keeping yourself more on solid footing from the volatility of the future. It is wrong to think that we have to hurry up spending all our budget in one go because tomorrow we may not live again. It is just plain wrong if not nonsense. We could not live by compulsion and short sightedness. We will permanently put our life in want and poverty. Poverty is like slavery. You will be indebted to those you owe money and worse if you go to loan shark. Without money is one of the major sources of disrespect and low self-esteem and illness. 

Quite frankly, without money you will get sicker if you are already sick because you don’t have the means to pay for you hospital bills. A regret can be prevented if we give due diligence to proper spending. Proper spending is proper living. I have to accept and humble myself that I am a fool in financial literacy. So, not a few ignorant and financially illiterate people got poorer because of usurious interest rates, charges and further fees. Life is not at all excelling at school alone. It is but a fraction of the overall percentage to get ahead in life. There are many ways and one to truly appreciate how we humans must live with joy and purpose. 

The most effective ways to live are many to mention but the main thing is to believe in God and to believe in yourself. Without disregarding the previous statement, the most effective ways to free yourself from financial burden is achieved financial freedom through financial literacy. Financial literacy means how to use money and how we can make money work for us. Long time ago, businessmen at the dawn of the industrial revolution where everything must be labeled and sold through a system called machinery and processes. They have invented the need of enhancing the learning institution to cater to the demands of their factories and new inventions which accelerated production of commodities available and affordable. 

Thus, expertise in different fields were required, For this they enhanced the usefulness of universities from engineering to services like nursing, nutrition and liberal arts sprouted overnight mainly during this era. Education became a lucrative business even of that age. This education created sources of skilled labor that will satisfy the rich business concerns and created a salaried servants called employees having the same amount through the years while the rich got richer beyond imagination because of profit. The rich businessmen of that time has conceived and organized the present set up of our society where business structure us basically the new version of land lord called elite magnates and the minions now called the employees. This financial literacy spell out the power of leveraging which are now accessible to practice and easily understood through networking where creating money can be had while helping others. Being rich is possible under the sun for anyone who is willing to shed sweat and work smartly towards attaining it. Where the only capital is knowledge and network. Hard work is not the key word, it’s the system and processes adapted from the factories and workplaces are now adapted through the direct selling and training. 

This could be possible if we truly understood the ins and outs of multi-level marketing, the good news is we do not need to invent the wheels. In fact that would put you in a quandary if you do otherwise. How it is done and how to properly do a copy paste in terms of applying the same. The secret of getting leverage on people is to be truly honest and truthful in explaining and spreading the good news of networking. Ensure what you say will happen, especially promises. Training is the intrinsic part of this kind of source of income. Thus, full knowledge must be mastered and many things in it like being a good public speaker and motivator. Coaching and mentoring are the most potent assets needed in an entrepreneurship in this area. The human nature has full of traps and thorns. The soonest the person understood it the better. He could become a successful entrepreneur. 

The success also depends on the product you are selling it must be with value, useful and with enduring quality. Assemble a group of people who are ardent followers and should know the way of prospecting leading to a product owner. Only in selling, people will understand that every riches in this world are created through selling minus conquest, plunder and stealing. Without the result of a sale, the realization of financial freedom cannot be attained. Passive income comes from different route. The best one is in networking or anything that we could sell through the internet. We need network and hits where people would see what you are selling whether it’s about a dream, an idea, a motivation or a way to earn it will be bought by someone somewhere. 

The best point to remember is if we do sell this product we should show value and relevance to one’s life. Whatever we are putting on the internet there must be an element of tickling the excitement and interest of people up to buying you product. The thing about business is humility and ‘thick face’ when dealing with negative people because most people are negatives until someone enlightened them. Out of ten maybe one will see the light that would generate income for him. However, the truth about networking is teamwork and most of it is self-motivation. The team will not work if you are not motivated to give result. Bottom line is give sales. That is the essence of any business. If you are talkative and has a go for broke attitude that would help if you know how to calibrate the when and the how of those ‘talent’. Financial freedom needs financial literacy and more so it needs application by doing some actions on passive income. These are income that don’t need a nine to five clock work. It needs a twenty-four hour ‘on call’ mind-set ready to do the footwork all the time. 

That is the idea of direct selling by networking. Others will give prospects as they would not be confident to explain. Others believe that by joining they will be directly benefit from the business. Yes, if there will be down line, one down line could create another one and so on. That will be enough for as long as they produce one or two. Ideally and in order to create the ball running towards successful business marketing endeavor, we need to find two dedicated product owners of what you are selling. This the rule of thumb. Get two down lines whom you will help to get their respective two down lines. You are called up-line. All problems, negative issues of the business should be conferred to you up-line. Your down line needs answers, positivity and knowledge and skills. These are the ones you need to give them. These people could make you rich if one or two of them will work and apply the tried and tested strategy of networking where many have been dupe only in pyramiding scheme. Networking is pyramiding plus product you are selling where the value of the product far exceeds the capital they paid. 

There must be a thorough and regular access towards skills training and information on doing the business. From product orientation, marketing plan and the company information to the money in the bank and the virtual office in the internet they all should come into place before a true net worker will find the source of extra income. I believe that financial literacy is a must learn to start from elementary through high school as part of mandatory syllabus with varying degree of gravity in explaining this subject. 

The thing is we should not only learn to find a job or find sources of income but also learn how to make money works effectively including making money work for us, keeping money is the least you should do if you want financial freedom. Because the money we use today is not as strong as the money we will use after a few months or even days. They lost value due to inflation caused by the unpredictability of the market. In life especially now starting in the era of millennials people should get the knowledge and skills and focus on creating various sources of income including passive income. Passive income is not the nine to five jobs we are doing but smart investment creating money for us using money we save to generate more money as well. 

On top of that create a habit of living a simple life. Know that advertisement of various items are meant to strip you hard-earned money and go to say gadgets and things which in truth we do not really need. In the end we wasted money since things we bought becomes of depreciated value in the passage of one year, in fact it is depreciated by 25% just after you bought from the shop. Living below you means is the smartest way to beat the raging prices of our time. Let me be clear, to be freed from financial burden is not the same as accumulating money for you own sake only. Financial freedom creates empowerment. 

You freed yourself from being a liability of you own family members. You are not a burden and a problem. Money solves everything. Even family harmony, respect and independence are solved by money. That is why in this point it is good to have financial literacy in order to understand the rest of the point. Do not keep you money for nothing never forget to help others in any way you can but do help others. Do not ever think of anything just do it for the glory of God. Giving generously and cheerfully will produce more blessings than you can imagine. To close this topic please remember the most effective way to be freed from financial burden.

To be free from money sham

Learn financial freedom

Make different sources of income

live simply, don’t buy scam 


Author: Florentino Cruz

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