Three Things in Life #53

Three ways to Shut the mouth of a heckler: 1. Never show irritation, 2. Take it lightly and, 3. Address the issue with dignified confidence



Three ways to Shut the mouth of a heckler

1. Never show irritation

2. Take it lightly 

3. Address the issue with dignified confidence

The most common opposition from any organizationsor activities in life whether social, economic or politics are first and foremost the so called hecklers! Indeed there will be more likelihood more people would be heckling you just becahse they are made that way!

There are types of hecklers, they are as follows!

1. Fist are those who love to grandstand and show his promise by attempting to undermine the argument of the speaker or his stand in life!

2. The other one are hecklers who seemed to have mission in life to go to the opposite when the protagonist is on the right he will go on the left or vice versa! His predeliction is to oppose with or without the basis or principle to fight for. His only purpose is to see the negative of the other side no matter what the issue is.He has no loyalty to any onther humans but to heckle.

3. The third one is he who is paid to heckle but all the same quality like on the number 2 type of hecklers. This one is a prostitute that could be paid by any interest goup or person. They could also be are under the payroll of the elite or the inviiblepower operating in a secretive way. Their main purpose is to control and have full access to whatever they objectives are. That for example the continual plundering, corruption or abuse with impunity! Hecklers are use like puppets in order to put  a good leader in a bad light. They also twich stories to insinuate a bad image and create negative connotations.

Having said these all, let us discusshow to manage such negative hecklerswhich are almost always. They are as follows!

1. Never show irritation. Nothing pisses  a heckler than seeing the opponentcalm and compose at all times!. The person being heckled stature is highlighted evenmore since he carries himself with such poise and dignity all the ore exposing the opposite of what he was being heckled about! This is with great effect when the one being heckled has smile and jokes at the sametime pointed to the useless endeavors of hecklers outrightly disregarding the wole thing to the rubbish bin so to speak! The person being heckle should have the ability to show the inadequacy and the childishness of hoolabaloos of these type of people! they should be pointed out clearly as the scam of the whole argument showing precisely there are nothing to argue about even pay attention for! The man should master facing  and dealing with such irritations thrown by these hecklers whatever the type they are in! The person should cultivate the skill and capability to showcase the hecklers’ preoccupationto talk about useless arguments, unsuppported facts and using fakes news ithout any credible sources and make them the laughing stock of the audience time and time again until they are relegated as a paiful joke of no consequence!

However wonder of wonders these hecklers are able to garner significant followers simple because they are all likeminded or have met with a common purpose of smudging their common enemy with any but positive attributes! These are primarily those who are bleeding hearts – the losing oppositions who were not able to get over the shamefgul lost they have experienced in the last election by the incumbent. Now this is about politic. Let’s move on!

Take it lightly and if possible with just and justified reasons, destroythe hecklers reputatio even more. Always portray the hecklers as a person of non grata and of no meaning  to you by your body language and from your speech. As if you know that is has does things which  are aginst the values of many peopleto strategise the LGBY group who are but not the majority. The constituents hlds principles of great value like loyalty, honesty, and integrity. People gratate towards a clear, transparent personality wuth track record of postive accomplishment. You should be without a taint of corruption and has shown fearlessness against the scalawags and has accomplished in the eradication of the roo cause of headache or worse the suffering of some or many by evil forces or groups! 

In destroying the reputation of hecklers you should have a suve low key character with powerful convictions and courage! The hecklersmust be quietly investigated, for example his full background and to find any skeleton in his cabinet. This should be done  with likeminded close inner circles who shou be super honest  and these activity should not take less but full complete results of the operation.  This is to equip you ammuniitons to finally settle a=once and for all the ligering pestilence of hecklers. 

Hoever having said that, it takes practice and self control plus self hendling while being heckled on the spot. Getting strength each time from the esperience while gaining more lessons from it and strategiesso as to bloster the readiness in thenever ending presence of hecklers Hecklers are full of confidence and arrogance. Arrogantly confident meaning he could dish outsalvos against your person face to face while confidently arrogant are those who talk trach while not facing you. This is the time youshould level up one notch against them in every way becoming the best you can be. Shock and awe the hecklers with your intelligence not with useless argument and use their skeleton to keep them to where they should be.


The easyiest way to neutralize with such people is to be brutally honest so as to destroy their strategy in using things they though you ar ekeeping from the public as nothing! And that is the way to lead a bunch of people! You should not be saying to others ehat you cannot do  yourself! If i ask someone to be truthful, honest and transparent!With these qualities you can’t be shamed anymore because as to say it your warts and all are nnow bared to the public or to the cocerned people the hecklers wanted the supposed secrets of your in order to destroy your image to them. A good man with flows but honest can be  miles ahead againstone who has alread incovered himself with his own shame to the public. It is their objective to expose the secrets so as to be viewed as hypocritr to his colleagues or followers. So deny the prima facie evidence is like sating you are wearing emperor’s new clothes when you are not wearing anything, you are caught big time. That is why honesty is the best policy!

3. The last thing is to address the issue with dignifies confidence. The best way is to study, anlyze and learn from the issues boh pros and cons and everything in between. Find the underlying caus of the issue and find the solutions to it what, why and how the heckler operate. how deoes his mind works and address the issue with sterling accurate solutions and put the hecklersargument to naught and fnally destrying him comletelyHecklers are smetimes like drunkard blubbering too much without really thinking. This is their greatest mistake specifically if the erspon they are trying to destroy has legal and logical mind with the propensity to anlyze the persn and the issue to the tee!


In all these situations we can always apply 3 steps enumerated on how to deal with hecklers. The higher ground is always the best offence. Why is it important to be skillful in blunting the attacks of hecklers?Becasue they undermine your credibility, and therefore your reputation and integrity. There is a dividing line by which you should letpeople get away with their attacks and when not to let them get away with it. In the 48 laws of power, it stated  there that reputation. Yurs that is  must be protcted at all cost.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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