Three Things in Life #54

Three ways to Show Have for Children

1. Love Without Reservation

2. Love Unconditionally

3. Love truthfully And Sincerely

Children are supposed to be gifts from God but because of human frailty on sex a lot of babies were gone before they were properly born. It is unsure why abortions are happening in all places because probably of extreme sex drive particularly of the youth that is more like promiscuity. Sex drive is a great contamination of true love! It was a love at the wrong time and this is the sad story of unborn children! May they live happily ever after in the heavenly abode. May God forgive all those who have done such a horrible act!

The greatest and one of the most wonderful experiences to see the birth of you children at the right when you are not only capable but ready and excited to be a parent! And ready to rear up children in the most beautiful way! Here is the following ways to show love for children

1) Love without reservation. When we have out own children. their memories with us are those on how you made them felt loved and cherished. Loving you children without reservation. Having said that, it is in fact a double-edged sword. It is written in effect, let the child does whatever he wants and he would grow a prodigal child. If you love you children you should know how to punish so as not to repeat the same mistake and to inculcate what is right and wrong so that he may know what is right or wrong and develop good manners and right conduct. This s the objective and duty of every responsible parents! Train them while they are young so that hen they grow old they will not depart from what is good and right and beautiful! What to train a child. Here are the most fundamental training for a child. Let them know the power of God and fear Him. Teach him the sanctity of a promise and the 10 commandments which is summed up to love you neighbor as yourself and love God with all you heart, with you mind, with all you soul, with all you might, and with all of you. Teach children respect and wisdom rich is found in the Bible. It is very critical to teach the child with respect so as he would engender those actions to others. Respect begets respect so he would learn that and at the same time let him understand that there are others who to not know such good values because their parents were not able to inculcate those values to them or hear people who are just pure evil and disobedient from the very beginning even though their parent s tried their best to teach him Good manners. This kind of people have no shame or sense of self-respect. . They haven’t experience any training on respect probably. The parent is the nearest to what is sublime and beautiful so when they are themselves are no good morals and no good example, where would a child go and learn the fundamentals of goodness?. Some love are not good, Parents let their children to whatever it might be for their happiness and joy. However, not all happiness is good for them! It is not moral! But if it is calibrated to the right direction How wonderful it would be! Children will remember your word with the action you show. Indeed there are parents who have been way in handling their children No wonder they grew like a big stone that struck on their head. There are parents who are good in preaching but they to not to what they preach. They would see to what I say but to not to what I to. let it be me who would commit mistake to impart them to you in order that you would not commit the same mistake. It is very important to teach children responsibility and the sanctity of marriage. A lot of the problems are oriented from the dysfunctional home brought out by careless cohabitation of once young men and women whose preoccupation is to have fun and soak in sex all the time. The result is they have wasted their precious gifts and opportunity to meet the right person for themselves! most of them have met by the heat of their youth consummated by the overdose of larceny!

These is the schools of thought! ( to be continued…)

Author: Florentino Cruz

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